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Published: Thursday, Aug. 14 2014 5:40 a.m. MDT

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Moab, UT

Doesn't anyone have a sense of humor any more? It's a comedy. It has no deep, hidden meaning; it's just entertainment. The current trend of having more religion in the movies and on television isn't restricted solely to dramas.

Michael Hunt
Murray, UT

In which country am I living? Why are my fellow citizens condemning blasphemy? Go to Saudi Arabia or Iran. This is Murica - we offend for the sake of itself and the value of teaching our children that we're different from middle ages when witches were stoned and hanged. Sorry folks, the best response is not watching. You may not get an immediate sense of purpose and superiority but that's the cost of living in a pluralistic country.

Fuaamotu, Tonga

Though I have my own ideas, I don't really care if Jesus is portrayed as black, white, brown, yellow, green or purple. What I DO take exception to is typifying him as just another long-haired freak skipping around town "blessing" the masses with free angel dust and marijuana. Likening the most uncommon of men to the most common and base of men and accepting the comparison as "entertainment" not only demonstrates a lack of morals but that we have truly become amoral.

There is no differentiation between right or wrong anymore. If we can conjure it up in our imaginations, it must be just fine. And if anyone objects, we can point our fingers and scream "bigot," "prejudice," "racist" and some skewed perception of "free speech."

The writing is on the wall. We will be our own downfall. Nevertheless, I will be obliged to defend the principles this country was founded on to protect and keep it solvent for as long as possible. Despite all the nay-sayers, that is still the right and moral thing to do.

Bob A. Bohey
Marlborough, MA

If Jesus, existed the chance he would've been Caucasian are slim to none.

Layton, UT

We live in a strange time where we classify some things as hate speech, and other things as freedom of expression, or just comedy. I suspect that no matter how offensive it may be to some, because it is a religious topic, it's fair game in our society. We don't respect religious sentiment anymore.

It doesn't matter if it legitimately hurts people. Humor trumps faith.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@Bob A. Bohey

The chances that the real Jesus went around town handing out drugs are also slim to none.

Chandler, AZ

"Boycott it or learn from it"? How about a third choice: ignore it.

Marlborough, MA

@Brave Sir Robin; IF Jesus existed, maybe he did maybe he didn't hand out drugs. Maybe he did to help with peoples ailments, who knows? No one that's who!

Tuffy Parker
Salem, UT

@ Michael Hunt

While I respect your right to say it, I really have a hard time taking an opinion seriously from one who refers to our great nation as "Murica". Sorry....

Part of revering things we hold sacred and dear is in how portray and refer to them, be it Jesus or The United States of America.

Simpe Spectator
St.George, UT

It's funny how the LDS church tends to keep its mouth shut. Other religions are saying that its not okay to mock their religions. The LDS church is mocked like crazy and they just let it happen.

Michael Hunt
Murray, UT

@Tuffy Parker

I also revere and hold things sacred, including freedom of expression. Religious trolls shouldn't ever be given more than brief airtime to express themselves and in response they should be ignored, as will be done with this new tv show.

Tuffy Parker
Salem, UT

@ Michael Hunt

Agreed on ignoring. Too much attention usually gives legs to something that might not survive otherwise.

Sorry on if I misunderstood the original post. The "Murica" reference threw me off.

terra nova
Park City, UT

Want to kill the show? Ignore it. Don't talk about it. Don't watch it. Affect a glassy-eyed stare into the middle-distance if it is mentioned. Then change the subject.

Shows are supported by ad-money. Ad money is a function of viewers. Viewing happens if it is talked about. Don't hate it. Be apathetic. It is far more effective.

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