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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 19 2014 5:05 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

It does increase my respect for all three of them. Everyone makes mistakes, not everyone takes accountability for their mistakes. Sometimes, when punishment is handed down, it is met with resentment. Good for all of them for being mature.

I look forward to watching Williams and Blackmon starting in week 2 for my Cougars. I wish sincere luck to Wilson this season. Congrats to him for securing the starting job, hope he is able to stay healthy.

Go Cougars!

the greater truth
Bountiful, UT

Except Williams and Blackmon accepted team punishment for their actions.

Wilson got a free pass from Wittingham.

More to the point, words a cheap. It is accepting responsibility and paying the price for your actions that has real meaning.

And what price as Wilson really paid?

I just don't understand how Rock can compare the two situations.

Feigning you are sorry just doesn't cut it.

Springville, UT

Someone please explain to me how Spencer Hadley gets multiple game suspension and had to speak at prison for doing something legal, but Williams gets a 1 game suspension for breaking 2 laws. Let's not even compare breaking 2 laws with wearing earrings.

John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

The UConn game will be an eye opener for a lot of people. Specifically, they will realize that the loss of Williams is not as big of a loss as they thought.

The irrefutable fact is that the combination of Hine, Lasike, and Brown will be just as effective as Williams, if not even more effective. Those three have skills that will more than compensate for Williams' absence.

There is no doubt that Williams accomplished a lot last year. But there is no doubt that he monopolized the vast majority of the carries.

Any one of the other running backs would have been just as effective if given the same number of carries. Don't forget that Hine out rushed Williams in the Idaho State game, on fewer carries. BYU will be just fine.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Don't go into politics boys. You're all much better than that.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

John Charity Spring

"Any one of the other running backs would have been just as effective if given the same number of carries. Don't forget that Hine out rushed Williams in the Idaho State game..."

Hine, is that you?

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Can't wait for the follow-up article.

Who will man=up for the "safe house"?

Who will provide information on NCAA violations? What was Duane Busby's role? How did he, or others, get away with it for how long?

What players received illegal "gifts" and what were they and for how long?

Vai Sikahema said "On every single encounter we had in Provo (and on road games), and there were many, he always placed a $20, sometimes $50, in my palm. He concluded, "Technically, Bishop xxx(I deleted the Bishop's name) was a donor and technically I was a student-athlete.” Ya think? Way to man-up citing the statute of limitations. What are the chances this was an isolated incident? Certainly this was brought to the attention of the NCAA, even if it was some time ago. I would think a technicality would not be used as a reason to not disclose a violation as Coach Mendenhal said, "..certainly we are BYU, meaning the ethics and morals and standards we aspire to are the highest in the world," In the world.



Because Spencer Hadley didn't get suspended just for the alcohol.


My wife often decries the all-too-common statement "boys will be boys" -- so frequently repeated in the athletic world -- saying that that mentality is often used to give a wink and nod to all kinds of unnecessary behaviors. I think that's often very true. I've known great men who never got into much if any trouble in their younger days. Nothing wrong with that. We should raise the bar a bit, and while we can offer forgiveness when someone truly realizes their own foolishness and makes the effort to change, we should stop being so quick to cough it up to "boys will be boys." We can all do better than that.

Phoenix, AZ

Who am I sir?

How about the UofU bookstore displaying a list of players and their corresponding numbers next to the jersey's for sale? Yeah, petty right? But still against NCAA sanctions. If you're going to call out BYU, then call out yourself AND everyone else. Because EVERY college has some type of infraction against the voluminous NCAA rule book. The exception is BYU self reported the Busby thing. The NCAA apparently thought it was much ado about nothing. Why do ute fans bring it up over and over again?


It's because Hadley was ratted out by a ute fan instead of confessing what he did. I'm guessing right after the incident, Williams went right to Mendenhall. Hadley waited until a picture surfaced.

Salmon, ID

Re: Who am I sir?

Hey wasn't the Utah basketball program on probation not too long ago. You know what they say about glass houses.

Mission Viejo, CA

Wow. Holier than thou comments from a couple of commenters. Underage drinking, of course I never touched the stuff. I'm OK with a one game suspension on that. Earrings? Give me a break.

The BYU dress code has never seemed sensible to me. I doubt if BYU coeds wear short shorts on campus like our high school kids do here in the OC. But beards and long hair? How about faux mohawks? Now those are ugly!

Earnest L. Wilkinson imposed draconian button-down dress standards in reaction to the hippy movement of the 1960's. Now Brigham Young couldn't walk on campus with his beard. We have guys in our ward with beards! Shame on them. They are obviously not worthy members.

Earrings. Give me a break.

Logan, UT

Since we are on the subject of fessing up and as one person said "Whitt giving Wilson a free pass". What about the 2 WR's at Utah State. One with a DUI and one stealing money from a teammate and then admitting that he would have never got caught except that he was cheating on schoolwork with others. Looks like they are getting a free pass as well. No suspensions, no nothing. Theft and DUI are criminal charges but still no discipline. So its not just Whitt giving free passes. I guess the local teams are growing up and hitting the big time?

Los Angeles, CA

Who isn't the affordable healthcare plan affordable to? I mean, I don't think you know in Utah because your state government didn't implement it, but it's great for the states that did.

Boring, OR

@Blue Husky, Wilkinson did not impose "draconian button-down dress standards". Those standards were proposed by a committee of students and predated the "hippy movement of the 1060's". In the late 1960's BYU administration took control of the HC from the previous student committee control. They added some items specific to that era, i.e. prohibition against some popular illegal drugs, prohibitions against illegally occupying university facilities, etc. Grooming standards have evolved over the years to reflect the conservative nature of the university. In fact, the tight restrictions on beards and long hair came in the 1970's, after Wilkinson retired.

Also, your attempt to conflate BYU HC requirements to worthy Church membership displays a willful ignorance that is laughable. Thanks for the cheap comedic entertainment.

Salt Lake City, UT


the affordable healthcare plan is not affordable to my family nor many of my fellow students and friends with young families in the DC and VA areas. My premiums increased over 300% since the passing of Obamacare and my school gave me a choice of cutting my wife and two kids from my coverage or open a separate and drastically more expensive plan due to new Obamacare requirements. "It's great for the states that did." Not true. According to Forbes, "The law’s many mandates, fees, and taxes will increase health costs for large employers to the point that providing health benefits at work is financially unsustainable." You need to get out more. And you know we have access to national media in Utah, which apparently you don't, right?

Props to these young men for holding themselves accountable and learning from their mistakes. They are setting good examples for their fellow teammates and the next generation of players.

Kearns, UT

Hadley should have been held to a higher standard, being a returned missionary and all.

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA

Los Angeles, CA

"Who isn't the affordable healthcare plan affordable to? I mean, I don't think you know in Utah because your state government didn't implement it, but it's great for the states that did."

The only folks who Obamacare benefits are the poor, previously uncovered people who now get massive subsidies.

How can one ignore the fact that the doctors, previously paying participants who see their premiums going up $2,000 instead of down $2,500, and the tax payers ALL lose big time??

John Locke
Ivins, , UT

dcmvey: "...(ACA) is great for the states who did it." Did what? At what democrat literature are you looking? It's initial cost, estimated at $900,000,000,000 ( that's a lot of freaking zeros!) has now doubled; the government's liability for most does not kick in (at the individual's cost of a reasonable premium)until a ridiculously high level of cost to the patient, you cannot have your own doctor or hospital as promised by the President, the small business cost has not kicked in, yet, which is estimated in the billions, and, Dr.'s who would have stayed in the profession are retiring in droves. Then, you do not know what the stipend is or what it will cost, nor do we know how many illegals have qualified (Obama now appears to be giving amnesty to many illegals). Where have you been? Are you getting a stipend at the expense of your working neighbor? Do you pay taxes at all?

Sandpoint, ID

Did Blackmon really get suspended an entire game for wearing earings?? I heard on the day it was announced that there was another tweet from a former coug laughing at that notion saying there is clearly more to it. I know Brunco won't talk about it, but we can all agree that there us clearly more to it than wearing earings, right?

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