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Published: Friday, Aug. 29 2014 10:35 p.m. MDT

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Cosmo's Cousin
Holladay, UT

BYU could get the Heisman back to Provo this year. I watched alot of football games this week and Hill is by far the best QB.

BYU will probably run the table this year but the BCS snobs won't let us into the playoff because they're afraid.

bYU would for sure beat Utah if they played this year!

Alpine, UT

UConn is a better team than Virginia was last year. As such, it seems pretty obvious that BYU is notably better this year than last. If they are able to cleanup the excessive number of penalties, then this could turn into an exceptional year that will be a lot of fun.

After watching both Utah's and BYU's opening season games, it really makes me wish Utah hadn't got nervous and backed out of their game this year and next. Had they played, it would've forced Ute fans to be very quiet for at least a year and probably at least two. From the initial games, there doesn't appear to be much doubt. As the season progresses, there will be even less.

The game next week against Texas should prove to be very interesting.

West Point , UT

Cosmo's Cousin:
While I agree that Hill had a very nice game, did you happen to catch Kenny Hill's performance (TAMU) vs South Carolina? I'd say objectively that is easily the best performance by a QB so far this weekend. Still a lot of football to be played before the weekend is through but it will be tough to top that performance.

As for running the table there's certainly that possibility but only if BYU cleans up some serious issues on special teams and defense...though I think getting our starting CBs back and our faster more athletic RB & WR back will help greatly.

And why bring Utah into the conversation? BYU doesn't play them so there's no way to know and therefore no reason to speculate or care about how BYU would do against them.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA


WAY too early to start talking about "running the table". Let's just take it one game at a time and see what happens. Remember, ALL of the games will actually be decided an a football field. I like your enthusiasm but highly recommend a measure of caution.

Danbury, CT

It was a decent showing for a first game far away from home. Hill was certainly a bright spot and was so hard to catch. His passing was light years better than a year ago. We have a great bunch of receivers if Hill can find them and get them the ball. I'm still concerned about the ability of our line on both offense and defense. There were a lot of missed tackles that led to runs deeper into our secondary. Special teams was also a huge concern - the kicking game was the worst.

Texas will be ready for revenge and will be far better athletically. You can bet they'll be rushing and putting more pressure on Hill and our defense had better be tighter than it was last night.

Chris from Rose Park
Hartford, CT

Hill did a great job. It was fun to be at the game and watch him tear it up. I, however, think the best QB showing, so far this week, goes to Kenny Hill of Texas A&M.

Omaha, NE

Hill will be independent Offensive Player of the Week. Unless he has a game like that every week, he won't be in consideration for Heisman. I'd argue the A&M QB was far better. Doing what he did in his circumstance was amazing. Please, no talk of Heisman and playoff. Not going to happen, but let's enjoy the win.

Hill needs a performance like that next week if BYU wants any shot of winning.

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

28 of 36 passing for 308 yards, 3 touchdowns and no picks, plus 97 yards rushing on 12 carries . . . those are crazy numbers! I don't care if that's against Bo Diddley Tech, those are legit numbers. Taysom Hill completed nearly 80 percent of his passes! Wow. Granted many of the throws were high percentage throws, but still. At least in his first game, Taysom Hill put together a Heisman-like performance.

Orem, UT

From Hartford's The Courant:

"Just last week, ESPN analyst Danny Kanell cautioned that UConn would have its hands full with the "dark horse contender" for the Heisman. And sure enough, the Huskies and the fans at Rentschler Field saw the start of Taysom Hill's Heisman campaign Friday night."

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Wow! A meaningless TD up 18 points with 4:33 left in the game against UConn's 3rd string defense deserved the first 3 paragraphs in this article?

Cougar Nation should worry less about "impending traffic jam" after a game with an empty stadium and worry more why it took an entire half to score the final TD against #101 UConn?

Hill did look better than last year at this time but why didn't he complete a single deep pass? Saving it for Texas?

Littleton, CO

Yes, Hill might just be the best college football player in the land, and he was definitely the "Heisman of the Week" -- he has to be considered the frontrunner. His Aggies TOTALLY dismantled the Gamecocks.

Oh, you were talking about TAYSOM Hill?? Well, he had a pretty good game, too. Let's see what he can do against Texas.

Hey Baby
Franklin, IN

Nice post CosCuz...
It's so fun reading Harmon gushing over an average team and QB beating a lousy team with a first year coach! But the classic was "if 3 calls weren't made to negate three runs"....uh, earth to Dick...sometimes penalties help (illegally) plays thus they get called back...if my aunt had...I digress...

I've watched a lot of football this week? Um, did you watch A&M dismantle SCar and their QB knock out Johnny Footballs records???

Tamson may not get the Utah version of the Heisman...

Great post. I know you were being sarcastic (like Mildred)... Loved it

Cinci Man

Congratulations to the Cougars for winning a sloppy game. Taysom was awesome. I was pleased to see a few more plays and to see that Taysom did not have to call his own number 20 times. It's far too early to tell if BYU is good enough to run the table. They are capable if they can end the rain of turnovers.I haven't seen anything like it before, but I'm sure it was not the record.

Saint Paul, MN

No doubt that Taysom's play was the brightest spot for the Cougs last night. He looked quite poised in making the right calls, throw vs. pass, throughout the game. He slid at appropriate times while running, and went headlong when the situation called for it. With only a couple exceptions, his passing was spot on.

While UConn didn't have the intense D that he will face at Texas, UCF, etc, his performance does bode well for a strong year.

Edmonton, Alberta

It's a good start for BYU in that they got the victory, but it is only the first game. Heisman talk is premature. The obvious penalties committed by experienced players was disheartening. And has got to be fixed fast...before they fly to Austin, TX. Congrats Cougs, but you have a lot of work to do. Coug fans, leave the Utah Utes out of our discussions...who cares about them? Not me, I have never read an article about them in my life, unless it involved BYU. Stop it! To ute fans, thank you for your interest in reading about, following and even commenting about BYU, your interest is appreciated.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

TAwesome Hill!

Orem, Utah

Where was Ross Apo last night?

Layton, UT

Wouldn't it be fun to run the table! This next week will be a tough game. Go Cougars.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

@ Cosmos Cousin

Dude chill, its only week one.

Taysom looked GREAT. He may be better than Chuckie Keeton this year, time will tell.

Hopefully BYU gets a better kicker and our D line needs to step it up.

Great start for BYU.

Captain L
Provo, UT

Hill is a competitor which he showed big time against Texas last year, I hope he can keep his composure next week when things get tougher and continue to find the open receiver. Texas is going to be fired up and out for revenge, it will be a tough game. Odds are we will lose but after yesterdays game I'm much more hopeful.

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