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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 26 2014 11:25 a.m. MDT

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Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

BYU will be undefeated and earn a spot in the playoffs.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah will go 7-5 and go to the best bowl game

byU and usU will each lose a game very early and their "quests" will be over almost immediately. After that, trying to convince yourselves that games against Wyoming and UNLV and Middle Tennessee community college are important will be difficult.

byU and usU may go 8-4 or 9-3, but with their horrible schedules they should go 11-1.

Go Utes!
Go Pac 12!
Go anyone who plays byU

Wellsville, UT

Don't see BYU losing to Utah State or Boise, probably 11/1. Don't see Utah beating Michigan or Arizona, probably 4/4. Don't see USU beating BYU or Tennessee probably 10/2. That from my crystal ball.

Reno, NV

Seems to project the USU-BYU game will be a good one. Both sets of fans think they are going to win it, and the DN staff are split.

Where is Waldo, UT

My predictions.

Regular season

BYU: 10-2 losses at Texas and UCF

Utah: 4-8 Won't run the table of UA, CU, OSU, WSU. Looses at Michigan. Won't have a surprise win like Stanford.

USU: 10-2 with losses at BYU and Tennessee

Post season

BYU: Wins Miami Beach bowl. Final record 11-2 breaks the top 25.

Utah: Home on the couch

USU: Wins their division but Looses to Fresno State in MWC Championship game and gets a bowl win. Final record 11-3 and breaks the top 25.

Layton, UT

Utah will go to the best bowl.

USU will win the MWC.

ESPN will apologize for some of the lackluster games that it's obliged to air.

American Fork, UT


Utah 5-7 (schedule is too tough, and they aren't that good this year)
Utah State 10-2 (Chuckie is awesome and the Aggies look very solid this year - they'll win the Mountain West! Go Aggies

BYU 11-1 (will lose a close one this year).

Because BYU will be so dominate this year - blowing out most of their opponents, they will be ranked high at the end of the season (probably top 12 or so). Which will allow them to be ranked in the top 10 to start next season - leading to them being selected in the football playoffs.

BYU will play in the national championship game.

As a result, Ute fans everywhere (except Chris B), will cheer for BYU!

It's gonna be amazing...

St. George, UT

If I were Chris B, I'd steer clear of making any predictions. The last one he made was Utah beating a lowly WCC St. Mary's in basketball. Just thought I would offer some free timely advice.

Logan, UT

BYU goes 8-4 with loses to Texas, UCF, USU, and Boise.

USU goes 11-1 with a loss at Arkansas State and wins the MWC against Fresno.

Utah goes 6-6 with loses to Fresno, Michigan, UCLA, USC, Oregon, and Stanford.

Columbus, OH

If BYU runs the table -- which would be welcome and overdue -- it will not earn a spot in the playoffs. BYU has to be more consistent at winning regularly, especially big-time games.

Cedar Hills, UT

Texas, Boise, Utah State will be losses and the rest are cup cake games. Very mediocre year I predict.

Madison, SD

Chris B . . .

BYU 29
USU 23
UU 22

A world apart.

SEC Rules
Seminole, FL

Whit will be unemployed and and the Great Salt Lake will rise 2 feet due to all the sobbing and blubbering. WAAAAAAaaaaaaaa

BYU and USA will go bowling

One Angry Salebarn Worker
Madison, SD

BYU toasts Texas, who still can't stop Hill. But BYU cannot deal with the speed of Central Florida, despite being bigger at almost all positions, line and receiver.

Alpine, UT

@ Chris and ekute:

Exactly how can you consider not going to any bowl be the best bowl? I admire optimism, but you two are very unrealistic. Utah is playing at least as tough a schedule as last year when they couldn't pull off a winning record. And definitely tougher than the year before when they couldn't then either. So it's very doubtful it will happen this year.

Utah will maintain a winning record for the first few weeks and then it's downhill rather quickly. Chris will then become very quiet, just like he did through parts of last season.

We all know the history of Chris's predictions. They usually give many of us our best laugh of the week as they are usually very wrong. That's not meant as a put-down. It's just a simple fact.

He made very similar predictions for Utah the past 2 seasons and we all know how those turned out. Not so good. This year, ekute is buying into the hype for reasons unknown and unsubstantiated.

I'm just happy for Chris, ekute and their families that they doesn't live in Las Vegas where gambling is legal.

Archer of Paradise
Oklahoma City, OK

USU wins MWC

BYU goes 10-2 but beats UT (that's Texas for those Narcissistic Utes). CFU is their toughest game this year. Houston will not be a pushover and neither will Utah State.

Utah, though I truly wouldn't mind to see them do well, don't go bowling for 3rd straight year. You can argue their superiority (maybe) over BYU and USU but that won't get them to 6 W's. Utes should be careful to not overlook Colorado or Fresno for that matter. Both those teams will beat an opponent at least as good as Utah this year.

Springville, UT

the u will go 5-7 this year IF they can get by Fresno State.With Fresno,s 1st 3 games being USC,utah and Nebraska you can bet they will come into SLC thinking their best shot at a win in the 1st 3 games is against the u .Fresno has been a better team than Boise State in the last several years and we all know how the u has fared against Boise State in the last 4-5 games that they have played. Lets just say it has been pretty much an automatic for the pony,s and most of the games haven't been close.Fresno will win a close one and put the u in their annual tailspin.Mark it down !

Richfield, UT

I have to disagree with patriot on this one. BYU is due for an exceptional season. They have the right players, a refined offensive playbook and the schedule to allow that to happen... and it will.

A similar prediction for USU... if Keeton stays healthy.

Utah will suffer through another losing season... almost identical to last year's record. Their SOS this season won't allow anything better than that.

salt lake city, utah

If Utah goes 8-4, it will be the most successful season its ever had, arguably better than 2004 UoU and 1984 BYU. But Utah won't. it will be fortunate to go 6-6. Michigan, UofA, ASU, WSU, OSU and Colorado are all,optimistically, 50/50 games. If UoU loses 2 of them...it's over-even with another 2013 Stanfordian win. I wish them well.

BYU--who cares? USU and Texas are the only interesting games. This is a

USU--Big question mark with a new secondary and offensive line. I think people are giving USU too much hype. Love to see them go 11-2. Realistically would be happy with 8-3.

Best game of the season? BYU v USU. Two well-matched teams, history, geography.

salt lake city, utah

Im imagine, head to head it would be, Utah > USU > BYU this year. However the overall records will reflect: BYU > USU > UoU.

I don't expect USU to be as good on defense or the O-line this year. Which will make it tough to control the clock/turnovers with Tennessee, and make them vulnerable to letdowns against good teams like BYU, BSU and CSU. An overachieving season 11-1. Great season 9-3. Likely, 8-4.

BYU will not improve over last year because its O-line and D-line haven't improved. Linebackers may be worse. Schedule will hide that. 11-2.

UoU--it may be nobody can see the improvement / regression inside a very, very good PAC12.

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