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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 19 2014 12:15 p.m. MDT

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Draper, UT

I predict a lot of unfriending going on.

Westland, MI

We in The Church of Jesus Christ (WHQ: Monongahela, Pennsylvania) water the earth with the true restored gospel message using only drip irrigation as the modern Israeli farmers do.

St.George, UT

Wasn't that to be done by the great numbers of LDS missionaries throughout the world?

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

It's wonderful to share the Gospel message in any way we can but the current use of social media by the world in general is purely a waste of time. It's a fine line for an LDS person to walk in using social media but not wasting time, and we're currently wasting way too much of our time. And I work for a company that relies heavily on social media...

Orem, UT

While some people will find offense at any kind of religious message, most people will find genuine, uplifting, and personal messages as something good.

I would certainly enjoy reading a message from a good friend who is not a member of my church that explains how their faith has enriched their life. But if every message was laced with a bunch of quotes and cut-and-paste messages from their church magazines, it would probably be a turn-off within a short time.

Just like email which can be a great way to communicate with lots of people, social media can be a blessing or a curse. No one wants to be SPAMMED by tons of messages from people they barely know. We need better data filtering mechanisms to sift the wheat from the chaff.

South Jordan, UT

I watched this live this morning. It was an outstanding presentation with video clips. I recommend it anyone and especially to those who might offer comment on this post.

Leesburg, VA

>>Wasn't that to be done by the great numbers of LDS missionaries throughout the world?

Sharing the gospel has always been the responsibility of all members of the church, not just the missionaries.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Knocking on doors is a tiny fraction of 1% effective for missionaries. It simply doesn't work when considering the cost and man hours.
Social media is only going to make the believers proud, the doubters embarrassed and the non-members shake their heads with wonder.
The message doesn't come close to making sense for most people who weren't raised in it and makes sense for less than half of those who were raised in it.
What did Einstein call it when people do the same thing over and over then expect different results?

Lake Sammamish, WA

Please remove me from the list

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Religious folks seem to have mixed feelings about gospel messages. They know it’s their sacred duty to share their own beliefs but can barely tolerate hearing someone else’s.

Maryville, MO

As Elder Bednar stated: "The Lord is hastening his work." At the same time Satan is also hastening his work because he knows that the time is nigh when the Savior will return. This is not a catch phrase or anything like that. The truthfulness of the Gospel must be spread through out the world by all of the Lord's people. Those that have covenanted with him to preach the Gospel truth to all the world in his Holy House are responsible. As President McKay so well put it, "Every member a missionary!!". It is time for members and missionaries to unite together to press forward with the GOOD NEWS of the restoration of the Gospel through the Prophet Joseph Smith. We given our solemn promise that we would do so. We are millions upon millions strong and if we work together with the missionaries we will flood the earth as prophesized by ancient and modern prophets. Once this flood begins no unhallowed hand will be able to stop it as it will indeed cover the entire earth. It will fill the earth so that no one can say they didn't hear it.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


This is a clear example of NOT doing the same thing over and over.

And I'm not even Mormon - but apparently you didn't understand the article.

Leesburg, VA

>>Social media is only going to make the believers proud, the doubters embarrassed and the non-members shake their heads with wonder.

I think the statistics that Elder Bednar shared on the Church's social outreach programs don't support those conclusions; and thus far, the Church is seems to be trying to use these new tools to help non-members see what we have in common with other Christian faiths, instead of highlighting the differences. For example, the "Because of Him" video the Church released at Easter was a message that any believing Christian could appreciate; and the Church's Bible videos series is equally non-denominational, as it's based strictly on the text of the King James Bible. That's the key to making it a useful tool, I think.

American Fork, UT

I don't mind the occasional testimony or gospel related link from my facebook friends, but if it get any more pervasive it will start having the opposite effect. An occasional strong testimony is, well strong, being spammed with dozens of them on facebook has the opposite effect, almost removing the power or strength of the message.


For me this feels like an invitation to think differently about social media and be an influence for good in the world. I love what he said about being authentic. Not about preaching, not about confrontation with people who think or believe differently. Just an invitation to be honest people sharing the good we see in the world.

Salt Lake City, UT

Craig Clark,

Not true, at least for myself and in my experience. At least with myself and fellow members of the LDS Church that I know. Yes, we believe it is important to share what we believe to be the true Gospel message. But we generally also are welcome to hearing from others what they believe. I personally greatly enjoy hearing, and respecting, the beliefs, or lack thereof, of all others.

Blaine, Wa.

If they real friends, then they shall not 'unfriend' you, they will have respect for what you stand for and what you believe, and even if they are only 'acquaintances', they will still, at least respect you and your beliefs. I know a number of LDS people who, tho they do not share my beliefs, still respect me because I stand up for what I do believe, just as I them,for the Lord gave us all free agency, to choose as we see fit. Although we all make mistakes, and there are consequences for bad choices, the Lord still loves us, just as we should with others who not of our faith. They are still God's children, and as such, we should still treat them with kindness.

West Point, UT

I understand trying to share your beliefs because it is something that you feel is right. It goes to far when people don't get the hint. I finally had to get pretty blunt with my neighbors because I am not interested and I felt like they had the full court press on especially when the Ogden temple opened up. Now everything is really awkward. Why can't LDS be friend just to be friends? If someone wants to find out more about the religion I'm sure they will ask. It is really frustrating.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Chris: Actually it IS doing the same thing over and over. Social media is the TV ads of 20 years ago. It is attempting a slightly different type of knocking on doors.
It is what Einstein spoke of.

John Locke
Ivins, , UT

As far as Satan hastening his work, you only have to look around at the world to understand the elevation of his devastation. He is using the media as well as all of the electronic devices available, to entice people to be the worst kind of human. Why shouldn't the Mormons preach peace and the love Heavenly Father has for them? They are preaching the truth; he is advocating total discord and destruction.

Keep up the good work...let the detractors, detract.

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