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Published: Friday, Aug. 29 2014 9:55 p.m. MDT

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Roy, UT

Did the refs fall asleep in the 2nd half, or did the teams really play better? They let go two consecutive pass interference calls to help UCONN out. The penalties on BYU were embarrassing, incongruant with Mission of representing the Church as players say they want to do. Hope in Texas they can win the score, and play clean.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

I thought they were such bad calls against us. UCONN was fouling us way more and not getting called.

Bountiful, UT

Sorry, but some of those penalties were connected to phantom calls. BYU was penalized on one end-zone pass interference call (that contributed to UConn's only touchdown) that was the result of a receiver being slowed at the line of scrimmage before the ball left the quarterback's hands.
One UConn pass was reviewed after it was called a completion and the officials ignored the fact that the ball was raked across the turf for a whole yard before the receiver could elevate it off the ground, and they failed to reverse the call. I could go one for the rest of my word allowance, but I guess the Cougs should get used to this.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"but I guess the Cougs should get used to this."

That's right. Every ref, every single year has it out for BYU. It has absolutely nothing with the fan base playing the victim every chance they get.

Springville, UT

The yellow flag parade was ridiculous. Inexcusable. Lots of room for improvement.

Taysom seems to have improved on his passes, O-line looking somewhat better. Lasike had some moments and I'll be glad for Jamaal's return.

A shame that 3 players broke team rules and were suspended for this game, especially Johnson, who blew his chance to play in front of his family and peers.

Go Cougars!

Heber City, UT

The reffing was bad. Not in favor of BYU. Not in favor of UConn. It was just bad in general. There were so many calls that were clearly not penalties. There were a couple catches that were ruled incomplete or vice versa. There were times in this game where it appeared the refs had no idea what the rule was in a particular situation. They had to gather and discuss things multiple times.

It wouldn't surprise me if this was a Pac-12 crew. I don't know if it is, but someone should look it up and let me know. Pac-12 refs are clueless. If you don't believe me, watch the end of Wisconsin vs. Arizona State last year. Or watch any part of the BYU vs. utah game last year, which was that exact same crew the week after they gave the game to ASU.

West Point , UT

"That's right. Every ref, every single year has it out for BYU. It has absolutely nothing with the fan base playing the victim every chance they get."

Lets not attribute this to all or even most BYU fans. I thought the officiating was awful also but only because they didn't let either team play ball. It was called way too closely...and BYU got away with some &.UConn got away with some. I don't think either team was favored just called too tightly. Officials are trained and taught to not be so tight that they become the focal point of the game and these officials obviously didn't follow that formula. I don't think the officials in this game had it out for BYU but they certainly could have kept the hanky in their pocket on numerous occasions on ticky tack stuff for both teams.

Tom in Tooele
Franklin, IN

Those bad refs. Why can't we ever get perfect ones? There must be some around the country. They always effect our games. Only us...always

Danbury, CT

I was at the game sitting close to the field. We all agreed that the refs called an excellent game and the calls were legit. I don't agree with the minority of our fans who think the refs are out to get us. Every game is played in a different venue with different refs and this crew was one of the best. Let's stop making excuses!!

It was just a sloppy opener. Our guys made tons of mistakes. What I can't stand are the personal fouls and taunting. These are just plain stupid and senseless on the part of our kids. I expect our coaches to get in the players faces when the drives for the other team keep going because our guys just can't control themselves. Like Alani Fua who was called for "taunting" after holding UConn to third and long, keeping the drive alive. Fua is a Senior and mentioned as a top NFL prospect. In other words: "NO EXCUSES". But when Fua went to the sidelines after a stupid penalty - nothing. No coach even breathed a word.

Danbury, CT

Seriously, fellow fans, let's stop blaming the refs for our sloppy play. I was sitting low to the field last night and no one on either side thought the refs were off in their calls. It was a big joke in the stands.

If we give up points on a drive due to penalties - it's our fault and not the refs. I thought our players were sloppy and you can call it first game jitters or whatever, but in the end our guys need to control themselves. I'm tired of not seeing our coaches say anything - especially on a costly call.

I'd like to go back to the fireside again to the Q&A and ask the players what responsibility they feel to their teammates and to us as fans when they commit a personal foul on national TV. The majority of the players are great young men most of the time, which is remarkable, but our guys shouldn't be committing personal fouls or taunting. Period.

American Fork, UT

I love my Cougs. That being said, they did not play like they were a P5 level team. In addition to lack of discipline from players, Bronco makes very poor decision about wanting UConn to re kick and then he gets a penalty. Also, why can't we find corners who can stay w/ the receivers? So frustrating. Bronco needs to pick it up with having himself and his team better prepared. Especially if he is going to talk about them being deserving of P-5 status.

South Jordan, UT

I have to give both teams credit for "hanging in there" with the parade of yellow flags that were called on what it seemed every other play. I thought for a while that the refs wanted the spotlight instead of letting both teams just play the game. Even Greg W. said, "Refs could actually call a penalty on every single play in ANY game if they wanted to be that technical!"

We switched back and forth at commercials to the Houston game. Those refs in that game let a lot of close calls go. Since we play Houston, we could see the same refs as in the UConn game again. The players will have to sharpen their plays and especially not make late hits.

It was so exciting to see Taysom Hill shine in spite of all the penalties. It didn't seem to phase him at all. He has the maturity to put every call behind him and move forward. That's the mark of a real leader, and it showed Friday night. The defense was also superb in stopping UConn twice within 10 yds. of the goal.

Congratulations, BYU, on a huge win on the road.

Go Cougars!

Ignore Amos
Jacksonville, USA, FL

Yes, some of the calls were nit-picky, but you can expect that in a first game. Refs are trying to establish high expectations for the season so they don't have to fight it all year. And yes BYU made a lot of mental errors, but you can also expect that in a first game. I think it is actually really good for BYU that they got flagged so much, but still walked away with a big win and looked good. This way they will have plenty of motivation to clean things up, but still can be confident and have momentum behind them.

I would be curious to know what BYU's actual yardage for the game would have been if you add in all the yards they had gained, and then had taken away from penalties. It seemed like every penalty came at absolutely the worst time, often after big gains. They moved the ball well, but some series it seemed they ended up going a lot farther than 100 yards because of being set back so many times.

Springville, UT

The excessive celebration penalty has got to go in college football ! In 1 game it's a penalty and in the next game it's not. In 1 conference it's a penalty and in another loo fervency it is not.

Mesa, AZ

Alani Fua had the personal foul for doing a reeling in the fish action after a sack. He tweeted out, let me fish, caught a 10lb carp and cost me 15 yards. To which Taysom Hill replied, fishing season is closed. Another person tweeted, better be glad you weren't elk hunting, who know's what the refs might have done, probably ejected.

I agree with Taysom, personal celebrations are about the individual and not the team.

Lehi, UT

Mendehall's Cougars Great from the starting gate!
"Eye of the Cougar"

Wellsville, UT

It was a sloppy game by both teams, but the yellow flag parade was ridiculous. If you think all those calls were accurate and relevant you are biased and must have had the sound turned off as even the announcers were miffed by some of the calls. Still there were lots of stupid mistakes by the players and coaches. I doubt we will see 15 penalties next week. I think last nights refs just had first game jitters. They played a better second half!

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

I don't think the officiating was one-sided, but I have to disagree that is was "excellent". It is true that BYU committed way too many personal fouls and holding penalties and that was the main issue.

That being said, there were some bad calls on top of that. One that comes to mind was the call right before UConn's touchdown, the pass interference call on an obviously uncatchable ball.

BYU needs to better discipline their players. BYU can't afford that kind of performance against Texas; they are going to need every single yard they can get. While things like undoing a turnover because of a personal foul or changing a 3rd and long to a 1st down due to excessive celebration had no effect on the outcome of this game, those same kinds of things could be the difference between a W and a L next week at Texas.

West Point , UT

Typical BYU fans...you would think we'd lost by 25 reading some of these comments. Y'all need to calm down, it was the first game of the year and was sloppy at times, but it also looked pretty darn good at times. And asking coaches to yell at players for a mistake? C'mon...I've been to practices, I have a friend who's a GA and these guys ARE held accountable and ARE yelled at in practice. What good does it do to yell at a senior who already knows he made a mistake in front of everyone? None whatsoever except to make certain fans feel better I guess. Trust me, Fua will be calked out in the film room and practice by his coaches and teammates. Embarrassing a player in front of everyone doesn't produce results...there may be some players that respond to that but not most (and certainly not a senior who's leadership and play on the field is valued).


Not a particularly enjoyable game to watch--I agree with the TV announcers that the refs seemed to be trying to call every penalty in the rule book at least once--but infinitely better than last year's opener against Virginia. I'm sure the Cougs will be better with their first-string corners and running back, and the D-line will probably be more effective when they can drop fewer people into coverage. Taysom looked pretty good--glad to see him passing downfield and sliding instead of taking repeated hits.

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