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Thompson prepares to go live

Published: Monday, Aug. 11 2014 6:05 p.m. MDT

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Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Glad to hear Thompson getting more comfortable
Best QB in the state is Chuckie Keeton, followed by
- Taysom Hill
- whoevers playing QB at Timpview High
-Travis Wilson

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Uncle Rosco's fantasy lineup not withstanding…it was good to read how this fine young man is getting more and more comfortable up on this Hill with the offense.

Chuckie Keeton is certainly the most exciting quarterback in the state. Taysom Hill wasn't good enough to beat the Utes in 2013, but he does look good playing against mid major opponents. As for Timpview High and SUU, when they play each other we'll know who has the better quarterback between those two. Meanwhile, up on the Hill, the opinions of other PAC12 coaches is that Travis Wilson in the real deal and in a league that has some of the Nation's best quarterbacks that's a big compliment.

I fear that Uncle Rico was trolling when he posted.


Thompson's ability to run will definitely give Utah options at QB this year. He comes from a program (Oklahoma) that Sporting News has ranked as #1 in preseason, and, if he hadn't been injured last year, could very well be starting for the Sooners. He is added proof of the increase in depth at Utah as they continue on in the difficult PAC 12.

Good luck, Kendal, and Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

and you could've taken state. You just know it. I think your view of the world is suspect.

Nibley, UT

Glad that Wilson is getting some competition. The daily competition will help both of them improve. I gotta believe that Coach Whittingham brought Thompson in with the idea to replace Wilson. I hope Coach Whit is unbiased enough to make the right choice and play the most talented and productive player. He doesn't have room for error in the PAC10+2.

Salt Lake City, 00

Yeah! Welcome to the PAC12...the greatest conference in the country

Proud PAC12 member
Proud UTE

springville, UT

Welcome to the pac ten Kendall, where you will get a ton of pac ten stickers and no bowl games to interrupt your holidays!!!

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA

Salt Lake City, 00

"Yeah! Welcome to the PAC12...the greatest conference in the country

Proud PAC12 member
Proud UTE"

TheGreat - are you a PAC12 Fan who will root for the Utes on occasion? Either that or you are "Chris B" incarnate functioning (trolling?) as only he can.

In my several decades of playing and following college athletics these boards are the FIRST time and place wherein I have seen folks that show more pride and loyalty to their conference than their team.

I suppose some of that is gratitude for the large cash infusions we on the coast have provided for your benefit.

Go Bruins!

Salt Lake City, UT

Your screen names and obvious attempts at trolling crack me up. What's even funnier is that people like Old But Not Stupid still take your comments seriously.

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