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Published: Monday, Aug. 18 2014 8:55 p.m. MDT

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play by the rules

Absoulutely believe we should fight for states rights and have resolved myself to the fact that Man will make legal what God has called immoral.


The problem with this poll is the percentage of people who were Mormon. While 88 percent identified as very active, only 62% of the population of the state is LDS and not all of those would identify as very active. A more accurate representation of the population would be needed to accurately reflect how the voters actually feel, rather than finding out how the Mormons feel.

Las Vegas, NV

I suppose if an organization is ultimately going to lose on an issue, might as well commission a poll to help manage the expectations of those who have followed it into defeat.

Equality for all is inevitable.

Poplar Grove, UT

@Play by the rules
Um, there are tons of things that are legal, but the LDS church doesn't consider moral. Let me list some of them. Drinking, cigarettes, pornography, adultery, coffee, tea and many more I didn't list. It's not like this is a shock to the LDS system, the concept of the state legalizing something they don't believe in. I don't see protests at the Starbucks, so why couldn't LDS people just, ya know, not get gay married?

west Jordan, UT

This is a bad issue for Democrats simply because there aren't enough Democrats to elect Democrats on their own to public offices."

I disagree with this statement. I think it is a bad issue for Republicans to oppose. I think that they are alienating yet another group of people for fighting this. It is similar to African Americans, with the civil rights movement, and Hispanic people, in the recent border issues, and women as well. Many of the people in these groups are turned off by the stance of Republicans on their issues. They cling to their "conservative values" and ignore progressive values that much of the population is for.

When this country is founded only white males could vote. White males are the base and core of the Republican party. Unfortunately for Republicans White males are becoming less and less of the voting population.

I think that Republicans need to pivot and start to embrace the inevitable before they loose more potential voters on this issue.

Cleveland , OH

Why is a bank doing a poll on gay marriage?

seattle, WA

The Pope does not sanction divorce, yet most civilized western democracies (even those with majority Catholic populations) allow divorce.

If the Pope can learn to live with other denominations sanctioning divorce, and it being legal in most countries, surely the L.D.S. elders can learn to live with gay marriage.

Saint George, UT

Not a very accurate poll as those called have landlines, older, white and most likely mormon.

Wilf 55

And what about the age factor in the poll? Surveys confirm young people are much more accepting of diversity and of their gay and lesbian friends. Here is the future.

salt lake city, UT

I should have invested in a polling company a few years back. The stuff they get commissioned for can be so ridiculous, meaningless and obvious. It's not like we all don't know Mormons believe a marriage can only be between a man and a woman and that Mitt Romney would be our President if the election were held again. Seems like polling companies are making a great living in satisfying societies craving for fantasies.

Salt Lake City, UT

Given that Amendment 3 passed 66/34, the current poll shows that opposition to same-sex marriage may have slipped by 5% in the last decade (margins of error were not reported), or nearly a 10% erosion of support among Amendment 3 voters. At that rate, opposition to SSM could be a minority viewpoint in a dozen years. But then, attrition of aging traditionalists and greater acceptance of SSM by younger generations make that a foregone conclusion.

St George, UT

I support equality: Regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation, any person should be able marry someone of the opposite gender any time they want.

Salt Lake City, UT

I don't need to do a poll to find out that marriage is as much about raising kids and nurturing families then it is about pleasing the desires of adult in love.

Salt Lake City, UT


Salt Lake City, UT

I don't need to do a poll to find out that marriage is as much about raising kids and nurturing families then it is about pleasing the desires of adult in love.


When older couples marry or when a young couple marries and is infertile or when they just decide that they do not want to have children.


That must not be a marriage, right?

Frozen Fractals
Salt Lake City, UT

It didn't say 88% identified as active Mormon, it said that 88% of the active Mormons surveyed said they opposed same-sex marriage. It doesn't say what percentage of respondents were active Mormons.

Laura Bilington
Maple Valley, WA

Every person called in a telephone poll knows that the caller has his number. How many of them answer publicly the same way they would if they knew no one would know--i.e. at the ballot box? And how many of them would have voted "yes" on this issue last December, right after Kitchen vs. Herbert?

"The state has allocated $500,000 for attorney fees and costs to appeal this decision so that we may once again deny gay citizens the right to marry the person of their choice. We will either spend this money on appeals or we can spend it on K-3 education. Check which box you want your tax money spent on."

Eagle Mountain, UT


any person should be able marry someone of the opposite gender any time they want.


I agree, if I have a wife already, I should be able to get another, and another!

Also, if we were to use the standard that equality = "anyone can marry anyone of the other gender" as an argument in court, wouldn't it be just as valid to say "we need to change marriage so that anyone can marry anyone of the same gender, because a guy and a girl together...kissing...is just icky?" (ask any 5 year old)

Freedom of Religion...you can pick any religion...as long as it's Mormon.
Civil Rights...A black person can pick ANYWHERE to sit on the back row of the bus.
Right to vote...you can pick ANY Republican you want to vote for.

See how easily this can get out of hand?

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Telephone polls are a relic of the past and far from representative. Most younger people do not have land lines. It's time for Dan Jones to find another way to do polling.

Ogden, UT

Religion has Effected how the Mainstream in Utah Believe, feel and think without the consideration of what the People think, believe and feel, or how they want to choose how to live their lives and think for themselves.
I believe those who are Religious of any religion, should keep their ways to themselves and let the rest of society choose to live their lives the way to choose to live theirs.
Although, it is a moral obligation to help others, there are ways other than force of policy or law to eliminate those unwanted choices and opinions of others.
Does not matter if they are Liberal or Conservative, people will choose their sexual behaviors, and freedoms as they see fit, including their religion.
Their are many Churches which impose and oppress people to side with them based on political and religious value than allowing the people to make their choices private and to stand by them.
Not that it is neither good or bad, it is not up to the choice of a group, it is up the the individual as a group. Although it is my personal opinion

Lehi, UT

Max shows how easily things can get out of hand, especially when you take things out of context and cite extreme examples. illuminated is on the right track though: let's apply the man and woman marriage requirement equally across all races, religions and sexual orientations. That will satisfy those clamoring for equality AND keep the definition of marriage sustained in Amendment 3.

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