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Published: Sunday, Aug. 17 2014 3:20 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

Wow, so many pac12 teams in the top 25. Good luck Utah, I hope y'all do well.

It's double edged sword that you guys are in the pac because it's hard to win, but if you can win then you go straight to the top of the rankings.

Provo, UT

Love the national relevance BYU has received. Anybody know if Utah received votes? Chris B.? anything?

It would be interesting to see how the AP views Utah after not being bowl eligible for several years now. Have any polls been released with the mentioning of Utah?

How many more days people?

Salt Lake City, UT

Even though they're not yet ranked in the Top 25, it's great to see BYU included in the mix of teams receiving votes in both the Coaches and AP polls to start the season.

Springville, UT

Shocking news... P5 Utes not mentioned.

#wherearetheutes #utesdemandrespect

Spanish Fork, UT

I'm stunned. No votes for the Utes. I thought they were premier, wonderful, spectacular, the leading luminary of the state. How could so many of their fans be so bold and the rest of the football world ignore them???

Surfers Paradise, AU

Technically the U is there cause all the other P12 schools are there. United they stand, even it it's on other's coat tails.

Layton, UT


Shocking news...You're celebrating that the Utes weren't mentioned instead of congratulating The Aggies and your team. lol.

Saratoga, UT

I guess all to the big conferences are sorting out how they can play soft games on the road to running for a bowl. The SEC has a soft addition in Missouri, The PAC 12 got lucky enough to add 2 softies with Utah and Colorado. I guess with a tough schedule, the bigs need a little rest along the way.

Holladay, UT

This year it can't be denied. Utah State will march into Provo and beat BYU. The national media thinks so by giving the Aggies a lot more votes as a top program.


It's good to see that Utah State is getting national recognition. I still remember how impressed I was with them last year in the USC game when they went toe to toe with a team that had twice the talent but half the heart. Utah State has shown more heart over the last couple of years than BYU and Utah combined. With Keeton coming back, and the strong recruiting classes they have had the last couple of years, they should be the best team in the state this year. I am looking forward to their opener with Tennessee. I think their gonna punch Tennessee in the mouth and leave Knoxville with a 38-14 victory over the Vols.

Elko, NV

To respond to Irrelevant.... I thing the answer is NO, Nada, Nein etc. Nobody is talking about he utes. They keep falling further into the dark hole of teams nobody cares about.

It is great to see the Aggies and Cougs to continue to be discussed not only locally but nationally as well. Way to go....

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Come on, friends, we have bigger things to worry about starting right now than Utah. And they have been telling us now for years they have bigger and better things to worry about than BYU.

A big victory over U-Conn won't get any additional votes, but anything less could cost us. Let's focus on U-Conn, then Texas, then...

Crestucky, FL

What, no Utah? "What a hoot, if you're a Ute". No recognition as football entity at all. It's gonna be a long season if you're a Ute!

Cedar Hills, UT

i would put BYU about 35 and USU about 24.

American Fork, UT

It is good to know where BYU stands in the eyes of the prognosticators. I do, however, think that Utah is better than no votes. I hope all our state teams do well this year and that all three enter next year in the top 25. Good luck to everyone this season.

Mcallen, TX

And BYU plays five teams who received votes.

A big upgrade from the MWC years, but not crazily bold as joining a conference like the PAC 11 where they would lose two or three a year.

Provo, UT

For all the jokes about irrelevance of different programs, who cares about any of this -- no one has played a game yet. We can make all the jokes we want, but everyone is winless at the moment.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Wow! More trash talk about Utah than celebrating your own accomplishment. Sounds like Max Hall syndrome.

Just 8 and 1 vote? I thought BYU and Utah State were contenders for the playoffs this year? Only about 1316 votes from contending for the 4th playoff spot.


This article is on both BYU and Utah State receiving a few votes in the AP poll, and yet 7 of the first 13 commenters here all on the Utes. It's too bad that many BYU fans' self worth is based on what goes on up on the hill.

South Jordan, UT

Yet BYU and USU are still the number 2 and 3 best teams in the state. Both teams would love to be in our shoes yet are clueless on the big boy football learning curve.

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