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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 26 2014 8:40 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Utah WILL go 7-5 and Coach Christensen and NASCAR are going to save whit's job.


The Utes will finish 6-6?! And just who are these 6 teams Utah is supposed to beat? Idaho State and who else?? I see a 3-win season on the horizon, escaping with wins over Colorado and either Washington St or Fresno State. Possibly 4 wins at best.

Sounds right..
Cedar city, UT

Love the fact how the utes goals this year are to win 6 games and not get everyone fired. Oh how they have fallen with expectations . They sound like a bottom feeder of a bcs conf ex- Kentucky Colorado Iowa st Kansas.
I hope you love your bcs membership still ute fans even though you can never win over 5 games. Obviously getting into the PAC was great for utah In general but losing all the time has to be frustrating. I'm would rather be an SUU fan and win in a smaller division than be in a bigger league and always lose.

Kearns, UT

Where exactly is Utah going to get these 7 wins? Its good to believe in your team... but 7 wins? I see 4.. maybe 5 just because Arizona is home game. Maybe 6 but Orgeon state is would just have to totally drop the ball!

Lets be realistic

Wellsville, UT

6 and 6 with a Bowl game is a very generous prediction. My prediction, 5 and 7 at best, probably 4 and 8, but could be as bad as 3 and 9. Too bad they choose to take BYU off their schedule.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

I can almost hear Roseanne Barr warming up her vocal chords.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Whatever happens this year, the Utes will not be bottom feeders of the PAC 12. They are likely to move to a middle of the pack team with a great team every four or five years that will challenge for the PAC title. While we fans don't have a lot of patience, the coaches and players will (regardless about changes in players and possible changes in coaches). I personally hope that it is Coach Whittingham and his staff - and therefore there needs to be a 6-6 or better season. While there is only one potential blow-out, there are five or six teams that are beatable, especially if the Utes get a chance to build confidence. Obviously, keeping healthy is huge.

South Jordan, Utah

Challenge for a PAC title every 4 four or five years???

I'll believe it when I see it - and it will clearly carry more weight when the prognostications come from someone outside of the Utah fold. For fans to articulate that Utah will be a contender for a PAC 12 championship 20 - 25% of the time is hilarious!

The sad thing is that I believe that a majority of the Utah fan base actually believes this.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Utah will go 3-9, I just cant see them any better than that, especially without a solid QB
Whit will be gone
Chris B will disappear from posts after blowout losses, only to chime in when recovered.

Ogden, UT

Sounds Right says, "I'm would rather be an SUU fan and win in a smaller division than be in a bigger league and always lose"

That's a terrible mentality that people with low self esteem usually employ. Instead of reaching for the stars, they aim for the roof. Being a big fish in a small pond is something several people need to feel validated. But those with self confidence are willing to try to reach their potential, knowing there's a great chance at failure, but also learning from that failure along the way.

But as a football fan, I'd rather have a team go 5-7, but play great teams week-in-week-out, than watch a team blowout lesser opponents every week. Utah has this scenario and BYU is trying to get it (and getting closer each year as they add quality opponents to the schedule). Both Utah and BYU fans would rather watch ranked opponents come in and watch our guys give the national ranked teams our best shot, than watch clearly inferior opponents get worked.

Springville, UT

The NASCAR will erupt in flames and will have u fans calling for another 6 offensive coaches for next year !

riverton, UT

For the most part, these comments are not surprising from the DesNews, BYU homer newspaper...I can't take any stock in a UTES article on this site. Then you get all the bitter BYU fans with their "Ute-Hater" responses. I would rather go 5-7 on an awesome schedule, than go 8-4 and pay to watch that garbage bunch of teams that is frequenting LES the last few years. Utes will win at least 6 this year (Idaho St.; Fresno; WSU; OSU; Arizona; Colorado). BYU will lose at U-Conn Friday and end up with another lack-luster 8-4 record. GO UTES!

Salt Lake City, UT

Ogden, UT

"But as a football fan, I'd rather have a team go 5-7, but play great teams week-in-week-out, than watch a team blowout lesser opponents every week. Utah has this scenario and BYU is trying to get it..."

You offer an interesting perspective on reasons for playing top competition. However, byu fans don't have an appetite for losing games and would rather play a string of cupcakes to proclaim themselves best in the nation than face elite competition. byu is stuck right where it should be.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoy the groveling of byu fans attempting to get what Utah has. LOL!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I would be happy with 6-8 wins considering the brutal schedule. Time for the Utes to rise up.

Go Utah!

Sandy, UT

blah blah blah cougars, it's hilarious that you try and poke fun at our record when we've stomped your program for the last decade. Stop trying to feed off our Utes, you're just lucky you don't have us on the schedule this year to give us an extra win on our record.

You're drinking some very strong kool-aid if you think your team has an even remote possibility to make the playoffs or have a heisman finalist. That is some crazy high optimism right there. We have the #1 rated toughest schedule in the NATION. If we have 7 or 8 wins that would be more impressive than a BYU undefeated season.

But that won't happen, because you will drop a game to Texas, UCF, and probably Utah State.

Las Vegas, NV

Sounds right..

"I'm would rather be an SUU fan and win in a smaller division than be in a bigger league and always lose."

That sounds about right for person who lives in Cedar City. Think small, stay small. You can't be big unless you think big.

Go Utes!!

Kearns, UT

Your right winning 7-8 games with the hardest schedule in the nation would be more impressive than BYU going undefeated..... But! thats not going to happen so have fun watching BYU and USU in the post season.

South Jordan, UT

Utah was not blown out by anyone in the PAC 12 last year. Our defense will keep us in all games. Our offense has not shown an ability to score on a consistent basis. We are told that our offensive line is a strength this year. Our QB's have been less than average and our receivers have tipped way too many balls in the air. I am confident that our top three QB's will be better than average this year. Our receivers are touted as speedy and talented but we will see. Dres is really good in the open field. He is less than average over the middle where he hears footsteps and bails on the play way too many times, thus tipped balls.

BYU fans need to stop fooling themselves. All real BYU fans would trade places with Utah in a heartbeat. I hope BYU gets the chance to be humbled in the Big 12 where their natural travel partner will be Nebraska.

Humble pie still tastes good and every game will be sold out again for the 5th straight year.

Even a bad Pac 12 Utah is better than a good Independent BYU.

Louisville, KY

The Utes are moving forward getting better and better along with the PAC12.
Utah will go anywhere between 6-6 to 8-4 this season dependent upon injuries.

Allow me to address the comments about W-L records between Utah and BYU with a metaphor.

BYU fan "BYU can bench press 135 lbs. 8 times. Utah can only bench press 315 lbs. 5 times!"

Apples to Oranges. Major League to Minor League. The only true comparisons that can be made since we don't play in the same conference any more are head to head and common opponents, of which Utah clearly wins.

Thank you and GO UTES!!

American Fork, UT

I agree with Chris B. I think they can go 6-6 or 7-5. Whit should keep his job. Im keeping my fingers crossed.

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