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Published: Monday, Sept. 1 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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The Hammer
lehi, utah

The only way I see that this president can salvage our precarious situation is to turn to a higher being for help. Isn't it amazing when Lincoln implored the nation to fast and pray and then gettysburg happened. Isn't it interesting when George Washington humbled himself at valley forge. Or when FDR gave a national prayer imploring Gods help before D-Day. Obama needs to lead the nation again. He needs to humble himself and turn to God. In fact we all do. This means treating our neighbors kindly, not breaking HIS laws, fasting, prayer, holy day observance, etc.

Hopefully humility can come before more people suffer because of pride.

Virginia Beach, VA

“ . . . perceptions matter . . . “ Well, yes and no.

Obama and millions of other sensible Americans really don’t care much anymore about what “Conservative” leaders prefer to perceive and believe. “Conservative” politicos, mirroring the willful confusion and delusions of their Right Wing supporters, have consistently proven themselves so out of touch with reality, that their perceptions and opinions are, by and large, given no credence at all.

Why should any sensible person care that Bob Bennet thinks Obama golfs too much?

It is interesting to note that this former Senator, who one would think might still bear are certain dignity appropriate to his former office, is criticizing Obama for golfing, while alluding to Jimmy Carter’s mythologized encounter with a swimming rabbit.

It was just a Rabbit, Bob . . . Not a White Buffalo. Maybe you shouldn’t extend such significance to that encounter.

“Perceptions matter?”

. . . In this case? . . . Not really.

salt lake city, utah

The connection I see here is two Democratic Presidents, two trivial events, and Republicans pouncing on them and making something out of nothing.

It's the same as the posters here who continue to list Benghazi, IRS, and Fast and Furious as Obama's "scandals".

Steve C. Warren

Re: "he made an appropriately solemn statement of resolve and sympathy concerning the televised beheading of an American journalist"

Perhaps the president and his advisers simply thought that in these "solemn" circumstances it would be best not to take questions.

Besides, if this were about the president making a tee time, surely they could have started the press conference 15 minutes earlier.

Sorry, Bob. There's smoke here but no fire.

salt lake city, UT

What I take away from the Senator's editorial is he has little to write or critize the President of, so he makes something up. The last 2 years of BO's Presidency won't be a lame duck if he just keeps the GOP Congress from hurting itself or the country.

RC in WJ

Of all people Bob Bennett should realize that no matter what the present POTUS does will be turned into a "killer rabbit" by the rabid right! In 2008 Mitch McConnell vowed that the Right Wing would do everything they could to see that Obama was a one term President, starting an unprecedented campaign of rancor, hatred and even sometimes bigotry, in their effort to demean and obstruct!

That campaign has continued to this day! Unfortunately as does always happen with the over jealous, their campaign of obstruction over shadowed common sense and the need to produce a viable candidate for 2016! They now find themselves with the same entourage of politico's and the same demographics that lost them the last two presidential elections.

The neo-con obsession is going to give the White House to Hillary and the Dems for another eight years!

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Maybe the "diehards" need to read what leaders of the Democrat Party have said about Obama. He disgraces their Party and he disgraces America. The can apologize for him, but they can't change his actions.

Salt Lake City, UT

I would like a Nobel Prize winner to help mediate racism, hatred, foreign and domestic wars without starting any new ones. I would like a empathetic leader to see that our poor are provided for while providing them incentives to improve their own situation. And while we are now in that business as well.....effective, affordable health care that encourages and rewards good health habits. I really just want hope and change.

Frank Fourth
New York, NY

A good war would boost his ratings just fine.
But American are fickle and then they want out fast.
Its very tricky.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

BO has NEVER cared what the other side thought; too bad he only wants to be POTUS for those who support him, which is now less than half the population. He does not, as you said, care about me or the 150 million+ who oppose him. That is also why he has not been able to get anything done since the dems lost the house. That is not the mark of a leader, but a tyrant.

I would not call the beheading of an American journalist a trivial event.

What other mental gymnastics can you come up with to defend BO?

And I see you have no problem with BO using the IRS to target and harass the political opposition? That is a very dangerous attitude.

RC in WJ
To paraphrase Calvin Coolidge, who turned deficits into surpluses and maintained a very low unemployment rate, “it’s better to stop bad bills than to pass good ones”. I am glad the GOP has done everything they could to stop BO’s bad legislation – too bad Obamacare got through – it has turned out to be a disaster.

St. George, UT

I can't believe all of the crying going on. The conservatives don't like Obama. They won't give him everything that he wants. They want him to be a 1 term pres. They want to make him look bad. Hahahaha. Go back to about 2001. You same people hated Bush and only wanted for him to be a 1 term President. obama himself derided and was critical of Bush every chance he could

Obama doesn't meet with congress. There is no compromise. He is a community agitator/organizer and doesn't have the skills to bring people together. That, and the fact that he's the least experienced and qualified person to ever hold the office, are the real reasons nothing gets done.

I've got a pen and phone. We will pass healthcare without 1 Republican vote and then we'll see whats in the law. I'll just turn the IRS into a anti Tea Party organization so that my chances of reelection are greater. The list goes on and on. Stop whining about the fact that we have a 2 party system and we all bettered hope that they don't agree on everything.

salt lake city, utah

So Hammer just what is " our precarious situation "?

Unemployment down 4 points

4 years of economic growth

millions with health care they didn't have before

A deficit that has been reduced by nearly three quarters

Our military not losing hundreds of young lives every month

Just what is precarious?

Moses Lake, WA

I agree with what you said, except where you mentioned that Obama needs to lead again. Most of the leading he has done for the US is down the wrong path. In fact some of his best moments as a leader is on the golf course.

salt lake city, utah

Lost in DC, Your castigating the President for playing golf after a solemn press conference, that's what's trivial. As usual you distort the conversation into your own construct of the world.

There's a linguistic and psychological principle that describes how we develop consistencies in other words patterns. It's clear Lost and other like MR have developed consistencies to describe the world the way they want it to be ( kind of like seeing elephants in clouds).

Problem is the reality is it's just lines angels, and perspective not elephants.

Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

Putin has said the breaking up of the former Soviet Union was the greatest tragedy to every occur. He is determined to restore as much of it as possible beginning with Ukraine. The West has to respond firmly especially all of Europe. Not only should there be real sanctions (not just rich people having travel restrictions) but banking restrictions. On top of that, NATO should declar its intent to pretect these free countrys (in not actual membership in NATO) from Russia. There should be no more ground given back to Russia. If this were to hold, Russia would disolve itself even further within 10 years after they saw the econoic growth of Ukraine and other border countrys.


Oh Barry - the places you go.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT


So you think all is well in the United States?

A growing economy? These last 6 years have shown very slow economic growth, but enormous growth in the national debt (an increase in about 7 trillion).

And what's with the scandals? Ignoring them and pretending there is nothing wrong does not suddenly make them not important anymore. I bet that if anybody ever finds proof that Bush was actually behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, liberals would be screaming for his head. Yet Benghazi was so long ago, "what difference does it make?" is all we hear from Hillary Clinton. Liberals are just hoping that people forget about those scandals, because when the investigations get deeper it looks worse and worse for the democrats (like the IRS scandal). There is no point in denying it.

Let's not even go to the "success" Obamacare has been. The "Affordable" Care Act is perhaps the most inappropriately named piece of legislation in the last 25 years.

Objective observation would support the argument that it is the liberals that are out of touch with reality. Liberals are still blaming conservatives for all their failures.

Provo, UT

Re: Pragmatistferlife
Obviously, you think that Obama's insensitivity was a trivial thing. Nero fiddles while Rome burns and you stand by and applaud the music.

Provo, UT

Mr. Bennett has no room to talk about "killer rabbit" moments. He was so oblivious to his moments, it cost him his office.

Everett, 00

Economy - up
Jobs - up
Middle Eastern wars - down
ACA - passed
elected - TWICE

Face it,
The Obama critics have NOTHING to go on,
so they make stuff up,
say broad, vague statements with absolutely no supporting evidence,
i.e., "Obama is the worst ever"
and repeat it endlessly

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