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Published: Friday, Aug. 22 2014 3:40 p.m. MDT

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Hurricane, UT

I hope that someone else runs for the superintendent job...Lockhart has taken extreme positions on several topics. Surely there is a better candidate!

On the other hand
Riverdale, MD

It's great that Becky Lockhart wants to work to improve public education in Utah. I don't think it would be wise to appoint her as superintendent of public instruction at this point in time. There are very smart, capable people who have devoted large portions of their adult lives to studying and applying the theory and practice of education and educational leadership. (With any luck, a few of them will have applied for this position.) I don't doubt that Becky Lockhart is smart and capable, but what has she done to acquire expertise in public education?

Provo, UT

Nooooooo!!!! Please say it isn't so. There has to be someone else out there! Please!

Seriously, I don't support the 'educators only' attitude of the educators but Lockhart has lost her marbles. She needs to sit quietly at home and knit or something harmless, quiet and out of the public's view.

Draper, UT

IMO, Lockhart is a political opportunist. She knew she couldn't beat Herbert for governor so jumped at the next shiny object she saw. The State Office of Education is in enough trouble without their naming a superintendent who will just use the post as a springboard to something else.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Becky Lockhart may terrify the career education establishment, but she is just what we need to improve education in Utah.

"'I think that we have seen time and time again what has happened when we have folks who are not trained educators, who are not in the education profession, who are making policy and being put in positions where they’re making decisions about education,' Gallagher-Fishbaugh said."

Former Indiana Governor Mike Pence is now running Purdue University with great success- cutting costs and making innovative improvements. Lockhart will do the same. ANd she can help get legislative support for improvements.

Picking a career teacher to run the organization will doom us to another decade of constant whining about "need more money" and refusal to change anything to cut costs or improve the process.

If not selected for the School job, then I would be happy to support her campaign for Governor.

As they like to say, "Do it for The Children" and appoint Lockhart as State Superintendent!

Orem Parent
Orem, UT

Is this a serious story or am I reading the Onion?

Kaysville, UT

Having seen her moves with her husband's pushing and her control of the House of Representatives in the past and ties with the Eagle Forum, it is liking having the Eagle Forum running all the schools in the state. I would be a shame to see what would happen under her realm or reign for whatever the time would be. Ms. Ruzicka would be in the back door or front door all the time. Senator Stephenson would be putting his input directly and not just through bills. Ms. Lockhart would not forget her past with friends and lobbyists at the front and back doors.

Governor Herbert probably doesn't want a woman running against him within the GOP with what happened to Senator Bennett in the wings and wind, also.

Taylorsville, ut

DN Subscriber, Indiana's students do not outperform Utah students. We do more with less than any other state in this Nation and beyond. The problem has been and continues to be that people have no respect for educators and they have not for my 40 year teaching career. Others, without understanding or education experience have controlled public education.
It is time that we gave the profession to the very people who are the experts-educators. The policies of those outside of education for the past 30 years have failed our children.

Salt Lake City, UT

Squirt---Some of us appreciate what you do!

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

I think she is very capable and it brings new blood to education.

Kearns, UT

Anyone who wishes to teach in our public schools need to meet certain requirements in content area and educational training to be considered highly qualified for their jobs. The same should be required for anyone who heads our public education. They should be highly qualified in the field and know what it takes to successfully educate our children. I also believe they should also have spent enough time in the classroom as a teacher before they are considered.

bill in af
American Fork, UT

Please NO. We need someone who understands education. Her last minute poor thought out technology bill without sufficient educator input is an example of what we don't need. There are plenty of well qualified choices out there.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Ms. Lockhart has an extensive national, regional, local resume with a proven track record directing public instruction.

She is not a right-wing political opportunist.

She is not a right-wing ideologue.

She is not a right-wing slash and burn wanna-be let's dismantle government, with a not so hidden agenda to turn the entire educational enterprise over to the private not-for-profit segment of our society.


Murray, UT

She was all for school vouchers, now she wants to run the states education?

Government OF the people... Abe
Kaysville, UT

Becky Lockhart as state supt. of schools? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha...

Did someone (DNsubscriber) say above that people like her make great leaders of large organizations, like a former governor who is helping to run some university in another state? I don't know what Becky has in common with him, but based on what I see, they have nothing in common. Running a university is very much like running a business or some other large organization.

Working with the specific needs of a state's educational programs would require someone who knows what they are all about. Obviously, having extensive experience in working with K-12 students would be a very, very important prerequisite for a job like this, would it not? Does not make sense to have a chief surgeon be one who is actually been a surgeon, or to have the director of an organization whose business it is educate kids, to actually have been someone who is actually been an educator?

Lockhart? No thanks! I very much agree with the "shiny object" comment above! :-)

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Could it get any worse for educators?

Orem, UT

If Lockhart can become superintendent does that mean that teachers can now become head nurses or surgeons at hospitals?

Silly right?

So why is she even being considered?


It is disheartening to think that someone with no background in the education profession feels that they can lead educational policy. It is as ludicrous to me as someone with no medical background trying to lead a medical board. Educators have studied and practiced in their fields. Their level of knowledge and expertise goes far beyond someone who hasn't worked with students, curriculum, educational budgets, and so forth. Her poor judgement on trying to pass her technology bill, which would cost millions, while schools are in need of many other resources (i.e. smaller class sizes), shows that she is out of touch with the real, daily, and difficult issues facing education today.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

First off, I support paying our educators more and smaller class sizes. I have never voted against a school funding tax increase and was saddened when the Jordan District bonds were not approved by the voters.

of course the UEA would oppose her, she is not a liberal democrat who thinks money is the only way to fix things.

The superintendent is NOT in the classroom and therefore does not need to be a teacher, but a good administrator. I do not know Mrs. Lockhart, and other than what the article says, I do not know her professional credentials, but since she has been able to ride herd over the legislature, it seems to me she has administrative skills.

But liberals just want to dismiss and demonize her because they dislike her politics.

Yeah but
South Jordan, UT

Lockhart is just following the recommendation of the Tea Party - you can do more damage to government from within - so run for these "unnoticed" offices, and carry out your/our slash-and-burn agenda from within the system. That's what former Rep. Dougal is doing as State Auditor, and that's what Lockhart will do with education in this state - just quietly make changes that promote right-wing extremist views.

She proved last legislative session that she knows nothing about "education" with her last-minute push to connect every student in the state without regard for the cost - financial or social. Our kids are already too connected - it is probably one of the root causes for one of our major societal ills, childhood obesity. But, what she wanted to do was something to make a name for herself - something she could use to springboard into the Governor's office - like Hillary used the office of Secretary of State to do.

Well, not on my dime. I don't believe the Governor would allow this travesty to occur. He appears to care about the education of our children, and this appointment, if carried out, would show if it all rhetoric.

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