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Published: Saturday, Aug. 16 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

A black 'kid' in a largely black community was shot by a white cop on an almost exclusively white police force. He died, unarmed, in Ferguson.
I cannot provide the details of the whole story which you seek. I wasn't there. I don't know what happened. But I do know that seeking plausible excuses for the cop looks bad.
Keep digging. You'll find your way out. That's what matters.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Sort of like,
Stories of Israeli Police shooting unarmed Palestinian teenagers?

Roland Kayser
Cottonwood Heights, UT

All eyewitnesses report that the kid had his hands up when he was shot.

Provo, ut

As their leader says: "Don't waste a crises" any excuse for some looting and rioting.

Dietrich, ID

Police did not choose the call. They were called there. None want to take a human life that is there worse nightmare. It is them an innocent victim or the criminal. What about all the police that lose there life to protect us? Do people care about that.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Have you seen the surveillance video tapes of the boy committing a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store not long before the shooting?

Yet some people, after seeing the tapes, are trying to tell us that releasing the tapes amounts to "character assassination" of the poor kid.

White, black, pink or purple doesn't matter -- shouldn't matter.

I'm a guy who marched in some very ugly civil rights marches in the South many years ago. I'm a guy who always speaks up for the rights of ALL Americans.
But I'm also a guy who believes that criminal acts by anyone are criminal acts.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

So, what are we waiting for? When a police officer in Utah shoots someone, start looting, start burning, start pretending that laws only apply to people of one color.

The actions of the people of Missouri are reprehensible. They pretended that they live in some primitive society where they can do as they please without social responsibility and without accountability.

The facts are beginning to come in. Surveillance cameras have shown that a crime had been committed. It is beginning to appear that the "eye witness" to the shooting was involved in a robbery moments before the shooting occurred. Is his "account" accurate? Are you sure?

There are always those who are so quick to find a reason to incite hated. They don't care what is right or wrong. All they care about is that they can spew their hateful words, that they can condemn, that they can find fault.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Let try an honesty, integrity test...

"We have been hearing a lot about the 18-year-old JEW who was shot by a police officer in BERLIN. It seems as if all the blame is being placed on the policeman. But whenever we have these accounts either on the radio or in the newspaper, we usually do not get the whole story. If the policeman did shoot the JEW without cause, he should be prosecuted. However, it also seems that the JEWISH communities cannot accept the idea that the kid may have been somewhat to blame himself. It would be nice to learn the whole story."

Houston, TX

Facts are beginning to emerge:

1) The "boy" was a 6'4", 290 lb, very strong young man who had just committed a crime.
2) The officer was a smaller man who received a bulletin of the crime and a precise description.
3) The officer, seeing that the "boy" was near the crime scene and matched the description exactly, attempted to arrest him.
4) The "boy" violently resisted arrest, injuring the officer in the process, and struggled for the officer's gun.
5) The officer gained control of his gun, and shot the "boy" who was still resisting arrest.

That doesn't sound like racism, and it doesn't sound like police brutality. If I resist arrest, I can expect to be shot, too.

Sandy, UT

No one condones rioting, however it was stated by the Ferguson police chief that the alleged robbery had nothing to do with the shooting. Brown was pulled over for jaywalking. The officer involved had no knowledge of the robbery. This was from the chief himself. How do you justify someone being shot in a small community that has better military style equipment than our fighting warriors in the Middle East? How do you justify a police force in a community that is 60% African American and only maybe 8% of peace officers are black? It's real easy for all of you to judge this situation based on your own life experience but until you walk in their shoes I suggest you wait until the dust settles to make a judgment. Even here in God's Zion we have seen situations that crossed the line and Utah's definition of diversity is whether your ancestry is English or Scandinavian with a little Eastern European thrown in. Let justice take it's course, assuming it can in that situation.

Murray, UT

18 and 22 are adults. The media helped incite this riot, and should be held party responsible.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

Okay, Liberal, finish the story. Tell us how the Jews in Berlin sacked the stores, burned the buildings, hauled off the Germans to concentration camps, gassed them and told the world that they were going humanity a favor. Go on, you started the Nazi story, now finish it.

Look at the history of violence in America. Look at the 1965 Watt's Riots. Look at the 1992 Los Angeles riots after the Rodney King beating. Look up race riots on Google. See what the Black community has done to America.

Now look at all the whites who have been killed by black police officers. Can anyone name ONE RIOT that occurred? Look at all the whites who lost a scholarship opportunity because of deferential treatment of Blacks. Where were the riots? Where were the white "Al Sharptons or Jesse Jacksons" stirring up class hatred?

The Blacks have been used by Blacks. Listen to Bill Cosby. Listen to his advice to Black youth. Unfortunately, his voice is shouted down by Obama who tell Black youth that some "rich guy" owes them. Why? No "rich guy" owes me anything, but I believe is personal responsibility.

Phoenix, AZ

@Roland Kayser: "All eyewitnesses report that the kid had his hands up when he was shot."

The eye witnesses were his friends... African-American friends.

According to news reports (you won't find it in the DNews for some reason), the kid robbed a store. The cop might have gotten the report on this radio, told the kid to put his hands behind his back because he was being arrested. The kid refused and ran. The cop said stop or I'll shoot. The kid didn't, so he got shot.

That's how I seen it, anyway. There's hundreds of opinions out there. Of course, all the African-Americans are maintaining the kid was totally innocent of all crimes and was murdered by a policeman.

John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

Old man has spoken with wisdom and clarity. There is absolutely no place for racism in a civilized society. All racists should be swiftly and severely condemned.

Old man is also correct that criminals must be punished, regardless of race. We cannot survive as a nation if we are beset by lawless hordes who roam at will.

Police must be given the tools they need to protect the public. Criticizing, belittling, and prosecuting police who protect the public in the lawful discharge of their duty simply makes the police tentative and hesitant. This puts the lives of people of all races in jeopardy.

Sandy, UT

To your point Russell, more of the "whole story". According to the Missouri Attorney General, In 2013 in Ferguson 483 arrests involved blacks and 36 involved whites. Of those arrests 1 in 5 blacks possessed contraband and 1 in 3 whites possessed contraband. 92% of all searches and 86% of car searches involved blacks. A national statistic for you, a black man is 8 times more likely to spend time in jail for smoking MJ than a white. Most people who end up being exonerated for crimes they served time for, but didn't commit, are people of color. Most people who end up being exonerated for crimes they served time for, but didn't commit, are people of color. Blacks routinely serve longer sentences for the same crimes committed by whites. There are 53 police in Ferguson which is in the 9th most segregated area in the U.S. Only 3 are black. Yes, rioting is unacceptable, justice must run it's course, but when you are confronted with militarized police when you protest something is amiss. I suggest you wait until the jury has spoken before you lose sleep. Mike Brown was confronted for jay walking not robbery. A reason to kill another kid? Think not.

The Educator
South Jordan , UT

Mike brown wasn't shot for jay walking. He was shot because he was attacking an officer and tried to take the officer's gun.

Police officers have a right to come home alive to their families too.

Mike Brown lost that right when he attacked the officer. In a heated battle for a gun where the victor survives and the loser most likely loses his life, I'm glad the officer won. While I am saddened that a young man lost his life I'm happy that an officer survived a vicious attack.

Don't want to be shot by a police officer? Don't attack them and try and steal their guns. It's that simple.

Morgan, UT

“There are those that are saying ‘peace,’ but they really just mean ‘quiet.’ Because in order to establish peace you must have fair justice for everyone. We want real peace. We don’t want to just be told to shut up and suffer in silence. We must have answers.”

Rev. Al Sharpton, Ferguson, Mo.
August 14, 2014


Once again the Rev. Al Sharpton asserting himself into a situation where he knows absolutely none of the facts. All he knows is that a white cop shot a black 18 year old. For Al, that’s more than enough to trump up bogus charges of institutional racism. He has a history of creating racial tensions based on lies.

This is the same Reverend Sharpton who helped Tawana Brawley trump up bogus charges that 6 white men raped her, some of whom she claimed were police officers. He also supported Crystal Gail Mangum in her bogus allegations that members of the Duke Lacrosse team raped her.

Hey Al, was it fair justice for the police officers and the Duke Lacrosse players you falsely accused?

Like these other cases, the real facts will are coming forth.

Salt Lake City, UT

Suppose for a moment that the situation was this: an unarmed white kid, suspected of stealing beer from a convenience store, was confronted by a black police officer, who first shot the white kid in the back while the kid was attempting to run away and then when the wounded kid turned around, hands in the air, yelling "don't shoot!" shot him again and killed him. And after the shooting, no paramedics were called.

Where would you be, attitude-wise?

Nan BW
ELder, CO

In the last paragraph of the article in DN, what The Educator says, is right there. The police report is that the "victim" (large and strong) pushed the police officer into the vehicle and tried to get his gun. We don't have all the facts, I'm sure, but it seems illogical that a respected officer who has a good clean record in his work would shoot someone who was trying to run away with his hands in the air.

San Diego, CA

This young man was shot at least 6 times--twice in the head. Regardless of whether the police officer believed the young man's crime was jay walking or robbery, discharge of the police officer's weapon 6 times is excessive. In fact, zero bullets are necessary to stop anyone after one bullet hits the head. Even if the police officer feared for his life (which I doubt), surely the police officer had no reason to be fearful after the first bullet hit this young man's head.

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