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Published: Tuesday, Sept. 2 2014 11:25 a.m. MDT

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Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT


idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

His last paragraph sums up this game in a heartbeat. Texas's embarrassment vs. BYU wanting to show they belong. Should be a good game.

Respect the 12(Pac)
Salt Lake, UT

With a half competent defensive coordinator, which Texas didn't have last year, I just don't see byU getting lucky again.


It will help BYU if they win this game as most BIG12 fans cheer any team that plays Texas because they hate the power Texas has in the BIG12. Beating Texas will make most other teams in the BIG12 look favorably on you (as it did last year for BYU).

While it will help, it won't get BYU an invite to the BIG12 because the money is still more important. The only way BYU will possibly get an invite is if the NCAA declines the BIG12's request to have a championship game with only 10 teams. That would require the BIG12 to expand to at least 12 teams and might get BYU an invite.

Arlington, VA

This is going to be a monumental game for Texas. I don't think BYU has any idea just how ornery the Texas defense is going to be, or just how hard and well BYU will have to play to win this game. They better be ready for an emotionally charged buzz-saw of a team -- this is grudge match to the max. If they are not emotionally ready, this will get ugly fast -- with 100k angry and loud fans looking for revenge and a team lit on fire, the Cougs better buckle up their chin straps and get after it, because this will be no gentlemanly game. Texas has not been Top 20 of late, but they are a proud and quality program that was embarrassed in Provo last year. And if they only win one game this year, despite the history with Oklahoma, it better be this one or there will be hell to pay. Look out, Cougs. This will be harrowing.

Kaysville, UT

@respect the 12(pac) - you say you just don't see BYu "getting lucky" again, let me ask you a question - Is that kind of like how utah got "lucky" last year in beating Stanford?

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

We would for sure win Texas by a lot. just look how far we won Idaho.

Go Utes!

SEC Rules
Seminole, FL

Looks like BYU has a new and (better)rival.

never break .500
Los Angeles, CA

with no U on our schedule, I don't see any sub.500 spoiler teams able to jump up and upset the mighty Cougs…bring on UT with or without any extra motivation….we will manage this game.

Mission Viejo, CA

Texas is like BYU was in the MWC. The hated team you had to beat to get to the title.

They'll be up for revenge.

BYU will up for recognition.

Can Texas with a ball-control offense and a rookie QB move against BYU defense? Hmmm. Not easy.
Can BYU move the ball against a riled up UT defense. Maybe in spurts and enough big plays to score. If BYU does move the ball on them, they can probably move the ball on anybody.

Hard to see BYU beating Texas twice at their house. Great win if they can do it. Top 25 if they can do it.

Cedar Hills, UT

Texas 24 BYU 17

Salt Lake City, UT

"I just don't see byU getting lucky again."

Why not? It worked for Utah 3 out of the 4 times they played BYU recently.

The difference is BYU won 40-21. Not by (1) a blocked FG (2) a free touchdown from our QB to your defensive line and (3) two special teams touchdowns called back.

Santa Rosa, CA

I agree with "Respect the 12" about BYU not likely being lucky if BYU wins on Saturday, but I disagree with his or her implication that luck explains last year's result. BYU just flat out-played them early, perhaps because they were not prepared for Hill's rushing abilities, and Texas didn't adjust.

If the referees behave themselves and call a fair game---I admit my concern about being home-towned---and the boys play like they can, BYU may dominate the game. This is particularly true given the unfortunate state of the Longhorns' qb and center situations. This would then likely be noticed by ESPN, considering it would be the answer to one of the early season questions.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Respect the 12(Pac)

I don't think it was luck at all. BYU had a one dimensional offense yet Texas couldn't stop the running game or tackle worth diddly, so BYU rolled all over them.

@SEC Rules: "Looks like BYU has a new and (better)rival."

And someone that BYU can actually beat.

Texas will want to come out and embarrass BYU, like we do every year. But I think BYU has a great chance to pulling off an upset. It comes down to if Texas's defense can contain Hill and take the quick, short passing game away. If they do they win, if not then I can see BYU winning a close game.

Layton, UT

SEC Rules,

byu couldn't beat their old rival... So "Looks like BYU has a new and (better)rival." lol.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

BYU's got a good shot at it, we still don't really know the new Texas. And with Ash and the starting Center out it'll be tougher for Texas. Go Cougars, seize this chance!

idaho cougar fan
Twin Falls, ID

This game has that feeling of the TCU game of 200? (7 or 8) after BYU had won the last 2 MW titles and went undefeated in conference both years. In the off season, Patterson had BYU helmets and uniforms on all the weight lifting equipment and all over the football offices reminding his team who they wanted to beat that year. I hope that BYU comes out to play or it could be a beat down a la 2007. It will be a tough game, but I think we compete because we want to show the Big 12 we would be an upgrade.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT


You Said: "That would require the BIG12 to expand to at least 12 teams and might get BYU an invite." Well, it is up to the board such as from General Authorities when one person did reject it. Missionary tools is very important to the church and they don't want tv exposers to go away. So yeah, they may reject it again. I like the idea to move on to P5 League but it is not up to fans and medias and nor to Bronco M.

Springville, UT

I am pretty certain that you have absolutely no idea how much better BYU is as a team this year from last years team.You are correct in 1 comment however, Texas better be ready to play this game or it will get ugly for them.oh and by the way 200,000 screaming fans will not win the game for texas. May the best team win Saturday !

Salt Lake City, UT

Texas's defense is not going to be the total sieve it was last year. Their offense still has a lot to be desired though. It'll probably be a close low-scoring (by Big12 standards at least) game. I'd give Texas a slight edge, mostly because they're at home. Neutral site it'd probably be a tossup.

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