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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 26 2014 9:45 a.m. MDT

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Milwaukie, OR

@Chris - I hope that isn't what we see. It could be what is seen in the Utah, Idaho St game as well, except that I won't see that game. :)

Mexican Ute
mexico, 00

Taysom has improved as a QB. The question is how will his line hold up? And how will the BYU secondary do? Who is UCONN's QB?

I call this game a Tossup due to BYU's insistence of starting out their seasons with their left foot.

Utah should blow out Idaho State though. It's really our only easy win of the season. But it is good that we are playing Idaho State this early in the season to get our confidence up. Not like the TDS playing Savannah State at the end of the season.


Danbury, CT

Wow, Chris, congrats on being first...again. I'm not sure why this article even matters to a Ute fan but I'm happy some of you people still care even though you have 'moved on'. I just wish you would tell us more about what you really think about BYU football. I'm especially interested in how this game relates to Utah being in a Power5 conference?

Richfield, UT

As we've come to expect, Chris B's guesses when it comes to anything BYU are not reliable at all. In fact, they are usually wrong. His guesses in that respect are more like hopes than guesses. So his negative slant prediction is actually a good omen for BYU. Notice that he didn't offer his usual "you can mark it down" remark. That means he's actually a bit worried that BYU might actually be very good.

I've undoubtedly paid a lot more objective attention to BYU's preparation going into this game than the aforementioned person offering his guess-work assessments. As such, I can vouch for the Cougars being a lot more prepared going into this first game than they were a year ago for that opening game.

They have also upgraded regarding their athleticism and experience in several key positions. The most noticeable will probably be on the offensive line. That in turn will allow for improved performances from both Taysom Hill and the running backs. Expect to see some impressive long-ball pass completions to faster receivers resulting in some quick scores for the Cougars. Their impressive performance will open some eyes.

Davis, UT

Chris B

Mandel's flop team: Oregon Ducks. The string of 11- and 12-win seasons can’t go on forever, and despite the return of star quarterback Marcus Mariota, the Ducks’ once-unstoppable offense showed cracks last year following Chip Kelly’s departure. Oregon’s defense may miss retired coordinator Nick Aliotti.

Feldman's flop team: Utah Utes. They have been sputtering since arriving in the conference and don't be surprised if the bottom drops out in 2014. The rest of the league has elevated from when Utah planned the move to the Pac-12, and with CU improving, the hunch here is that Utah will end up in the South division cellar.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Just heard that BYU was allotted 3,000 tickets....and returned over 1,500 of them. That's a game being played 90 minutes from Boston and 2 hours from New York. So much for that "national fanbase" we hear so much about. Or is it just that they can't be persuaded to buy tickets?

Salt Lake City, UT

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

That's interesting. There's ample evidence of this every year but it is always quickly forgotten by the byu faithful who continue to proclaim their fan base is world wide.

In fact, the way byu fans talk on these boards leads the casual observer to believe that so many byu fans show up to their games they are turned away at the gate. Never happens...way too much talk down South. Clearly a point that is not lost on the Power 5 conferences.

From a Utah fan...best of luck on your season, BYU!

South Jordan, UT

Again, I am so sick of the trash talk. Why does DN allow this garbage? This is a BYU article. STOP COMPARING! Go speak on your own school articles. Be mature!

Good luck to Taysom Hill and Co. at UConn. Going a couple of days early should help calm the nerves. I think this BYU team will do just fine.

Go Cougars!

Jared from CT

I just bought two tickets -- not from BYU ticket sales -- for the BYU / UCONN game... I'm sure a lot of Cougar fans have done the same thing, i.e. bought non-BYU-allotted tickets. Don't be surprised when the BYU cheers drown out the UCONN cheers, and not just because the Cougar fans will have a lot more to cheer for!!!!

Davis, UT

Robin: On a Friday night you forgot to mention and perhaps didn't think about how many may have bought seats from other sources. But your bias prevents you from looking at things logically. One thing we can be sure of is, the 1500 or whatever the number is at UC, they will be in better control of their faculties that the few thousand at the u for their game err scrimmage.

Richfield, UT

@ Brave Sir Robin:

The game is being played on ESPN to a national audience. The fanbase can't get any bigger than that. Playing on national tv is something that Ute players and fans can only dream about. And BYU will do it multiple times this season.
Even BYUtv plays to a bigger audience than the PAC12 network does. Because I have DirecTV, I have to read about Ute games the next day.

I also noticed that once again you offer no backing to your assertions. Don't necessarily believe everything you hear... especially when it comes from a Ute fan known for being very biased against everything BYU.

It is interesting that a supposed BYU hater would spend so much time learning so many small details about upcoming BYU games. Maybe you're actually a bigger fan than you let on. I know for an absolute fact that I and most BYU fans couldn't care less about how many tickets Utah gets and gives back for any of their games. Makes no difference whatsoever.

That Ute fans obviously care so much is quite a compliment to BYU and it's sports programs.

Salt Lake City, 00

Go PAC12! Yeah baby! I'm smelling roses this year. Good time to be a Ute

PAC12 enthusiast
Utes Rock!

Ann Arbor, MI

Wow, I'm a big BYU football fan... have been reading 80% of all the almost meaningless preseason articles about BYU football to attest to that.

But I haven't read more than maybe 2 about Utah football.

Some of these Utes have a problem, either they read more about BYU or they spend so much time on the computer that they probably don't have a job or go to school or anything.

Phoenix, AZ

B. Sir Robin and My perspective,

When BYU visits Arizona State, or plays anywhere close down here, I typically don't buy through BYU. I buy through the local markets or on stub hub and other places. All because tickets are returned doesn't mean BYU fans won't be out in droves. Granted, this is Boston and New York area where some of the most liberal minded people live who are typically not members of the LDS church.

I know it's hard, but try and be objective and real.

Idaho Falls, ID

UCONN is a basketball school, not a football school. Therefore, BYU will win. ;-)

Richfield, UT

@ TheGreatPAC12:

Speaking of smelling roses this year. The only you and all other ute fans will be doing that is from your gardens. Of if someone sends you a bouquet.

Time to get a bit more realistic. With Utah's schedule this year, that's simply the way this year is going to play out. It would actually be a very pleasant surprise just to end up with a winning record and go to a bowl game for the first time in years.

Miami, FL

My sister lives in CT and she bought something like 50 tickets for friends and Church Ward members who are BYU fans. I personally have over 15 family members attending the BYU-UCONN game. When I look up tix I do so on StubHub, so maybe that is more of the issue of coordination with the BYU Athletic Dept to all the BYU fans attending.

Royal ACP
Logan, UT

Hey Chris B,
"Strong like the mountains!" Ha! Classic.

Unreconstructed Reb
Chantilly, VA

Smack from Utes about BYU fan attendance at UCONN? Please.

I can't make it because of work, but I know plenty from my area who are going. Most found it cheaper to buy through the opponent's ticket office, which has been my experience as well (I'm attending another game later in the season and did just that).

BYU has a groundswell of supporting fans from up and down the Atlantic Seaboard in attendance when they play out here. I've been and will continue to be part of it. Everywhere are dozens comments from the local team fanbases dumbfounded at the number of Cougar faithful, and many have asked where we all came from (most are surprised we're not from Utah, and we're darn proud of that).

For Utes to choose away attendance as smack not only reeks of desperation, but is completely ignorant. They mock BYU's "The world is our campus" motto, but BYU's widespread alumni base can't be disputed. I'd love to see Utah put fans in seats on the East Coast at *anywhere* close to the levels BYU does.

Pleasanton, CA

"Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Just heard that BYU was allotted 3,000 tickets....and returned over 1,500 of them. That's a game being played 90 minutes from Boston and 2 hours from New York. So much for that "national fanbase" we hear so much about. Or is it just that they can't be persuaded to buy tickets?"

Can you provide a source please?

I know that the BYU game at Cal this year is only second to Stanford on ticket cost. They used a tiered pricing and the BYU, UCLA and Washinton games are $30 to $105 per seat compared to Stanford at $35 to $110 per seat. In comparison the Colorado and Sacramento State games are $25 to $100 through the ticket office.

Other PAC 10 schools know the value of bringing BYU to town.

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