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Published: Friday, Aug. 15 2014 4:50 p.m. MDT

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Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

I get the injury bug


How in the world could the little red engine that could be 'paper thin' at any position? Haven't they recruited like a big boy from the P5 for 4 years now? And aren't linebackers flocking to the prestigious 'onward and upward' program up on the hill? At least that's what all the comedians in East Salt Lake have been claiming for quite some time now.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


Obsessing much?

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT


Nope, just laughing much! They're 'paper thin' laughs though.

But, back to the topic, how is it that 4 years of onward and upward recruiting at the conference of champions level results in paper thin depth at such a critical position??? (besides the obvious unplanned injuries)

William Wallace

No BYU articles to talk about today? Just a little trollin' for ya? Seems like I remember the Cougs complaining all last year about how thin they were in the secondary. This is common in all programs when the injury bug bites. It's unfortunate for all, so maybe you should stop trying to make issues out of non-issues. Why the anger and disgust?

Sandy, UT

@Christopher B

"I for one think the Langi transfer is a win win for both Utah and BYU. He improves the athleticism of BYU's team and Utah can replace him with a player committed to fulfilling Utah's goals."

According to the article, "Utah linebackers Jason Whittingham and Jared Norris are kind of, sort of, covered in bubble wrap in preseason camp. For precautionary reasons, the juniors aren't seeing any live action as the Utes prepare for the upcoming season."

"We’re paper thin there," said Utah coach Kyle Whittingham. "We don’t have a lot of depth there. We've got to be smart."

Yet, according to Utah fan spin, Kyle was disappointed when Langi decided to transfer to BYU because Harvey wasn't even good enough to make Utah's third string, at a position in which the Utes are "paper thin".


deductive reasoning
Arlington, VA


You mean Kyle supposedly WASN'T disappointed when he learned that Langi was transferring to BYU because, according to Utah fans, the Utes have third stringers who are better than Harvey...

at a position at which the Utes are "paper thin".


Heber City, UT

Remember when ute fans said they wouldn't miss Harvey Langi at all? They were too deep at linebacker/defensive end.

Once again, we learn that they weren't making accurate statements, they were just trying to cover up their frustration.

Harvey left a power 5 conference and he left a utah LB position for BYU's much deeper LB position.

Why? Because not every player obsesses over playing time in a power conference, contrary to what many people think.

Some people care about a quality education in a quality environment, which is something that utah provides, but BYU provides better.

Some people want to play all over the country on ESPN, which utah doesn't provide at all and BYU provides incredibly well.

Some people want to play on a winning team and make a bowl game, which utah doesn't provide and BYU provides very well.

Some people want to play in the NFL, which, for a LB is provided slightly better by BYU. utah is better overall at producing NFL talent, but BYU is better at LB.

Murray, UT

P5 Team = "paper thin" at linebacker? What did the coaches forget to recruit LB's?

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Jswagg, Langi is gone and most Ute fans, if not all, have wished him well. Accordingly, he can have the short haircut he desires, no earrings though, and make all of the corny lip sync videos he desires. He would have had no impact on this year's linebacker situation anyway.

The Utes have Paul coming back soon and under Coach Whitt, the defense has never been a problem, regardless of a "paper thin" situation or not.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Bill Wallace "so maybe you should stop trying to make issues out of non-issues"

Paper thin depth at a key position in a P5 program is a non-issue? What planet does that comment come from?

And, what happens when the bubble wrap comes off and any of the remaining 'thin paper' gets torn? Then what? All we've heard about for the past 4 years is superiority in depth as a result of P5 recruiting power.

Maybe the paper thin LB corps story is a ruse to defer media attention away from the fact that a 2 year starter at QB may not be 1st string worthy at the prestigious upward and onward institution. After all, he did prove his leadership and decision making skills at the Tim McGraw concert.

springville, UT

I'm sure Whitt just wants them healthy for the bowl game, errrr wait......

Las Vegas, NV

Not to worry my kewg friends. Once GP and Jacoby Hale (Taysom remembers Hale very well) get back on the field, Utah will be just fine. You better be worried about your own program where:
1- You're "heisman" candidate can't throw a pass longer than 5 yards
2- A senior, who is only at #2 in QB depth because of transfers, is outplaying your "heisman" candidate
3- Your own LB corp is so thin that an RM who hasn't played in over two years, and played RB prior to that, is pushing to be starter
4- Suspensions have taken out your best RB & WR for first game with rumors abounding about more suspensions.

No wonder you are all on Utah's articles, reading about your own team must truly be depressing.

We thank you for your love and your support of all things Utah.

Go Travis
Go Dres
Go Bubba

Go Utes!!

Woods Cross, UT

Well what a nice group of Blue Boys expressing their deep concern over the U's linebackers.....

Not to worry, Blue Folk, the U roster is showing 14 current LBs not counting Taumoepenu. with five returning lettermen and four red shirts, & Paul and Hale expected back during the season.

The U LB crew will be just fine, thanks for your concern.

BTW, a great scrimmage up on The Hill today, hope you-all saw that.

Two QBs both having a great outing; just another day that it's sooooo Great to be a Ute!!! :)

BTW, Anybody seen Busby lately??????

Probably just hanging out at Best Buy in the Laptop Dept...... LOL!!

Mesa, AZ

With JW/JN healthy, as well our base package going forward all but certain to be a 4-2-5, we're perfectly well set currently. GP will be back within the next few weeks and UM's injury is not suppose to keep him out very long at all. JH is further off, but will in fact return at some point during mid-season. And from what I've read/heard/seen to date, MSW is a natural and has done a marvelous job killing the learning curve after being switched to LB from RB last Spring.

I assure U, no current LB for byu would start for us nor has any one of them been battle-tested as ours have been in The PAC-12 and won't come close to being so challenged this year, either. Furthermore, GP started at LB as a True-Freshman at Miami [Fla.].

Draper , UT

"Once again, we learn that they weren't making accurate statements, they were just trying to cover up their frustration. Some people want to play in the NFL, which, for a LB is provided slightly better by BYU. utah is better overall at producing NFL talent, but BYU is better at LB."

Funny, since that last statement isnt true. Utah currently has 4 LB's in the NFL. BYU has 3.

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