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Published: Friday, Aug. 15 2014 1:10 p.m. MDT

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Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Words of wisdom for us all. We would all do well to heed divine instruction like this.


It is truly comforting to have The Lord's Apostles to teach us Truth and Light in a world of increasing darkness, secularism, and confusion.

Defending marriage does not make one a bigot, no matter what the world may say. Name-callers simply have no defense for the Truth, so they resort to childish antics. Just like in 3rd grade but, unfortunately, these are adults who should know better.

Alpine, UT

The words and instruction of Elder Nelson ring true. They feel right when reading them, and leave no doubt that they are divinely inspired... regardless of how secularists may judge them. We needn't fear the opinions of mankind and of those who don't understand the true dictates and doctrines of God. Nevertheless we need to always love others with a Christlike love... regardless of whether they agree with or understand our beliefs and teachings from the scriptures.

Spanish Fork, UT

Prepare to read the hate mail from people who do NOT believe in Natural Marriage, Divine Marriage. Elder Nelson is clear as crystal and to LDS people who waffle on gay rights to marriage ought to read and learn to understand. Good to reflect on Joshua's words, "Choose ye this day whom ye will serve..."

seattle, WA

Rare it is indeed, that someone actually claims to know the true nature of divine revelation in a universe filled with disparate interpretations. And at the same time dons the mantle of victimhood in the pursuit of this revelation. Forgive me a great deal of skepticism, but not everyone can be right, nor is everyone else wrong.

Look, I don't believe as this person does. And billions more on the planet now and those long deceased do not as well. I don't have any problems with his pursuit of whatever religious teachings he so chooses. However, the man has no right, nor do I believe any Divine designation, to tell others what to believe and how to pursue perfection. This is hubris in extreme.

Live your faith, but don't condemn nor cast aspersions on others who do not share it. Sort of a corollary to the Golden Rule.



Since Elder Nelson was speaking at BYU Commencement, he is not telling others what to believe, but counseling believers on how to stand strong.

So many who will soon post on this article will demand that all believe as they - that homosexuality is genetic, that gay marriage is normal, and that those who oppose it are bigots. Since they will demand that I agree with their belief, are they also showing extreme hubris?

There is a clear hypocrisy in the marriage debate...

Salt Lake City, UT

RED WINGS: "Name-callers simply have no defense for the Truth, so they resort to childish antics."
It might sound silly, but calling someone a "name-caller" is doing just that - name calling someone else, and it is childish.

ROCK ON: "Prepare to read the hate mail from people who do NOT believe in Natural Marriage."-----------
Can one believe in "natural marriage" and also believe that we can share those privileges and benefits with other American citizens, in fact, by our Constitution, we must?

I have no problem with Elder Russell telling those in the Church how to believe, but there is no way that the LDS beliefs should be the law of the land for everyone--no matter what they believe. That is why we have a Constitution. That is why we do not allow one church (or even a majority of religious people) to pass laws regarding the rights and privileges of the citizens of this great country. If others beliefs (in SSM) can be trampled by the majority, just think of what percentage of America is LDS...around 1.7%. Be careful!

Provo, UT

"Defend Marriage" against what? Same sex couples wanting to enjoy equality in marriage is NOT an attack on marriage. It is an affirmation of the sanctity of marriage. It is an endorsement of the value of marriage. It is, above all else, a defense of marriage as an institution in our society.

Salt Lake City, UT

Defending marriage doesn't have to mean traditional marriage. I have a traditional marriage, but I don't deny TWO people's rights to choose whom they love (traditional or gay). There doesn't have to be "hate speech" on this issue. If everyone on the board like's their traditional marriage, how is another's gay marriage hurting them? They want to have equal rights in marriage too. I've noticed that those that have believed in polygamy are calming down too. They used to say that if gay people wanted that right, then they should have it too. There is a big problem though. There "marriages" often involve many children, poverty and the 2nd class citizenship of women! This is very much against the Constitution and is more accepted in 3rd world countries. I know of and would take a committed gay couple neighbor any day. Good luck!

Alpine, UT

@ MtnDewer and Red Corvette:

It's actually church and marriage critics who need to be careful. No where in Elder Nelson's talk did he advocate or tell his audience they should band together to start changing the laws of the land. It's you who is apparently making that an issue. Not him. As such, it's you who needs to be careful and not continue reading things into what others are saying.

The LDS is not trying to change the Constitution or any laws, just protect them. It's the SSM advocates who are actively seeking change. Our church advocates following the laws of the land. It's even denoted and articulated in our core Articles of Faith.

He did say that we should not afraid to share our beliefs and convictions with others... which indeed is a religious freedom given to all Americans as a Constitutional right. And we strongly feel that those beliefs come directly from God and not from mankind. As times goes on, more and more people will come to understand that, just as the church is currently the fastest growing in the country... in fact in many countries of the world.

American Fork, UT

I am a defender of marriage. I guess it makes me a disciple! It includes, of course, same sex marriage.


I fully support what Elder Nelson is saying.

Richfield, UT

@ Kimber:

Who on this comment section has advocated any hate speech? There was nothing in Elder Nelson's talk either. In fact, just the contrary. Read it again and you will see where he said all people, regardless of their beliefs, are children of God and that we should love them accordingly... all and with a Christ-like love. It's just you (and a few others) trying to make another issue out of something that's not there.


I could clearly picture you writing your exact comment to the original members of Christ's church when He was establishing it on earth. If you've read the New Testament, you will know he told his disciples to go unto all the world preaching the gospel to all people everywhere. He warned them that they would be persecuted and chastised for doing so, since His gospel was not considered to be politically correct, just as some teachings in His gospel today still aren't considered politically correct... according to you and much of society.

I M LDS 2:

By trying to change it, SSM advocates are attacking God's original definition of marriage being between man and woman.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

I agree 100% with Elder Nelson. We need to speak up and defend traditional marriage.

Salt Lake City, UT

So what does he think of those who support same-sex marriage in civil law but also support allowing churches to do their own thing? Can they be disciples of Christ as well?

"Our church advocates following the laws of the land. "

So when 19 (whatever number it's up to) courts declare same-sex marriage bans to be unconstitutional...?

Walt Nicholes
Orem, UT

If you believe that Elder Nelson is a true Apostle of Jesus Christ, his meaning will be clear.

If you do not, then only fear of his influence will be meaningful.

Richfield, UT

@ Red Corvette:

Christ Himself is the one who makes the determination of who His true disciples are... not you, not me, nor anyone in any of the many manmade churches. Only Christ Himself. Thankfully, He's called true prophets on earth today to continue revealing His word to us... just like was done throughout all Biblical times. I find great comfort in that, while also not trying to tell anyone else how they must believe.
One of the core doctrines in Christ's gospel is that of individual agency to choose things for ourselves. By sharing Gospel teachings with others who are interested in learning more, we are actually giving them more to choose from, thus enhancing their agency to choose.

@ Hutterite:

You are not a defender of traditional marriage... that which is clearly advocated in the Bible as being between a man and a woman.

Funny to read you declaring yourself as a disciple of Christ. I've read many of your previous comments and you are almost always against and opposed to traditional religious teachings and practices. You are unquestionably an advocate of change to whatever is currently considered politically correct by society.

Maryville, MO

When someone states they are for traditional marriage and for same-sex marriage then they are really saying I'm against marriage as defined by our Heavenly Father. Notice that an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ just spoke and said true disciples of Jesus Christ will stand for traditional marriage. No one can serve two masters. You will either hate the one and love the other. So if you are for same sex marriage you are against eternal families, against traditional marriage, and you are against the Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord and Savior calls his servants not a man-made document such as a degree from a university. Those of other Christian denominations that support same-sex marriage are just as Joseph Smith indicated, their hearts are far from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Those members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will be judged for their stance on traditional marriage. This stance will not be kind as they are fence sitters that are cherry pickers will find themselves on the outside looking in if they are not careful.

UT Brit
London, England

In 10-15 years time members will justify Nelsons talk as "he was just speaking as a man!".

The tide is turning and the church will change according to the attitudes of its members.

I live in a country that has had same sex partnerships for years and now has gay marriage. It has made no difference to my family or my life.

Maryville, MO

Ut Brit: The problem is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will not change its doctrine on marriage as it is defined by our Heavenly Father. You can say well what about polygamy or blacks and the priesthood. These are entirely different than what this is. Marriage is defined as Elder Nelson states by our Heavenly Father and has been since Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden of Eden.

Yes, your marriage as you say may not be harmed but the HUMAN family has been damaged. This is Satan deceiving all of us to think there is no harm but with out a mother and a father one can not be sealed as an eternal family, thus the family is destroyed.

Until you others realize this then there is not much more to be discussed.

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