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Published: Thursday, Aug. 14 2014 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Wayne Rout
El Paso, TX

If the boy had obeyed police he would be alive today.

Salt Lake City, UT

How do we know he didn't?

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

@Wayne Rout:
How do you know which story is right? If you are a black parent and your son goes out for a walk around the neighborhood, you worry about what happens if he runs into the police. They shouldn't have to worry about that.

Cedar Hills, UT

that's interesting I didn't know that the investigation had concluded already??? Now I can 100% guarantee you had the kid been white there would have been zero press and zero involvement from Obama. Pretty disgusting.

Centerville, UT

Congratulations on the peaceful protest. It stands in stark contrast to those who use such tragedies to justify looting.

Nevertheless, the whole event helps me recall the testimony or interview of Trayvon Martin's girlfriend who admitted Trayvon may have been attempted to conduct some "whoop_ss" on Mr. Zimmerman and that you don't shoot someone who is simply engaging in harmless "whoop_ss." Problem is, if the intended victim is armed, that person may reasonably interpret that act as an attempted aggravated assault or robbery giving him legal justification to use deadly force.

Mental note to young toughs - whether you are simply attempting what is referred to above or playing the "knockout" game, more and more your intended victim may be armed. Whether the shooting is deemed justifiable or not will make no difference to you if you have been killed. Try doing homework instead; it's safer.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Interesting that demonstrators are quick to show up and start protests, often with outright riots and looting in some big cities, even though they do not have the facts on what actually happened. Of course, Sharpton, Obama and Holder fan the flames of indignation without knowing the facts either.

Of course, if the facts turn out that it was a legitimate use of deadly force, the "racist cop" story has already been accepted and cannot be undone.

Wait for the facts before you demonstrate, peacefully or otherwise.

West Jordan, UT

There are far too many highly effective, non-lethal methods of subduing an uncooperative suspect (especially an unarmed one) for the increasing numbers of these killings to happen. Its time to change how these armed "public servants" are trained, so that they can stop killing those whom they should be protecting... the public

Lethal should be a last resort NOT the FIRST!!!

Also there exists a clear need for investigations into each and every "death by cop" incident by an outside independent authority, instead of allowing the police to investigate themselves. Such practices go against the U.S. system of checks and balances originally intended by our founding fathers.

Burley, ID

"If the boy had obeyed police he would be alive today." - Wayne Rout

It's way too early in the investigation to make the assumption that he didn't obey the police.

Over the years, there have been a number of incidents where police have killed someone who was simply doing something innocent like pulling up their pants, reaching for their glasses or grabbing a flashlight to see who was knocking down the wrong door.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Why don't these people try protesting how these kids were raised? The man that was shot has a long history of armed robbery and threatening people. Who knows how many crimes he committed without being caught. The fact is, he was a dangerous criminal. That alone does not give police the right to shoot him. The police are well trained and I believe for the most part are not lookingto shoot and kill anyone.Claiming the police are looking to shoot people is the same as claiming this guy was looking to have police end his life.The investigation needs tobe completed before wecan draw aconclusion.

Where was this man's parents growing up?Why did they allow him to get into a position where he is robbing places?I know parents can't stop their kids from doing everything.However,overall in society,if parents invested time with their kids.Helped them get an education and learn how to work.That would eliminate many of our social problems.The reality is many of these people live off of welfare,teach their kids to live on welfare,teach them that they are victims and only government can save them.

Dietrich, ID

What about all the police that lose there lives to protect the public? No police wants to take a life and many times it is them or the criminal or an innocent person.

Los Angeles, CA

"Now I can 100% guarantee you had the kid been white there would have been zero press and zero involvement from Obama. Pretty disgusting." - Patriot

What is disgusting is the escalating militarization of police in this country and the number of blacks (especially children) who are on the receiving end. Furthermore, you are wrong - if the child had been white, there would have been press involvement. The attention may not have been as intense, but there is a reason for this dynamic. Perhaps a trip out of Cedar Hills may help illuminate . . . .

Highland, UT


And who is checking and balancing the current US government system? While I think the riots are completely wrong, as are the lootings, so is it completely wrong that the government is leaning so, so far to the left!

Cache, UT

It seems easy for a lot of people to protest, riot and essentially convict the policeman as a a racist murderer without the facts.

In Chicago, since this boy was shot, there have been multiple black people shot, mostly by black people. Where is the outrage?


"If nobody's right, then everybody's wrong"...Buffalo Springfield
Why were they arresting this young man?
Why did the young man resist arrest?
From there the facts have not been released, so who knows?
It is unfortunate but like the other riots, looting, and burning, it seems that the black community always plays the victim card, it has gotten worse over the last six years.
"A house divided, cannot stand"....... Abraham Lincoln

Saint Louis, MO

Wouldn't it be nice to have just such a response for the deaths of Cory Wride and Derek Johnson who fell in the line of duty?

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

There are bigger issues at play.The left wing preached if barack was elected, then all racism would cease, flowers will sprout spontaneously beneath his feet,the economy would come back, the world will respect us,wars will cease,crime will disappear,everyone will get everything for free....soonandsoforth.

We have seen under left wing ideology,that none of this has come about.None of their promises have come.Instead the left wing is more powerful,richer and have military strength to back up their ideology.The whole time blaming Bush white people and slavery for our current problems.

That's not leadership.That's tyranny.Bush was right on many things,as it turns out most of the country was wrong to blame him for everything.The voters were wrong to elect and then re-elect barack.Mitt Romney was right about the economy,Iraq,the middle East, ebt,healthcare so on and so forth.An honest person will see through all of the lies.Some people it's taking longer than usual.

Hopefully come November,the voters put adults intooffice

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


"In Chicago, since this boy was shot, there have been multiple black people shot, mostly by black people. Where is the outrage?"

There's no outrage because none of those Chicagoans were shot by police. Pretty clear difference between run-of-the-mill street violence and murder by cop.

That said, there seems to be a significant & misguided portion of the community who thinks a protest is nothing more than a good opportunity to loot. Who says "hey, I'm going to go to a protest for this dead kid so I can steal a Tivo"?

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

TMR said: "Now I can 100% guarantee you had the kid been white there would have been zero press and zero involvement from Obama. Pretty disgusting." - Patriot. What is disgusting is the escalating militarization of police in this country and the number of blacks (especially children) who are on the receiving end. "

Absolutely, since 911 we've treated the police, who's 1st responsibility, is Serve and Protect, not intimidate, kill, and lord over us. The reporter who was jailed there because he couldn't gather his stuff quick enough while a SWAT team counted down for him to leave a McDonalds in 10 9 8 7 6... this is not what we expect from public servants.

Those who are white middle aged males with no military background, and no interaction with other races except the 2% at your church, will never understand being of color in a southern town, even though there is no racism, in your mind.

There are good guys out there, my brothers a state trooper, he feels the same way.

Kaysville, UT

I'm so glad we have democrats that protest when the rights of criminals and child molesters are being infringed upon. Someone has to look out for the rights of the little guy.

Bountiful, UT

Why do so many news outlets keep referring to this shooting victim as being unarmed? He wasn't. He had his fists which he was using to punch the officer in the head and face. Here in Utah recently two referees have died from being punched in the head.

The officer also says the shooting victim was trying to grab his gun which had he let him take it would have been a serious threat to the officers life.

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