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Published: Thursday, Aug. 28 2014 9:45 p.m. MDT

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Medical Lake, Washington

That's quite a legacy. No doubt he'll be missed by many, his family especially, but to be able to leave this estate and head into the next with such a track record of selfless service, well, I'm sure we're all envious.

South Jordan, Utah

Nice obituary.

River Falls, WI

I met Pres. Sorenson once back in 2003 and was very impressed with both he and his wife. My fiance was working at Aspen Grove up Provo canyon that summer and I'd go up every day to see her. During one particular week we both noticed early on in the week that many people at the camp were unusually courteous and conscientious. Every time someone did something especially nice we started asking them what family they were part of and the answer was always "the Sorensons." Later in the week we sought out Elder and Sister Sorenson and were able to spend lunch with them. We asked them to tell us about their family and how they got to be so awesome, kind, conscientious, etc. They were a little taken aback by our observations and could only say that they love each other, try to spend time together, etc.--the normal things that strengthen families. I would have loved more time to ask questions but didn't want to overburden them. Since that time we have tried to emulate the Sorensons in our own home and hope our kids turn out as great as their's did.


President Sorensen sealed me and my husband. His kindness and sage counsel have been important our marriage. He will be missed.

Salt Lake City, UT

When my husband and I were first married, Elder Sorenson was our Bishop in South Pasadena. He was a great bishop and we just loved him. We would tend Bro and Sis Sorenson's children from time to time when they would go out of town. They had a wonderful family.


My husband and I were living in New Brunswick, Canada when Elder Sorensen was President of the Canada Halifax Mission. What a wonderful man he was, and Sister Sorensen was an amazing woman, with more energy than I think I've ever seen in one person! They were instrumental in forming the stake in New Brunswick, although my husband and I had to miss the event because we were down in Halifax - our first adopted daughter had just been born. I was supposed to play the organ for the formation of the stake, but we certainly had a good excuse to miss it! Anyway, lots of good memories of the Sorensen's.

St johns, 00

I don't know anything about Bishop Sorensen besides what I know from when he was my bishop. He moved to South Pasadena when I was about 13 or so. He started out working with the Aaronic Priesthood and then became bishop. When his steely blue eyes looked at you, you knew, that he knew EVERYTHING. It wasn't until I was older that I really understood him. It was obvious that he was a good businessman, a good executive, a very strict but attentive father. But casual observation would not reveal how caring and loving he was. I got home from my mission flat broke. He got me a job so I could save up for college. I never asked him. He just knew. He helped a lot of people this way. I never had a bishop before or since who you could ask for counsel, no matter what is was about, and he would just hit the nail on the head, immediately.

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