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Published: Friday, Aug. 15 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Smart Cookie
Kissimmee, FL

Another complaint about how low the minimum wage is for tipped employees. The problem is the argument that they only make $2.15/hr is disingenuous. By law if you do not average the federal minimum wage between your tips and your hourly wage your employer is required to make up the difference. It is called the "Tip Credit Against Minimum Wage." In addition tax evasion is common among tipped employees. "Up to 50% of cash tips go unreported" according to an article from the University of Penn Law School. Costing us the tax payer billions of dollars a year. While I normally tip 20+% I always do this with a credit card as to discourage the temptation to evade taxes.

I believe like many others here tipping should be done away with. Either a mandatory service charge, clearly marked, or increased prices is really the way to go.

Phoenix, AZ

"...and bothers me enough that I don't tip as well if no tip is expected."

Don't worry about tipping for good service. The busboys gather up the tips which are distributed amongst the help... including the busboys.

"Many servers are living off food stamps to prevent starvation."

What's so wrong with food stamps if you're poor? That's what food stamps are for... government feeding the poor.

@one old man:
"By the way, telling this young lady to 'get an education' is kinda funny because her letter is written using much better grammar, sentence construction and organization than most of the posts criticizing her here."

The ability to structure a sentence ain't gonna get you better pay, usually... unless your a Shakespeare, Twain, Poe, etc.

"Businessmen have a moral responsibility to pay their workers a fair wage."

What's a fair wage? A hundred grand? That'd be my answer.

"The country doesn't exist solely for greedy businessmen even though many of them think that it does."

Maybe not... but corporations are created to maximize profits for owners (stockholders). Noting more.

Salt Lake City, UT


"The busboys gather up the tips which are distributed amongst the help... including the busboys."

Ah. So apparently the employers aren't paying the busboys a fair wage, either.

"That's what food stamps are for... government feeding the poor."

No, the purpose of food stamps is NOT to pay the employee for the time and labor the EMPLOYER enjoys. You are leaving out the reason they are poor. Greed, on the part of many Utah businessmen, who are not properly compensating these employees for their time and labor.

"The ability to structure a sentence ain't gonna get you better pay, usually..."

Neither is thorough training in a STEM field gonna get you better pay -- since Utah employers deliberately are sidestepping these, in favor of foreigners both legal (through abuse of the work visa program) and illegal (by outright hiring of illegal aliens).

"...corporations are created to maximize profits for owners (stockholders). Noting more."

Of course. Capitalism without a Conscience.

"What's a fair wage? A hundred grand?"

The Light of Christ tells you what is a fair wage. Whether you choose to suppress that and sweep it under the rug of your own conscience, is your decision.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

@ wrz

"Don't worry about tipping for good service. The busboys gather up the tips which are distributed amongst the help... including the busboys."

What a silly system of compensation we have. Is there another industrialized country on earth that compensates servers, bus boys, and bartenders like this?

"What's so wrong with food stamps if you're poor? That's what food stamps are for... government feeding the poor."

What's so wrong with businesses being accountable and paying their workers wages so that they don't have to rely on my tax dollars to prevent starvation?
Apparently, you'd rather place the responsibility of compensating workers on taxpayers rather than restaurant owners. Do you happen to be a restaurant owner?

"What's a fair wage? A hundred grand? That'd be my answer."

Here's my answer to you: why don't we lower everyone's wage to the min wage? Lawyers, teachers, police officers, secretaries, construction, etc. if you're not an owner, you get paid min wage. People need to stop being so selfish and learn to live off min wage. Demanding anything more is just selfish. And any increase in wages means fewer jobs, right?

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

re: Redshirt1701

"Personally I hate the fact that we are expected to tip more and more..."

The simplest solution of all is go to Wendys, Barbacoa, Carls Jr, etc...

When splurging at say Buffalo Wild Wings, Tipping 16 or 20% depending on service seems equitable and its easy to figure (divide total by 6 or 5).

Recently, I have not come across really excellent or really terrible service by servers or busboys. Its the cooks that make or break the meal.

Cav Pilot
St George, UT

Educator: you are leaving out that key part of the unemployment % -- those who are no longer included. In most socialist countries they don't include those on welfare in their unemployment stats.

FreedomFighter41 (snicker) if only every employer had to choose between the 500 and 600 foot yacht as opposed to just trying to keep his business afloat and being able to put food on his own table. I constantly see food service businesses opening and closing their doors because they can't afford to stay open. I guess the owner spent too much time on vacation.

On the other hand, my college student daughter worked at $2.50/hr + tips...and made more money each week than her elementary school teacher mother....maybe it is a) where you work or b) your quality of work as a hostess.

Cav Pilot
St George, UT

anti-liar - you said the right thing the wrong way...
In - n - out is causing a problem for many food service businesses precisely because the VOLUNTARILY pay their people more. The result is that other businesses lose their best servers to go work at In-n-out.

Isn't capitalism wonderful. The independent agent gets to decide where they want to work and try to convince the business owner to accept their services for wages. If the business owner sees that the independent agent is worthless as a contributor to their business they don't hire them. For the businesses struggling, voluntarily increase your wages to attract the best employees.

The whole concept that every business owner is "rich" is ludicrous. That is tantamount to every 6th grade football player deserves million dollar contract after high school.

UT Brit
London, England

Heres how it works in the UK, if someone gives you good service then you tip them. If not you at least know that they are making a liveable wage anyway. I prefer it this way.

In the US you feel that you must always tip 20% or more, I dont like doing this. I should not have to make up for the restaurant not paying their staff a decent wage.

Nothing is more off putting than American service, I feel constantly harassed because the server is trying to do everything they can to appear like they are providing a good service. Last time I was over the waitress started telling the table her life story and trying to be humorous, I thought by the end of the meal she was going to break into song and dance.
Bring out the food, keep an eye on our drinks and then leave.
It makes me laugh when I have dined with Americans in the UK. They feel they are getting a poor service because the servers are not fawning over them. I bet I could literally get the servers in the US to jump through hoops if I asked them too.

Cav Pilot
St George, UT

Maverick....that is exactly what your president is trying to do. New minimum wage: $15/hour
In Utah, a teacher with a degree starts at $10/hour. This would require a mandatory increase in wages. The problem is, that results in a needed increase in taxes to pay said teacher, which results in reduced discretionary spending of everyone. Now everything costs more, and nobody is better off...except the big business & government cronies.

This also means that the 4 years and $30-50,000 that the teacher spent to get the education was wasted because they now make the same as the high school drop out burger flipper.

What I get from your posts is that shared poverty is the way to go. History has shown time and again, that shared poverty only lasts a little while. Eventually those who can/will produce will again have more than those who wait to be given everything.

LOU Montana
Pueblo, CO

Here is my first tip,"Pay UP SUCKERS"! You owe that server 18 to 20%. Cheating a waitress because your food was late is no excuse. Utah people pride themselves on being charitable but will cheat the neighbor kid on mowing their lawn. Why do you think you have so many illegal aliens moving to Utah? You really don´t want them but then you don´t want to pay a fair wage to Americans?
Money is a fluid element of making an economy grow. You have to spend it to get it back.

My last tip, "Read this till it sinks in."

LOU Montana
Pueblo, CO

@Mountanman, Hayden, ID

Was you born into such wealth that you do not appreciate the work of others. Do you realize that the wages you and I made back in 1978 are the same wage as these kids get today. Our $12 an hour job in 1978 bought a house, a car and fed a family. That same $12 an hour today does not even pay the car insurance. I just love conservative mentality, "I got mine an it sucks to be you."
Until they don´t get theirs than they scream, rally, tax cheat, grow beards, wear bandanas, wave guns, bibles and blame it on the government.

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