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Published: Saturday, Aug. 30 2014 5:00 a.m. MDT

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Prophets of God make mistakes, Brigham Young was a great man serving the Lord. But he was not perfect; like all men make mistakes. This means we must use our minds and hearts to judge everything we support for ourselves. Blindly following even a prophet of God is not wise or righteous.
Joseph F. Smith, church historian documents: "Word of Wisdom" September 9, 1851, President Brigham Young stated that the members of the Church had had sufficient time to be taught the import of this revelation, and that henceforth it was to be considered a divine commandment. This was first put before the male members of the congregation and then before the women and by unanimous vote accepted.
D&C:136 by Brigham Young: The word and will of the Lord (not revelation from God or Thus saith the Lord).. D&C 89, "Not by command or constraint"
Revelations from God are not to be changed by man. D&C 124: 119-120
Are we to believe our Lord made this blanket statement?
You are worthy if a doctor prescribes drugs or alcohol and sinning and not worthy if you treat your own pain and suffering? God is logical.


Pres. Thomas S. Monson, I would be asking Brigham Young, If he was our prophet today:
" if Satan is revealed to mankind?"
Please share this gift from God, with the Saints? We prepare for our Lord with equality under all laws. This science gift reveals Satan as what it is......A creation so we could have life...your brother Jonathan.
Dear S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan/Ms. Rebecca Liebe, Manager, Academic Affairs of Center for Data Science;; please help NYU/world find the answer?
The one science question of great importance is here on earth.
This one should have been asked long ago, but was not/or could not be asked.
WATSON; "Is Instinct Mechanism An Artificial Intelligence Program?...
Professors of Psychology: " What Is Hardwired Instinctual Behavior Mechanism?"
Watson must be asked, because 100+ professors of psychology cannot make themselves answer their version of the question...If I was allowed to come and type in the question myself, I would gladly come to NYU.
Or to pay for this help on one question, tell me how much I should pay to serve mankind>
What would it be worth to gain this knowledge/logic? It could only come from God.

UT Brit
London, England

"it was to be considered a divine commandment"

Please explain why Brigham Young built a whiskey distillery in Utah?

east saint
Indianapolis/USA, IN

About your question why Brigham Young had a whiskey distillery, let me remind you of the church at that time. From Nauvoo right up to the last 10 years of Brigham Young's presidency, there were no temples; not in Utah, nor anywhere in the world. The saints were still rebuilding from the most perilous period in church history. At the time Brigham Young was president, the word of wisdom as you know the church today was not yet in force, nor would it be for another 30 years. I may be wrong about the exact times. Considering that the word of wisdom was not yet vital to the obtaining a temple recommend, what drinks do you think would have been made?

east saint
Indianapolis/USA, IN

Something else to consider; water purification was not a known science at that time. If you know the 1800's, water was not a trusted source of quenching thirst back then. In fact the water was dangerous to drink and was the reason so many saints died of things like dysentery before water purification began. Alcohol was the safest source of quenching thirst back then. The word of wisdom is and was revealed truth. However, the saints were not asked to live fully up to it at that time.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

UT Brit,

"....Please explain why Brigham Young built a whiskey distillery in Utah?"

Observance of the Word of Wisdom was not mandatory until the Presidency of Heber J. Grant who not coincidentally had also long been a proponent of prohibition. President Grant made the Word of Wisdom mandatory and a worthiness standard shortly after prohibition went into effect nationally. Coincidence? Maybe, but I'm not so sure.

I would add that in Brigham Young’s time, distilled spirits including home brewed beer and wine were often used as barter in many places in America. Of course there were Latter-day Saints who cheerfully imbibed and saw no need back then to be discreet about it.

UT Brit
London, England

Hmmm you guys are not reading the line I put, let me repeat the line from Brigham Young:

"President Brigham Young stated that the members of the Church had had sufficient time to be taught the import of this revelation, and that henceforth it was to be considered a divine commandment."

Lets read what the D+C says about the drinking of alcohol:

7 And, again, strong drinks are not for the belly, but for the washing of your bodies.

Now, I dont think there was much washing of the bodies going off using whiskey.

Hmmm whiskey as a substitute for water? We are recommended to drink around 2 liters of water a day. How did the saints manage to function on that much whiskey? As alcohol dehydrates the body it would have caused even more problems.

"However, the saints were not asked to live fully up to it at that time."

From what Brigham said above to what you are saying now, we have a different definition of the word "commandment".

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