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Published: Monday, Aug. 25 2014 6:20 p.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

It could possibly be one of those rare shining moments of the season!

Glad football is finally starting.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Coach Christensen will show us some new wrinkles for sure, but he'll save much of our NASCAR offense for game #2.

Utah 55
Idaho state 10

Utah 7-5 this season - don't call me lucky when it happens.

Proud Ute
Proud Pac 12 member


Hopefully a nice easy start to the season before it gets really difficult!

Aurora, CO

So glad that Coach Whitt is not going to be judged on how good a coach he is based on how this team does in 2014. Five teams on the schedule are top 20 pre-season teams and an away game in the Big House spell a losing season and another non-bowl campaign. But when the schedule gets easier in the next few years and the Utes start winning more than they're losing and bowl invitations start rolling in everybody will be happy that Coach Whitt was kept on board.

PAC man
Anaheim, CA

Scrimmaging against East High School would be more exciting than this snoozer.

Wellsville, UT

Yawn! I wish I could watch it, but I'l be forced to watch Boise and then I get the privilege to watch BYU on ESPN Friday night. My only disappointment is that I can watch BYU more often on national TV than my Huskers. Oh well, good football is good football, guess that is why there are only 2 nationally televised Utah games! "Let the games begin!"

Wellsville, UT

BTW, 5 and 7 at best for Utah, I predict 3 and 9. Lets split the difference and call it 4 and 7. The decline continues!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Unfortunately ISU is just not that good. It would have been better to play a team like Eastern Washington.

Utah 66

Granstville, UT

There are those spouting they know "good football" and then make the claim watching byu play the host of cupcakes on its schedule is included in that category.

They further go on to predict the win-loss record for another team, without mentioning the quality opponents in 11 of those games, which truly describes "good football".

I suppose, when one team plays the single most difficult schedule in college football, and the other team acts as a puppet for the worldwide leader by playing a schedule comprised of teams with a combined won-loss record from a year ago that is 10 games under .500, it does become difficult to distinguish what is "good football" compared to football televised on espn.

Orem, UT


"I look forward the day(very soon) when the big boy conferences ONLY play big boy teams."

Be careful what you wish for.

1st, luckily for U, a complete P5 vs P5 schedule will never happen because to many of the big boys like playing 7 homes games, which would be impossible with an all P5 schedule unless bottom feeding P5s like Utah were willing to play 7 road games.

2nd, an all P5 schedule would doom Utah to perpetual losing seasons and no bowls. Without their gimme win versus a Big Sky team every year, the Utes would be hard pressed to finish better than 4-8.

RES would soon look just like it used to during Utah's WAC and early MWC days. An occassional sell out when a Top 10 USC or UCLA comes to town, but otherwise, a vast sea of empty red chairs.

Park City, UT


The fundamental flaw in your argument is SOS doesn't define how good a particular team is, it only determines how severly that team has been tested.

ANYBODY can lose to a good schedule.

It's laughable how Utah fans have suddenly become obsessed with SOS, when for years they completely ignored SOS when they were beating their chests about their 9-game bowl winning streak, which was really nothing more than a series of mediocre Utah teams beating a series of mediocre opponents in bowls.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

We will show Idaho we are relevant nationally and that's why we are playing them because we are relevant.

Go Utes!

Baltimore, MD


NCAA Men's Football - Team Power Rankings (2014-2015) from Real Time RPI

#1 Fla St (SOS #59)
#3 Mich St (SOS #87)
#8 Oregon (SOS #107)
#16 Ohio St (SOS #90)
#39 BYU (SOS #78)
#42 USU (SOS #150)
#48 Utah (SOS #11)

Despite the whirlwind of hyperbole blowing from the hill this morning, Utah doesn't have the strongest SOS and BYU doesn't have the weakest SOS in the country. In fact, BYU's SOS isn't much lower than #1 Florida State's SOS.

Pocatello, ID

It's just good to play a game. Yes, East would be more exciting, but it's time to start the season.

Go Utes!!

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Go Leopards! Go Utes!

Sandy, UT


Win, and you'll get credit for playing a difficult schedule.

Lose, and it's just a convenient, whiny excuse.

Lindon, UT

There are good wins and bad losses but there are no bad wins or good losses. If you win, then we can talk about SOS as a measure of quality wins. If you lose more than you win, nobody cares. This game will probably be similar to the Weber St. game last year. Remember that one? Most don't. Was that an indicator of the season to come? NO! Don't expect this to be either. Good luck to the Utes over their whole #11 SOS season.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ PAC man

The same can be said about 2/3 of BYU's schedule.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA


"The same can be said about 2/3 of BYU's schedule."

Which 8 teams on BYU's schedule are equivalent to Utah playing #245 Idaho State?

Gotta luv the hyperbole of Utah fans.

Layton, UT

It's a perfect preseason to prepare for play in the best conference on the planet. Chris Hill should be congratulated for setting it up. Anybody that argues otherwise is obviously disappointed with their own schedule.


Remember byu's 4 biggest games last year? Most don't.

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