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Published: Friday, Aug. 15 2014 11:00 p.m. MDT

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Woodland Hills, UT

Not to worry, they won't be ready for the regular season either.


Pre-Riley Nelson era, Stewart would have been the starter over Taysom. The kid is accurate, goes through his progressions, and can throw the deep ball.

Norman, OK

Taysom Hill, still wearing a wedding ring as he plays? What! You gotta get that thing off my man.

Provo, UT

Stewart looked like a better QB in that scrimmage. I just hope that the coaches will do something if Taysom won't deliver.

deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA

Good news from the scrimmage, BYU appears to have a very good backup quarterback ready to step in if Taysom gets hurt.

Central, UT

Sounds like last year.
The year before that too.
Then again there was the year before the year before...and this sounds like that.
Sloppy offense = status quo at the y.

Heber City, UT

I look at some of these issues much differently than most people.

1) Yes, Christian Stewart appears to be moving the offense better right now, but let's remember that the QB's don't run much in practice, and when they do, the defenders just have to touch them for a tackle. Once the game starts and Taysom can run, he will move the offense more effectively than Christian. Christian is a good runner but he is nowhere near Taysom's ability.

2) The offense did not look great, but any fan who consistently follows spring or fall camp for any team knows that this is the part of camp where the defense usually out-performs the offense. They have become so familiar with the play-calling tendencies, personnel, etc. that they can cheat a little bit. This is simply a part of fall camp. I'm glad the defense performed well, I was worried about the D-line and our inability to stop the deep ball.


You guys have enough problems up on the hill. Taysom has looked like Jameis Winston when you compare him to Travis so far.

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

So its going to be another year of try and go fast, punt lots?

Can't wait to watch byu's "quest" end before almost any team in the nation, and before any power 5 team when they lose their first game!

Ogden, UT

I was very concerned about Taysom's ability to throw downfield. I don't see accuracy. I don't see confidence with any passing he does longer than 5-10 yards down field. I get the idea that "go fast, go hard, go deep" in effect means look 10-12 yards downfield instead of 5. He looks confident in his leadership role, but downfield passing is a weakness that may leave BYU very one dimensional against good teams---and that spells lack of points. That left me lacking optimism about winning games at Texas, Central Florida, or Boise State. Those 3 road games will spell the difference between an average season and an outstanding season.
Unless they can get something going with a tall receiver that they just throw it up and hope he can consistently come down with it, then downfield passing is more hype than reality. Im not optimistic that will change much in just a few weeks. Didn't see anything last night on covering punt or kick returns (perhaps to avoid injuries). That can be a huge problem for BYU historically---remember Washington. Hopes for a top 15 ranking are probably a pipe dream.

Hampton, VA

Let's hope this doesn't lead to BYU being UConn's sole win over an FBS opponent much like last year's dismal loss to the eventually 2-10 Cavaliers.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Re: Taysom4Heisman "You guys have enough problems up on the hill. Taysom has looked like Jameis Winston when you compare him to Travis so far."

Sorry, Taysom has never looked like Jameis Winston regardless of who you compare him to. You're defending his lack of ability to pass accurately with "wait until he's able to run". That's not going to help his accuracy problems. Travis however, is doing just fine. His accuracy problem last year was a mangled hand, which will heal and get better. I don't think Taysom's accuracy problem can be "healed". Maybe change your name to Stewart4Heisman?

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

I think they will need a #3 QB too hopefully they won't have to go deeper.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well if you believe the Utah fans, the Cougs offense will struggle - but consider the source for that!. I for one am glad to hear the defense played well. Without a strong defense a good offense will not be able to win games alone. I think this offense will do just fine against UCON. I hope the Utes can handle Idaho State - but not so sure about that?

Bountiful, UT

Before we get too excited about Christian doing well, the reporter doesn't indicate which defense Christian went up against, the 1's or the 2's. It's common practice for the #1 QB to go up against the #1 defense and the #2 QB against the #2 defense. It's easy to think the backup is the better QB when he's going up against less experienced players who are a bit more hesitant before reacting.

It's great to have a competent backup and that's what we should be taking away from this.

Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

U-tar I love the Cougars but I must admit that you are right. Red-diehard is right too. This has never happened to me before...Ute fans are looney, but what could explain this...I notice my blood was red....I'm not worried, by mid season the Cougars will be ready.

Springville, UT

2013 ute seniors !

springville, UT

Gotta be fun playing for a team that you know will get you to a bowl game each year. Going 2-7 in the pac ten would be very depressing!!!

west valley, UT

You can't lip synch your way through the season cougars!

Malad City, ID

Bronco, let me start by saying I am a big fan of yours.

I admire greatly where you have brought our BYU football program... but... I'm pleading here... un-suspend those players. BYU may need them badly! Don't underestimate UCONN like you did Virginia. If we lose to UCONN, The suspensions will devastatingly punish not only the suspended players, but the whole team, punishing those innocent fans looking for a great season with a big bowl game as a cherry on top. Punish them, YES, but make them run stairs every day, or do a lot of up-downs, or work it out in some other way than putting the whole program at risk for their errors.

Don't leave us with a loss (that may still be unlikely, but losing to Virginia was also unlikely) just because we left too many valuable tools in the woodshed! Be prepared to give all you've got!

Springville, UT

Stinger bell ,,
How about you and I talking about Taysom at the end of this season when everyone is talking about him jumping to the NFL early ! You can count on that right now ! As far as qb,s at your school up north, ah not on much ....

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