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Published: Monday, Sept. 1 2014 10:05 p.m. MDT

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PAC 12 member by default!
Harrisville, UT

BYU is facing a backup QB. What could possibly go wrong?


Interesting that losing the center might be more impactful than losing the QB. Sorry to hear of the injuries, but Texas is loaded with talent so I don't expect them to be impacted very much.

BYU's offense looks much better this year and so does Texas' defense so it should be an exciting game. Go Cougars!

Richfield, UT

I feel badly for Ash. But after what happened to him in his game against BYU last time, it's doubtful he was anxious to face that same defense again. And no one would blame him.

The Texas backup QB had half a dozen appearances last season. So its not like he's a complete newbie. He knows their offense and has time to take a ton of snaps this week in practice. Texas will show up prepared, regardless of what any anti-BYU detractors might say. A comment to the contrary would indicate a low credibility football pundit who isn't very objective.

West Jordan, Utah

Like I said, the red sea has parted for BYU this year.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

I'm excited/nervous for the game this week. Texas may be motivated after last year, but BYU's season pretty much hinges on this game as well. In terms of relevance on the national stage, this is a must win game for BYU. I have an eerie feeling that this QB is better than David Ash. I actually haven't been all that impressed with Ash's on the field play, but this guy is bigger, faster and has a strong arm. I think the line of scrimmage will be key in this game. That Texas defense looked legit, even though I think we can hold the Texas offense in check for the most part. BYU just needs to fight to win the battle up front, take what the defense gives us, and try to win the field position battle with defense, special teams. This has all the makings of a possible good game. I'm hoping for a close victory for the Cougs, maybe something like BYU 21, Texas 17.

Wellsville, UT

Darn, wanted them at full strength. It will be a great game, after all, according to some folks, the second team on the P 5 Conference teams is better than the first team "mid majors." If BYU wins this one it's a 12 - 0 season and a major Bowl.

Logan, UT

How convenient for BYU that they get to play against the backup QB for their tough games almost all the time. Utah State and Boise State last year and now Texas... Some teams just get all the luck, I guess. Should be a good game, though. Good luck!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

There is no reason BYU shouldn't win this game comfortably. Texas is done this year.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

I'll bet Ash's parents are relieved their son is setting this one out...

He could have been seriously injured against this BYU defense. BYU will win this one by 40+...so why play anyway... I would think most of their opponents will consider setting their best players out! Save injuries...give up that one loss...and once BYU is the national champ, they can look back and feel good about losing to a national champ!

Danbury, CT

Texas lost last year mainly because they dropped a lot of defenders into coverage and when Taysom couldn't find open receivers, he just ran it. Over and over. It's highly unlikely Texas will make the same mistake twice. Does BYU have a game plan that will be able to get the ball into receivers' hands? And can our line open up holes for our backs? Those are the big questions.

Taysom had a hard time getting the ball downfield last week and our D let a ton of passes go downfield and UConn had 2 very inexperienced QB's who made our guys look vulnerable. I have no doubt Texas will be way better than UConn, even without their starting QB and Center.

American Fork, UT

Whoa Sanefan, 12-0 if BYU wins this game? Seriously? I say we just enjoy the season and leave the hyperbole to others. Game by game, snap by snap. Lets keep our heads. Im a big BYU supporter and feel great about the team but lets keep this in perspective.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

We would win Texas real easy because we are real good and when we won idaho it showed how real good we are.

Go Utes!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Hey Baby

Come back down to Earth. BYU may very go 12-0, but they won't even sniff the playoffs. Between the lack of a CCG and what will end up being an atrocious SOS, it just isn't in the cards.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Too bad for Ash, go Cougars! Let's build on last week and keep improving!

Danbury, CT

I wholeheartedly disagree with "SaneFan".

IF we win vs. Texas and it's a huge IF, we still have many other games to win. How quickly we forget our loss to Oregon in 1990 after beating #1 Miami, losing to UCLA and then lowly UTEP in 1985 after beating previous #2 UW. We have a long history of losing less important games after winning big ones.

How many games did we lose to lesser teams than Texas last year??

Let's stop getting ahead of ourselves...

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

And then there's Virginia. No pushover!

Live From the Swamp
Holladay, UT


A voice of reason. The Y beat a bad UConn team that was predicted to finish near the bottom of the AA conference. Texas is an interesting game; but even if the Y wins, and they should, Texas was picked no higher than 5th in its conference. Boise looked sad in their loss to Ole Miss. The Y's SOS just doesn't for a shot to play for the national title. Let's not forget Virginia, sho looked tough against UCLA -they did a great job of containing a mobile QB.

Nibley, UT

Cougars are looking good this year. If they can beat Texas they do have a chance at going 12-0. The rest of the big name teams they have on their schedule looked very beatable. Houston looked bad, Boise was definitely over-matched, my Aggies looked like they were playing with the big boys and are probably not as good as projected. Surprisingly the only team that played really well was lowly Virginia, they gave one of the best of the Big, Bad, PAC 10+2 teams all they could handle. So there are a few potential pitfalls, but 12-0 and is possibility. I would be more happy if they went 11-1 with a loss to the Aggies. But in the rest of their games, Go Cougars!!!

Gilbert, AZ

Anybody who claims that Texas will be a gimme in Austin simply because they're missing a few players doesn't know much about college football.

Texas Sophomore Tyrone Swoopes, David Ash's replacement, was a 4-star recruit (13th QB in the country) who had offers from Alabama, Auburn, Baylor, LSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Stanford, TCU, Texas A&M and Texas Tech.

Swoopes is a 6-foot-4, 245-pound dual-threat quarterback whom Coach Charlie Strong has a lot of confidence in.

"Tyrone can handle it," Strong said. "I'm not concerned about that. The team will rally around him."

It wouldn't be at all unusual for a team as loaded with talent as Texas is to play even better than they would have with Ash as they rally around their new starting QB.

Respect the 12(Pac)
Salt Lake, UT

All Utes are Texas fans this week

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