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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 19 2014 5:00 a.m. MDT

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wj, UT

Great article! Thanks for sharing

Midwest City, USA, OK

This isn't an uncommon situation missionaries face, and is easily one of the most challenging. Naturally someone seeking to be like Christ and to further the Father's work would want to know "why?" We can't see what's in other people's minds or hearts, but we still try to understand these things when we associate with others, and being unable to do so in a circumstance like this is always disappointing.

When one is in a position in which receiving baptism would effectively change or limit nothing in their social or physical life, yet makes all the difference of eternity hereafter... I wonder "why?" Logically it doesn't make sense; nothing to lose and everything to gain. What else factors into a decision like this?

Farmington, Utah

My former Mission President, Charles Didier, was once a perpetual investigator. But he only resisted for about seven years. Once baptized he gave it his all...after his calling as our Mission Pres. he was called to the Quorum of Seventy, and with his ability to speak multiple languages fluently was a great asset to the Church. Hope this good coach will follow suit.

Falconer, NY

Just for the fun of throwing my opinion out there.... my opinion is if people do not join the Church in this life, they won't join the Church of the Lamb of God in the next. The only hope is that those who learn about the Gospel in this life is they are baptized in this life. Those that never heard the word while in mortality are the only ones that may desire to join. It's not that the Lord wont give them the option to "join" in the next life, it's just they won't because it's their character. I took 3 years. Brother Lamb obviously will take longer (maybe). Others have. I've known some that have died and never joined (and I don't believe will) and others I've known for 30+ years and they won't be baptized but they come to Church and serve. I don't get it. It's like wanting to live together but not tie the knot. It must be a character thing and that character thing is not a God-like characteristic.

Murray, UT

Interesting story, but I take exception to your description of his calling to Scouting as "small." To begin with, it's hugely important in the lives of young men, and secondly, we are constantly reminded that no calling is "small." You might want to reconsider your language.

Mark C
Gilbert, SC

It grates on me to see the the wording "...and other small callings." Small callings? Is working with a Scout who you are shaping for the future a "small" calling? This good brother is serving a vital role in the Church and is being recognized for this. Why couldn't the writer have just said "and other callings" rather than making a judgment of what might be a small or large calling? As we were taught in drama classes, "There are no small roles, only small people." In the Church, the saying reads "It is not where you serve but how you serve."

us, CA

James: You ask why, but he tells you exactly why. "Over time, I've been exposed to the culture and have tremendous respect for the religion. This has been a real example for good in my life. The morals and beliefs are highly congruent with how I would want to live and how I want my family to live their lives." He never says he believes it to be the only true church of Jesus Christ. There is truth and beauty in the teachings of many religions, if you choose to look and many share many morals and beliefs with the Mormon faith. That is as far as it goes for him though so there is no mystery as to why. You can like something and partake in it even if you aren't a member. Many Y students and other LDS members go to the Sikh festival yearly in Utah without joining and LDS leaders are now encouraging interfaith cooperation and friendship based on mutually shared morals and beliefs. I believe that to be a goodwill gesture of unity and not just an attempt to snag members.

Huffman,, TX

I enjoyed the article, but I would think you may not have sufficiently assessed scouting to call it a "small capacity" in the Church. Even though it is not a line calling in the Church a scoutmaster can and should have more impact on a scout age boy than just about anybody else. Ask any Eagle scout if his scoutmaster had a small or large influence on his life.

My wife is a convert to the church who held a couple of callings while still a "dry land" Mormon. People respond to being needed and it is wonderful when the opportunity can be extended to them. Thanks for the story about a fine coach.

Meridian, ID

I do not know of any small capacities in Church work. All callings touch peoples lives. Great article and and interesting "exposure".

Cedar City, UT

Nice article.

So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Great article! I enjoyed yesterday's as well and look forward to the others this week. Lamb is great example to the many young people he leads. Re: James, "logic" should never enter the mix of whether to join the church. That decision is based on faith. Yes, logic may add to your faith, but faith is something you feel. Re: maclouie, thanks for saying that is your "opinion" because your opinion is not based on any doctrine that I've come across.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Church has lots of "Eds" (like my uncle Mike)and they are greatly valued and loved. Good luck this season Coach!

Lilly Munster
netherlands, 00

Of course there is absolutely NO pressure regarding his job, is there?

Cedar City, UT

Deseret News: Shame on you "small" callings like scouts. Good luck with that my husband has been both Bishop and Scout master. I think bishop was the "smaller" of the calling.

Reno, NV

What do you mean by job pressure, Lilly? Many if not most football coaches at Utah's state schools have not been LDS. Kyle Whittingham is the first in a long time at Utah. Matt Wells at USU is not, nor was Gary Anderson. Jay Hill at Weber State might be, but McBride was not. So, I'm not sure what you mean.

Spencer Nelson
Murray, UT


For informational purposes; Gary Anderson is Mormon (no idea if he's active). Jay Hill is Mormon as well (is a returned missionary).

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

Coach Lamb looks to be a class act regardless of his religious affiliation. Good luck this season coach.

Salt Lake City, UT

"my opinion is if people do not join the Church in this life, they won't join the Church of the Lamb of God in the next. "
"It's not that the Lord wont give them the option to "join" in the next life, it's just they won't because it's their character. "

Well that just insults a massive swath of people... so what exactly is wrong with the "character" of people like me? The reason I'm not a member is I don't believe in it and the reason I don't believe is there's not enough evidence. That wouldn't be the case in the spirit world if the church were true and I think most people would accept it then. At least I would.

"It must be a character thing and that character thing is not a God-like characteristic."

One can believe the church does good things and is a positive influence, without believing the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Would you rather someone without a belief in the BoM or Joseph Smith being a Prophet lie their way through a baptism interview?

John Locke
Ivins, , UT

Having served in the scouting program of our ward while our boys were members was a great opportunity for me. I never thought of any "calling" as "big" or "small," just something the Lord wanted me to do.

My sons are both Eagles and several of the young men in our ward in that time frame are also. Having accompanied them on long hikes, service projects, annual camping as well as regional and national gatherings, I felt honored and proud of our boys and their accomplishments.

There was nothing small about it. Coach Lamb is a great role model, and that's what young men need growing up. May the Lord bless him and his work.

Alpine, UT

@ Schnee:

Why do you let one person's opinion allow you to become so insulted and up in arms? He's simply expressing an opinion... just like he mentioned. Isn't he entitled to one? Along that same vein, I've noticed a certain group of people in society who often go out of their way to look for things to be insulted about regarding the Church. Doing so does no harm to anyone but themselves. Learn to take differences in opinion in stride without giving such things a second thought. You'll be happier.

@ Tutanikai and Mark C:

The term "small" in describing Mr. Lamb's scouting church callings could've been his own and so don't warrant getting all excited about. Believe it or not, some scouting positions are smaller than others and take a whole lot less time to fulfill. I've been in some wards where there are basically assistants to assistants as the Bishopric strives to find positions for everyone and get them involved.
All positions are important, but some definitely take a smaller time commitment to fulfill. Perhaps that was the authors intent in the usage of his words. Not a big deal.

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