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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 26 2014 4:15 a.m. MDT

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Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

Liberal Ted - Spare us the persecution complex. Until you're forced to learn Spanish and all corporations, government institutions, educational facilities, social constructs, religious influence, etc, etc... are run by a race other than the one currently dominated by the white male and multiple laws are passed to subvert your ability to make a living in this nation then your rant is inane and misplaced.

BYUalum - Yes, blame the gays and the immigrants; classic scapegoating. BTW: when we liberals "accept" LGBTQ for who they are, that doesn't magically produce more gays out of thin air. Further, you should spent some time reviewing the state-by-state marriage data. Though it's not a drastic difference, on the whole, the states that don't allow SSM will typically have more divorce, more children out of wedlock, etc.... So, sounds like the way to strengthen hetero marriage is to allow SSM and do away with the implicit theocratic machinations present in conservative state politics.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Stalwart Sentinel - Spare us the lack of and ability to look ahead. Spare us the left winged rhetoric that does not want to do anything to correct or fix a problem before it is too late to gain a few votes and then go back in the ground to figure out another way to manipulate society to think they are for them when ultimately they are only out for themselves and a congressional pension.

Also with regards to a comment to BYUalum. The comment is argumentative and does not coinside with what BYU alum said. Nobody said more gays are produced out of thin air. What was said is they cannot produce together, which the can't, unless you know of some unknown science phenomenon. And the borders are in issue with latino illegals crossing and being able to stay.

Ultimately, the problem is liberals who want progression, then complain about the problems it causes and blame the other side, accuse them of being racist, etc. You have to plan, then act. You can't take action and then try to get the other side to come up with a plan to fix your problem. Make sense? Yeah it does!

Stafford, VA

Let me add that I may find it pejorative to be called "White." "White" implies "evil," as in colorless and uninteresting!

So, I may be very offended if, when referring to me, I'm not described as (you'll need a 3"X5" card to remember this, I'm sure):

English-Irish-Scot-Irish--Scottish of the Matheson-Clan--Norwegian Viking of the Warband of Thorfinn the Skull-Splitter--Saxon-German--Cherokee of the Chickamauga Band--AMERICAN!!!

(These are my actual ancestors, and I promise to have a public nuclear-conniption if they are not acknowledged!! ;-) ) ... and remember, I'm not just any old funky Cherokee, Viking or Scot -- the Clan and Band matter too (especially in Utah!).

** Matheson, or Clan "McMathan" means "Son of the Bear." -- probably going back to Clan of the Cave Bear or some such.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

As we continue to move forward towards a beautiful carmel colored human race.
Yes progress is a good thing, even if it means, I'm no longer part of the majority.
Utah is doing it's fair share to be fruitful and multiply, but now that interracial marriage is acceptable (progress) you aren't getting that pure white race. This is a good thing, as a pure race doesn't exist anyway and those who believe it does, generally abuse the idea.

Guess I'm not afraid of the future.

Then again I don't listen to "Fear Radio" daily.

Bountiful, UT

Re 'liberal ted'

The reason for affirmative action for certain minorities isn't because they are minorities. But because of past and in some cases ongoing discrimination.

American First
Merced, CA

'Multi Culturalism' is and has been a trojan horse attack on America designed to weaken then sabotage the pillars of Traditional America. 'E Pluribus Unum' was the original intent, now it's been vandalized by the negative forces of political correctness to mean 'out of many, many'.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Stalwart Sentinel

Spare me that I have no idea what persecution is. You don't know me. You don't know my history. Maybe you should get out more and be a minority in a city. See how you are treated when you are the only white person in a city, town, country. I've been there. I did learn a foreign language. I have learned some Spanish. Try ordering food, working with hotel help, working in a labor job which are dominated with Spanish speaking people. Some try to speak English. Most aren't interested and joke that everyone will conform to them one day. Remember it was Spain that raided Latin America and forced them to learn Spanish.

@ Happy Valley Heretic- I don't fear the future either. I am comfortable learning multiple languages and enjoy other cultures. I welcome anyone that wants to come here legally. I welcome anyone that wants to work to provide for their family, and not live off of welfare. I welcome those that try to learn the culture here. If you can't tolerate the local culture, then staying in your homeland might be better for you

Mexican Ute
mexico, 00

This story isn't really that big for me at all.

I appreciate diverse opinions and diversity in schools.

I really don't like how many people try to compartamentalize Americans however into specific groups. Let's just call each other Americans!

That is how it works in Mexico (which is more diverse than what many people think of). Everyone is called a Mexican whether they be of pure European or American blood, Mestizo, Indigenous, or even African.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

I know what it feels like to walk into an interview and be told that they have enough people like me. "Wonder Bread" is a term that is often used. The thought is a room full of white males, that every single one of them is exactly the same: same thought, same diet, same skills, same attitude....I feel that every single white male, white female, black male, black female, Latino, Latina, Asian, non-Asian, European, African, yellow, purple, pink, orange people are all different.

No one is exactly the same. We all offer something in diversity.

The racists thought that white people can't offer anything diverse is racism.

Some people need to be updated on history. Most white people have never owned a slave, their parents didn't own a slave, their parents didn't own a slave. In fact many white people never had an ancestor that owned a slave, slaughtered native americans etc. It's time to get over it. Most blacks can't trace their ancestors to slavery, yet a good number have no problem referencing it as justification to hate.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

By the way, my entire family is mixed races. We have many different blends of race in the family. I don't have a problem with that. My problem is being judged based on what I look like. To assume because I look white, that I am just a stereotype white male that listens to talk radio and never finished higher education much less grade school. People that assume that I hate others because of my religious belief or my agreement with conservative views etc.

What bothers me with the left, is they claim to be the ideal. They preach how much they accept anyone with any thoughts and are welcoming. To a degree they are welcoming. I find as soon as you have a thought outside of their little world, then they turn on the hate and begin labeling others. Perhaps it's out of fear, ignorance or both. I don't understand why they feel paying down the national debt is a bad thing. To me that is good, yet the venom that comes out is beyond me....maybe you can help me understand.

West Jordan, UT

Liberal Ted....they cannot explain it. But others can. Its called hypocrisy.

Ft Thomas, KY

Keep the border open and pretty soon the headline will say "USA now being renamed Mexico."

Sioux City, IA

What exactly are non-Hispanic Whites? Are they Portuguese, Italian, or some other ethnicity? How many ethnicities do they cover and why don't we recognize where their ancestors came from like we do with the Europeans who came to the American Continents from Espania (Spain)?

When will we learn to call all citizens of the United States exactly what they are supposed to be which is Americans? Allowing our Federal Gov't to divide us up by referring to us according to where our ancestors came several generations back is wrong.


We shouldn't be surprised, since 1976 only 17% of our green cards have gone to white Europeans. Social engineering is removing the Europeans that created this great society called America, And giving the fruits of their labor to other cultures and races.

Our fault for letting it happen to the land created by our ancestors the past 200 years.

Bluffdale, UT

relax and remeber our sameness is more important than color or ethnic. there is only one race the human race and we need to remember that first and always. all want saftey and security for their families and a possibility of a good future. this is true for all humans.

Blaine, Wa.

So, IF, I read this right.......does that mean that Whites are now the minority? And, if so, then does that then, give them the right to have their voices heard above the majority? Just food for thought. As it appears now, tis the minorities that seem to have the advantage of being taken care of first, and then, the Whites, who, as it appears now, have the 'majority'. So, again, does this mean that the White folks then take over having the first priority after the demographic change? Will such things as.........the English language then take a back seat to all of those who wish to speak their own language? Will this country turn into a ..................'separate but equal' country? Just want to throw that out there.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

Remember The Alamo. I think we lost that battle to.

Mcallen, TX

The fruits of liberal leadership.


I think every nation has a right to retain it's heritage and culture. If this was happening to a third world country, the progressive liberals would be screaming.

The progressive liberals are a much greater threat to our country than the tea party. I've heard it said that America will never give up it's land in battle, but the real danger is from within.

Mcallen, TX

I will remake, and transform America.----Barrack Obama 2008 campaign speech

We were warned, and soon we'll join the ranks of other third world countries.

People didn't build America. Someone else did it!

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