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Published: Thursday, Aug. 14 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Maybe some of the things GW Bush said are true, but not many.

"Mission Accomplished" comes to mind. . .

Salt Lake City, UT

I think Obama's biggest mistake was believing the Republicans would actually be reasonable and willing to compromise on important issues like health care, immigration, and taxes, and that they cared about American citizens other than the 1%. He was oh so wrong on those.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

This country will be great again despite the Tea Party's best efforts to turn the US into a Western version of Iran, their vicious hatred of Obama notwithstanding.

Forbes Magazine recently said, "Obama has a sterling, possibly incomparable record in promoting economic growth."

The Educator
South Jordan , UT

So it's obama's fault that a well financed group from the Koch bros has gerrymandered districts and taken the House? It's obama's fault that the tea party has no idea how to govern?

Can we blame the incompetence of GOP leadership on Obama too?

How about the Chicago Cubs World Series drought?

Hayden, ID

In a wide-ranging interview with the New Yorker, Barack Obama compared Al-Qaeda-linked militants in Iraq and Syria to junior varsity basketball players, downplaying their threat as small-league.
No Don, as most of us see, Americans made the mistake of electing Obama. Even Hillary warned us that Obama was unprepared and unqualified to lead our country! She was right!

Springville, UT

It's a pity that Republicans and their Tea Party subsidiary has put partisanship above nation. Who could ever say that a Republican leader vowing to ensure the failure of a yet to be inaugurated President is in the interest of the country? Never before have I seen an opposition party take that approach and attitude. Fighting over the next election is one thing, but deliberately working to destroy the person selected by the American people is beyond the pale. In the past, I voted for the person I thought would do the best job. I worked for a Utah Republican Senator and a Democratic President. However, the Republicans have convinced me that they should never get my vote again. I would normally reserve the right to change my mind, but the GOP is showing no sign of moderating or becoming sane.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Curmudgeon nailed it. He had no idea how stubborn the right would be, in an all out battle on their part to have him accomplish nothing. That failing, they tried to make everything in the world his problem or fault. That too, floundering in the meritless radio static, they are going to sue him.

He was a fool to believe that the right cared more about Americans than their party, sadly the evidence is overwhelming where their loyalties lie.

Brigham City, UT

In fairness, he also made the mistake of believing the Democrats would actually be reasonable and willing to compromise on important issues like health care, immigration, and taxes....

Compromise means BOTH sides give and take. Not just take.

T. Party
Pleasant Grove, UT

@Don Cunningham "Maybe the mistake President Obama made was saying what he wanted to do to make our country great again...."

No, the mistake he made was saying he wanted to fundamentally transform America. Weakness abroad, and lawlessness and welfare dependency at home are not my cup of tea.

one old man
Ogden, UT

May I nominate this as the Great Letter of the Year?

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I guess that's one way of looking at it.... A very BIASED view, but I guess everybody has their own opinion.


I suppose we have to accept the fact that Obama was wrong when he said Iraq was "Stable" and "Secure" a few months ago. They weren't stable and secure then... and they aren't now.

I think his BIGGEST mistake is... he consistently does NOTHING when there are racial issues. He just sits on the sidelines, or says something that makes it WORSE! He was supposed to be the man who had the unique ability to talk turkey with minorities and get us all working together... how's THAT working so far?

If I were President (black or not) I would get on the air waves and make a statement of unity and encouragement in the face of the nightly riots and looting going on in Missouri (even if you ARE on vacation).

You are sending the WRONG MESSAGE to America if you just go out dancing and golfing while this is going on in the country you are President of!

Call a Press-Conference... Do SOMETHING!

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Oh great... the "Tea Party" bogey man again...

How many times are you guys going to trot that one out there?


We have NOTHING to fear from the Tea Party. The things they want are GOOD things. Google their platform and see. They aren't what the hard-core Dems stereotypes pretend (racists, hicks, rich people, etc). They are just Americans that want to see America keep going (and not end up in the trash pile of History because we spent and taxed ourselves into oblivion).

They may oppose the President (or Democrats) on a some things. But just a few years ago, Democrats were the ones insisting it was their "DUTY" to oppose the President, and be vocal, and protest, and shut him and his agenda down... But now if anybody disagrees with Obama... they are Evil and vilified by the same people who protested and tried to shutdown the last President? Isn't that a double-standard?


Projection is apparently one of the primary talents of the Left.

Bountiful, UT

The left would do well to remember a few things from history (not from their jaded memory of history):

1) Dems were as rabidly against W as the Tea Party is against Obama. W wanted to work with the Dems, but dems basically took their ball and went home. The difference between the administrations is that the media is on the side of the libs and ALWAYS reports that the Republicans are the roadblocks. Just not always true historically.

2) When the Dems owned both houses and the White House, not much got done either.

3) The Republican-owned house has passed hundreds of bills (some good, some bad) over the last few years, but the Democrat-owned Senate has stubbornly refused to act, passing only a handful of bills on their own. The REAL roadblock right now is Harry Reid trying to keep the dem's heads low until the election. Not my version of history, but reality. Look it up......

The reality is Obama had absolutely no administrative experience and no real-world experience, just a great oratory skill. Speeches don't substitute for knowledge. Mr. Obama needs to stop trying to preserve his legacy and take a chance on something.

Salt Lake City, UT

The far left goes to bed each night being thankful for the tea party as noted by previous comments. They can blame every failure of the Obama foreign and domestic policy on a bogey man. The tea party is not responsible for indecision and vacillation in foreign policy, crony capitalism, lack of transparency, an administration run by and for lobbyists, a ballooning federal debt, slow job growth and multiple administration scandals. You know someone is a failure when they blame everything on others.

RC in WJ

I have to give it to "2 Bits" and "Mountanman" they have an never ending supply of the Hate Obama koolaid! Misery must be getting up every morning knowing that Obama won the last two presidential elections and hating the man!

2 Bits writes " he consistently does NOTHING when there are racial issues". I ask 2 Bits to take a moment and enlighten us on somethings sterling the Repubs. have done recently in regard to racial issues!

Pleasant Grove, UT

@Rufus "I'm saying that we need to get back to partisanship, compromise, statesmanship, and civility."

One of these words is not like the other.

Phoenix, AZ

"Maybe the mistake President Obama made was saying what he wanted to do to make our country great again..."

That's not what he said. What he said was... he would 'fundamentally transform' this country. We don't need transforming. We were a great nation when he took over the White House. He has actually taken us in the wrong direction.

clearfield, UT

Don C

It really depends upon a very subjective definition of what American greatness is. To liberals they might say, high tax, big government, equal economic outcome guaranteed, universal single payer health care, and a generally isolated, benign foreign policy along with a small military.

A conservative would take a much different view of what American greatness would look like. I think Obama is well on track for the liberal version. And obviously the conservative/Republicans are trying to prevent his vision from becomming reality. It has been no different when a Republican President has tried to put forth his version of American greatness and been opposed by the Democrats. That's basically how our system works and is supposed to work. What seems to be out of balance is that people who support Obama believed that the opposition was supposed to lay down and let him have his every wish. Because he was supposedly a "transformative" President, unlike any other we've ever had. Well, that doesn't seem to be the case, and in any case, for the opposition to not represent nearly half the people of the U.S. would be derelection of duty.

Bountiful, UT

@ rufus

Just do a general internet search "how many bills has the senate passed" and there are references galore, from both sides of the isle. Last count I saw was 269 to 21.

But more importantly, does a poll of approval really mean that much? If so, why do you not reference the fact that Obama has the lowest approval rating of any president in modern history? Libs seem to love polls, and the Obama administration has seemed to use them to govern from more than governing from good sense. Harry Reid sure does.

I'm not saying that the Republicans are blameless; both sides are only looking to the next election. But I have found it interesting that in over 5 years of his presidency, Obama has YET to say mea culpa on an issue of significance that has failed. He blames everyone from the Tea Party to the gardener when things go bad, but will always take credit for things that go well or even poll well.

I just want to know when Obama will finally decide to OWN his presidency. He needs to OWN all of it, not just the good parts. That's what a true leader does.

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