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Published: Sunday, Aug. 31 2014 10:35 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Everything is going the Volunteer's way so far tonight :( Hope the Aggies can regroup and recover in the second half. Hope Fackrell is alright, sounds like he is done for the night. Great kid, great Cache Valley parents. Fight on Aggies!

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah State doing an excellent UConn impression the 1st half of play. Fumble first hand-off and giving up another quick touchdown. Down by 14 quickly! now 17. Come on Ags, you better than that, represent!

Orem, UT

I'm sad to say this is a completely embarrassing performance especially on offense. This offensive line is the worst of all five schools in this state. Does anyone teach this line to run their feet? I can tell you as someone who watched many byu games with this current usu line coach, I've seen this type of performance countless times. Missed blocks, slow feet, no running of the feet,etc. Wells has made massive hiring mistakes.

Salt Lake City, UT

Realizing that one game does not a season make nor break, nevertheless, this is a very ominous start for Utah State. Not a good thing when your QB doesn't live up to his hype.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

I respect the Aggies, they are a good team and tough to beat in Logan.

However, don't claim you belong in the playoff.

If Aggies played the big boys every week they would struggle.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Look like the Aggies of old?
Afraid to schedule an SEC team? Totally!
I only watched the 4th quarter and couldn't believe how poorly they played, like the pre-GA days.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

It's alright Aggies. You're never quiet as good or as bad as you think you are.

Your boys will rebound.

Sports Nutz
Smithfield, UT

Uncle Rico, you mean the Aggies would struggle like the utes have been since joining the Pac 10? Or like byu would IF they were in a P5 league? Bottom line is all 3 schools are average at best against the P5 schools.

Provo, UT

In some senses Utah State has come along way. 10 or so years ago, this game would just be a payoff game where the Aggies would get killed by 50-60 points for a big payday.

Now many of us, yes me included, are hugely disappointed. I thought an upset of a SEC team at their place could be in the works with Keeton and Co. but instead Utah State looked pretty bad. Opportunity lost.

I agree, the OL looked horrible and the defense finally gave out because it was on the field too long.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

This game was never close, hard to watch. Chuckie did not seem confident at all. He needs someone to step up...
O Line C-
D Line C-
Special Teams F
Receivers D
DBs C-

Omaha, NE

Looks like the only teams they will beat this year are in state. Really outclassed tonite

Centerville, UT

We should probably try to keep things in perspective. It was the first game of the year, on the road in a stadium that is as big as BYU and Utah's stadiums combined against a super speedy SEC team. (They might as well have been swimming in eel-infested waters at night.) USU will most likely finish this year 9-4 or 10-3 and go to a bowl game. This is one Aggie fan who isn't complaining. I would have hoped for a better showing tonight, but it will still be a good season.

Cougar on The Hill
Midvale, UT

Tough loss for the Aggies. Keeton didn't look like he was back to 100%, but he also had TN defense in his face, knocking him down all game. That definitely took a toll on his performance this game. And hopefully Fackrell's injury isn't serious. That would be a big blow to the U-State D.
The O-line play was abysmal, but they were up against a better defense than BYU or Utah faced this past week. Overall, I think the Aggies will be fine this season. I'd say they are likely MW champs this year, barring Keeton stays healthy and the offense figures things out. The offense definitely needs work. The O-line was unimpressive, and the RB, Hill, needs to step up his game. The WR's need to catch their passes. Keeton needs offensive support from O-line, RB's, and WR's more than ever this season.

Provo, UT

Sorry aggie fans: Tennessee was a young inexperienced team. Not the big bad boys of the east.

Utah State suffered from a single dimensional offense. Their defense was repeatedly placed in terrible defensive situations due to field position. The offense even out BYU-éd BYU in their self destruct mode. Turnovers, inability to move the ball, no real running game, and this became a recipe for disaster

By the 2nd quarter you could see fear and defeat in their eyes. They are a better team than this performance, the trick will be for their team leaders and coaching staff to make them believe in themselves.

The next two weeks will be crucial for the team.


It appears that the Aggies need some work on defense.

Eagle Mountain, UT

What we don't know and won't know for some time is really how good Tennessee is. Maybe they will surprise a lot of teams, even in the SEC. It is possible that the Ags won't be the only team that is stomped by them. The Aggies' football season big dream is over, but they still have plenty to play for, and a chance to achieve some goals.

Each of our instate teams are only a week away from having a blemish, and maybe a big blemish on their season. UCLA, purportedly, went down to their last series before they were able to put away lowly Virginia for good. Is UCLA really mediocre, or is Virginia better than expected? Let's watch and see. Maybe the PAC 12 is strong this year, and maybe it has something yet to prove. I, for one, will be interested in watching the successes and failures of all instate schools, as well as the PAC 12. I may be even forced to watch some BYU and UVU volleyball this fall in order to see some winners.

West Jordan, Utah

Tennessee is going to be a bottom feeder in the SEC this year. They totally beat down the Aggies. Now, let me say this, USU has grown their program and are a quality football team. But if they win 9 or 10 games like BYU might, then I am guessing we will hear from some Aggies and Cougars about how they are better than Utah? Truth is the schedules aren't comparable. Welcome to competition Aggies. Now try playing the opponent you did tonight week in and week out and then tell me about 9 or 10 wins.

North Las Vegas, NV

The bright spot for the Aggies had to be Nick Vigil. Showed himself to be a great linebacker and probably the best in the state this year.


Wow, pretty serious issues up in Logan. Going to be a long season for Keeton I'm afraid. Very poor game for USU. Lost too many important players I guess.

Lehi, UT

It is fun to read the criticisms of perhaps people who have never played. Did anyone listen to the halftime report. The Aggies were not put down there, but praised.

Tennessee is the equivalent of an NFL team. The Aggies may have improved their program with this defeat in learning from the big (and I mean big) boys.Their defense had the appearance of Peterbilt trucks. No one likes to lose, but I believe this may be a hands on learning experience that will elevate the USU football program this year. GO AGGIES!!

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