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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 27 2014 5:20 a.m. MDT

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Virginia Beach, VA

Oh come on! The kid was NO Angel . . . Not many of us are.

play by the rules

Yes it's fair. No one has spent a full story on the Police Officer and how his broken eye socket and the severity of the injury.

clearfield, UT

My instincts tell me that this is pretty much the truth about Brown and Wilson. However, in our cowardly PC culture, Brown needs to be seen as the next MLK, and Officer Wilson needs to be seen as the local grand wizard of the KKK. No justice no peace?? Truth is there will be no justice as seen by the many unless Officer Wilson is given a fair trial then convicted. Anything less will be seen as whitewash. And, in truth none of us anywhere, except the ones handling and looking at all the evidence, really knows what happened. As I said at the beginning, I'm going by my instincts on this. At this point neither guilt or innocence can be truthfully determined. But that does not stop many in office (Govenor Nixon for instance) or the so called civil rights leaders, from already demanding conviction of Officer Wilson.

Where is Waldo, UT

it seems that every news outlet needs to include details of Brown’s drug use and petty theft (which are normal teenage offenses) in order to remain 'objective,’ ” Rothkopf wrote.

Really? Drug use and petty theft (strong arm robbery) are normal teenage offenses? Am I supposed to lower my expectation of society because of this tripe? Am I suddenly supposed believe that choice and accountability have been supplanted by the notion that robbery and drug use are the norm and therefore the baseline of conduct?

Can a writer not suggest that robbery and drug abuse are not angel like? What is the new definition of angelic behavior? Oh, that's right, I forget that secular humanism (only the strong are worthy of survival) is the new religion.

What is so wrong nowadays with the idea that the meek shall inherit the earth? Love one another? I am the way, the truth and the life?

ute alumni

what college was he supposed to be at last Monday? I think that was probably another family/media brush stroke to paint the angel portrait.

Midwest Mom
Soldiers Grove, WI

"At this point neither guilt or innocence can be truthfully determined."

Yes, snap moves to judgment can be dangerous. In the case of Michael Brown, Officer Wilson's snap judgment that his life was in danger was fatal. Trayvon Martin, too, was guilty of nothing more than walking while black.

Why are so many Americans afraid to face the fact that life for young, black males is dangerous? It's the same as vilifying our Muslim brothers. They live their lives in a war and that inspires anger and despair. I think that the main reason why so many white people rush to defend the police officer, without sufficient evidence to do so, is that they put themselves in the officer's place -- they are afraid of young, black males.

It's time to call out racism in this country. Admit it. Look for it and find it in our own behavior. My grandmother used to tell us to lock the doors, when our car was in a black neighborhood. Even as a child, I knew it was wrong, but it had its affect on my view of the world--I struggle with that irrational fear.

Cedar Hills, UT

G-Day-M8- I agree. I have lived in Utah, Arizona, Virginia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Washington State. None of the places I have lived has ever considered Strong Arm robbery as a normal Teenager offense. Assaulting a Police Officer is not a normal Teenager offense. What percentage of teenagers nationwide are committing these types of offenses? I would say the numbers are pretty low.
When you are 18, you are no longer a child. My dad went to Vietnam when he was 18.

GaryO- How many of us have ever assaulted a cop? Have you? Is that normal in Virginia Beach, because it was not normal up in Richmond, Va. where I lived.

SCfan- I cannot agree more. Why do they make Mr Brown out to be this saint and the cop to be an evil racist? Most of the evidence points to the cop be a pretty good guy and Mr Brown as a thug.

Why is it that so many youth want to act and be seen like gangstas' to their friends and people on the street, but as soon as something bad happens to them, they want to be seen like the average good kid?

Virginia Beach, VA

@Kora, that would not be normal in Virginia Beach. As for Michael Brown, bad choices lead to a bad result.

Salt Lake City, UT

I know lots of teenagers who don't do drugs, shoplift or physically assault police officers.

Where is Waldo, UT

@ GaryO
Virginia Beach, VA

I'm not sure if your comment was a sarcastic attempt to lower the expectation of human behavior and self dignity or a real attempt at brushing off the moral obligation of choice and accountability?

Would you care to elaborate?

Redding, CA

Michael Brown did not need to be murdered. Brown was no angel perhaps, that story is beside the point, off on a tangent, unfair, unworthy of discussion. The cop had no justification to murder Brown, there is clearly enough evidence in my mind to conclude that point. Have read every article from nytimes to dnews to nbc cbs abc and others. The cop's action is the subject, period, and the police dept is way too quiet, way too slow, after the fact.
I am a white guy, this murder was unjustified, this murder was reprehensible, this murder needs to have consequences to the cop who erred and to the police dept which failed to train properly.

clearfield, UT

Midwest Mom

Might interest you to know that even Jesse Jackson admitted once that if he was confronted with a group of young black guys he would be concerned for his safety. You may call it an irrational fear, but then how can one live in our world today without using locks on cars, or houses? Even though most of us won't be robber, burgled, or assaulted by anyone, white, black, or otherwise, it still happens enough, and is presented daily in the news, that maybe what you percieve as and irrational fear is nothing more than common sense. There is nothing racist about being cautious wherever one is, and no matter what racial group predominates. Here in Utah, we have a vast majority white population. Yet, we all lock our cars and houses.

Centerville, UT

Come on drug use as a character flaw. The use didn't prevent our president from becoming president. Yes he said it in his book.

Sugar City, ID

I'm no angel and when I was Michael Brown's age I did some stupid things. But there is a difference between stupid kid stuff and what this irresponsible young man did: strong arm robbery, use of drugs and alcohol, resisting arrest. If a cop asks me to do something, I do it. I certainly don't try to antagonize him. If the liberal press wants to glorify an innocent hero/victim, they picked the wrong guy.

The Wraith
Kaysville, UT

The officer did not have a broken eye socket nor was he "savagely beaten" both of those lies have been debunked numerous times.

The real question is not if he was a good kid or not or even if he hit the officer or not. The only question that matters is if Brown had his hands in the air, surrendering, and asking for help when the fatal bullet was fired. Once Brown put his hands up that should have been it.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Whether Michael Brown was a delinquent or a model citizen can affect how we interpret the circumstances of his death. On one side are accounts that Brown was shot when he had his hands up. The police version is that the officer was fending off an attack by Brown when he shot him.

That’s a huge discrepancy between versions. Hopefully, the investigation will sort out what happened and why. The findings may not completely satisfy either side.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey G-Day-M8 –

“I'm not sure if your comment was a sarcastic attempt to lower the expectation of human behavior and self dignity or a real attempt at brushing off the moral obligation of choice and accountability?”

I’m not sure what you just said either.

But I am sure what I said.

I said, “The kid was NO Angel . . . Not many of us are.” In other words, nobody’s perfect.

I’m not sure how that observation could be construed as a “sarcastic attempt to lower the expectation of human behavior and self dignity or a real attempt at brushing off the moral obligation of choice and accountability?”

Do you consider yourself to be an “Angel.” Please elaborate.

Hey Kora – “How many of us have ever assaulted a cop? Have you?”

Why do you ask? . . . I’m not a Cliven Bundy supporter.

Sandy, UT


I grew up in the South and experienced the same thing that Midwest Mom did. Of course, it is wise in our day to exercise caution by locking doors, but at that time (in the 60s and 70s) no one was doing so routinely. It was only when we drove through black parts of town that we were admonished to do so. That is racism born out of ignorance.

Along those same lines, why has the debate degenerated into whether Michael Brown deserved to be murdered (although he was unarmed)? We should be talking about the long history of injustices endured by the African-American community. Unless you have experienced being black in America (or seen it through the eyes of loved ones), you will never know what it feels like to be treated as a second-class citizen in your own country.

Niskayuna, NY

Not only was he not an angel, he was also not civilized. Strong arm robbery and drug use is not normal and is not acceptable behavior. Attacking a cop is way, way outside normal. This guy's past looks more like the average thug than any sort of college student. But hey maybe this could be Barry's son as well which should clue you into the attitudes that underlie the problems in that community, a community that pillages its own in response to the police taking action to force decent behavior.


Wow. I totally agree that the officer (or anyone else for that matter)"had no justification to murder Brown". But you seem to be saying the evidence we see in the media proves that the officer did indeed "murder" brown. The only evidence we can see for that at the moment is the statement from brown's friend (coincidentally a co-conspirator in the convenience store robbery minutes before the shooting.) We likewise don't see evidence that proves it wasn't a murder. Might I suggest that you follow the actual legal proceedings and see what real evidence actually emerges, rather than jump to the conclusion that you apparently want to believe and promote?

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