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Published: Saturday, Aug. 30 2014 1:30 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

That was a good performance for the first game of the year. I am optimistic about the season. I am especially optimistic if we get the balance of our starters back for the Texas game. Great job Cougs.

Idaho Falls, ID

"BYU's defense allowed only 71 yards and 10 points to UConn. The Huskies had five trips inside the red zone and came away with only one touchdown."

That would be 71 yds RUSHING. BYU also gave up 284 yds in the air. In the second half our defense gave up a ton of 3rd down conversions, resulting in long sustained drives for UCONN and keeping the ball away from our potent offense. 3rd down defense has got to get better, and it should with the starters back. Preator made a good argument for keeping the starting position, but Davis , not so much.

Malad City, ID

Great win, Cougars. ...but I didn't see Tremmel, nor Picula, and wondered why Leslie did not get more targets? Also, what is the timeline for Kurtz?

Idaho Falls, ID

"I didn't see the game."
Says the guy who is more obsessed with BYU than the team he alleges to support.

Lewisburg, PA

5 suspended then 15 penalties and 150 yards backed up on those penalties. Bronco needs to focus on discipline more. Yes the ref's were leaning to the left again, but late hits on offense and stupid actions after a sack - 15 yards, come on. As Lou Holtz said, act like you have been there before, and let's remember who we represent.

Cali blue
Coalinga, CA

I love starting the season off playing D1 opponents. It is too bad only 2/3 of the D1 teams in the state of Utah elected to put on their big boy pants and play ball - even Weber and SUU elected to play D1 teams. I tip my hat to all of those teams that played D1 ball this weekend.

Lindon, UT

Idaho-- Kurtz should be back in 4-5 weeks from what I read.

Surfers Paradise, AU

And again the same jealous Y fan comments on after a BYU win. Hey, when was the last time Miami, Fl State, Penn State or Texas played in SLC? Oh, I think UW, WSU, and many P10 teams have played in Provo too...without being forced to.

Did Michigan ever return the favor?

The run for the roses ended before the season even started...so cool!

Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

Utahs quest for the playoffs will be over with their first loss as well as is the case with most teams. Actually, the only goal Utah has this year is to have a winning season and be earn one of the 5-6 automatic bowls the Pac 12 is involved in.

Not a great win for BYU but certainly better than last year and better than the alternative of losing.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

At least a couple of the suspended players announced at that time they would be back for the Texas game. Coincidentally, it appears all five will be back. Not so for Texas! On August 3rd, Texas coach Strong announced 5 players were dismissed from the team and 3 more were "indefinitely suspended". Apparently no urgency to allow them back for the BYU game.

Salt Lake City, UT

Let's talk Offensive line. The improvement springs from the steal BYU made last February in picking up Tejan Koromabthe #25 recruit at center in the country. Since arriving on campus he has dominated the position according to the coaches and showed why last night. Note: No bad snaps, no bad exchanges (Texas could only wish), no false starts, no high snaps, no sacks (1 yard loss on one QB keeper), no holds (from the center position anyway) and praise from the coaches. This kid was All state two years in a row in Texas's highest classification and had 110 pancake blocks against the big boys. From the center position. This kid is legit. Texas will regret letting him get away.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"Did Michigan ever return the favor?"

Michigan is playing in RES next season.

Lincoln City, OR

Utah needs to celebrate all week for that tough grinding win over those pesky Bengals... Because I really think that that will be the last of their wins this year.

You say what about WSU and Colorado? Sorry ute fans, those will all be "L's"...

I will be sorry to see the coach go... but what can you do? 3rd straight year without a bowl... 9 wins against 27 losses in the big bad pac12... Sorry Whit...

If Whit wants Junior to keep playing he may want to have him follow the path of Harvey Langi... There has been a lot of former utes travel that path and there will be many, many. many more in the coming years... But hey, they are all welcome here in Provo.


If BYU gets past the Longhorns and I am fairly confident that they will... That really only leaves UCF and Boise State as possible stumbling blocks... But I don't see the Mendenhall Cougs stumbling... Too much preparation and hard work to stumble after Texas... It will be interesting to see what the Bowl selection committee does if BYU is a 12-0 team (and the only undefeated in the land)...

Aloha Saint George
Saint George, Utah

I don't agree with BYU or the media with these articles on suspending players in the public spotlight. These issues shouldn't be handled in public. Teaching kids through public humiliation promotes SHAME, and they never change.

Salem, ut

Why is the Y almost consistently getting more penalties than their opponents? I have seen this over many years. WHY??

Montesano, WA

So what were the players suspended for? That should be public knowlege.

Layton, UT


If they had done something in public or if it was on public record then it would be public knowledge. Other than that it should stay internal and generic "violation of team rules" is all that we need to know. That should be and generally is so for any team.

Highland, UT

Good on Bronco and BYU for expanding their recruiting outside of the normal profile of prospects. It adds lots of dynamic for them, not to mention culture and color. All of the suspended players are brothas. Clearly talented and difference makers for BYU. The violations, whatever they were, are not the issue and them being played out in the media is part of the territory. BYU will never compromise how they roll and they shouldn't! No matter who you are, where you come from and or the color of your skin, you gotta know how they do it in Provo. That being said, BYU might consider some additional cultural training for players new to happy valley to reduce these occurrences and make the transition for them more manageable. There will be no shame in your game if you recognize where you live now and what team your on. They need these players on the field with their talents and not in the news for violations. BUT Bronco, don't change a thing. You go on and love the way you do it and you gonna be fine and so will these 5 players.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

BYU is a private school. Thus, they have a right to keep things private.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Re: Cali Blue "I love starting the season off playing D1 opponents. It is too bad only 2/3 of the D1 teams in the state of Utah elected to put on their big boy pants and play ball - even Weber and SUU elected to play D1 teams. I tip my hat to all of those teams that played D1 ball this weekend."

Yeah, that's what most teams in the big boy programs do. Others play the "little teams" three out of four games in November. Don't forget your short pants, no big boy pants needed for those games.

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