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Published: Monday, Aug. 18 2014 10:50 p.m. MDT

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Lindon, UT

Is this a new realization for Harmon? Line play is always key to having a great football team. It's just become glaringly obvious BYU's had issues there lately. The O-line is one of those fundamental positions that most people take for granted when it's good and becomes very obvious when it's bad. Everyone plays better when the line is controlled. If you watch the Wisc. game from last season, watch the up front push and how their O-line opens up the running lanes by pushing the D in the right direction. That's what a good O-line should be doing. With a bad one, you see your lead RB running up people's backs up the middle (watch Jamaal on nearly any 1st down run play). We all hope it's better this year and in the mean time, we'll just file this article under "Captain Obvious."


The team will only be as good as it's the BIG'S !!! Souptwins nailed it!!

Lewisburg, PA

As the O.L. goes so does BYU. 1995 was the last time a serious O.L. provided enough time for real offense. Dick H. is so correct. I hope that this is the year they jell, work hard and move fast.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Hmmmmm. If you say, "All is not well in Zion," it's Captain Obvious.

If you say "All is well in Zion," it's Blue Kool-Aid.

Of course, under the criticism, it's spot on. Good line play is like good organ play in church - nothing gets noticed until there are mistakes. But personally, I like to hear what they are saying, obvious or not.

it fill the time till the first game.

Riley Mendenhall
Provo, UT

Correction: The easy schedule will determine how many games BYU wins.

I could be in there at offensive line and the cougars would beat:
UNLV, Savannah St, UConn, Virginia, Nevada, and Middle Tennessee State.

Idaho Falls, ID

Well Riley, I'm glad you're not suiting up for the Cougars. From what I've seen, this O-Line is going to be pretty good. They were not horrible last year like some people think. They were mainly young and inexperienced and that showed against teams like Notre Dame and Wisconsin. I think a lot of fans are going to be pleasantly surprised.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's true. The O-line will (help) determine if BYU wins over 10 games this year. Other than that the waltz through 6 games, favorites in 2 others, toss-up in 2 and finally a contest to win the last 2.

ex patria cougar
Australia, 00

One correction to the article: we will not really see how great BYU's O line is at the UConn game. The real test will be Texas. BYU must win that game to even have a chance to have what could be considered a great season.

Heber City, UT

@Riley Mendenhall

You're right, BYU will win those 6 games even with a bad O-line.

But last time I checked BYU is playing 12 games this year, not 6.

So there are 6 games where good O-line play will be necessary for a win.

Why do ute fans think that a weak schedule makes you a bad team? If Alabama played BYU's schedule, they aren't bad. I'm not trying put BYU anywhere near Alabama, I'm just saying that as long as BYU wins a lot of games, it proves they are a good team even though they don't have the toughest schedule out there.

And why do ute fans think a strong schedule makes a good team? If Weber State played utah's schedule, they would also miss a bowl game. The schedule doesn't make you good.

Let's all own up to the fact that it's a combination of how many games you won and the schedule you played against.

Orem, UT


It's interesting how critical Utah fans have suddenly become of BYU's schedules after all of the chest beating Utah fans did in 2004 following a regular season that included only three opponents with winning records, none better than 7-5.

Talk about hypocrisy!

South Jordan, UT

Richard Harmon,

How about saying, "If byu scores more points than their opponents they will win more games."
or. "If our defense gives up less points than our opponent, byu wins more games."

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT


Now let's look at 1984.

Orem, UT


BYU fans weren't the ones ragging on schedules, that was our jealous little friends from the hill who can't accept the fact that Utah's regular season 2004 schedule wasn't even weaker than BYU's 1984 regular season schedule. At least BYU played a team the finished #24 in the Final AP Top 25.

Salmon, ID

How about if the O-Line calls the plays inside the red-zone, errr, blue-zone.

South Jordan, UT


Utah and BYU would not have had breakthrough seasons had either been in a good conference. Our two BCS breakthrough seasons helped us get into the big boy league but now we realize it isn't that big of an accomplishment if BYU were to go unbeaten with their easy schedule.

There is no jealousy on the Hill. We are in and learning how real football operates.

Grand Junction, CO

We have heard about the O-line, Defense, the quarterbacks, running backs and receivers. Is there a reason we are not hearing anything about the kicking game? Let's face it, the kicker could have made a world of difference in several key games over the past 5 years. What about that part of the team?

Lindon, UT

Yes, what about the kicking game? I'm very concerned as well. All we've heard is that it's still a wide open competition for who will start. That could mean good depth or that everyone is equally mediocre. Which is it?

Also, we should all keep in mind that there are good wins and bad losses but there are no bad wins and no good losses. Remembering that takes care of a lot of the ridiculous SOS talk. Win your games, then and only then, is it relevant to talk about the quality of those wins.

fan in orem
Orem, UT

Firefly: Who are you going to beat that's noteworthy?

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

Utah fans are always critical of everything BYU does. I continue to be amazed how interested they are in anything BYU. Hope they watch the games so BYU has a big TV audience. I mean a bigger TV audience. Utah has a good team perhaps somewhat better than BYU, but sorry I don't watch them.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@What in Tucket?

".Utah has a good team perhaps somewhat better than BYU, but sorry I don't watch them." I'm sorry you don't watch them also. If you did you would get to see #9 Oregon, and #19 USC playing in RES. In addition you would see them playing #11 Stanford, #16 UCLA and #21 Arizona State on TV. In addition to four additional teams from the second hardest rated conference you could also see Michigan away... (or wait a year and see Michigan in RES also) As Dana Greene said when asked which schedule he would rather see... "As a fan you want to see the best teams..!

"Why do ute fans think that a weak schedule makes you a bad team?" Good question. Now, Why do Y fans think that beating such weak teams make you a great team?

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