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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 12 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, UT

Nothing quite comes up to the Middle East in demonstrating the destructive side of religion. The establishment of the state of Israel was due in large part to fulfill religious prophecy (the Jewish population of Europe should have been compensated by giving them half of Germany instead). So we get a one-religion Jewish state plunked down in the middle of generally degenerate Islam - an explosion which keeps on giving. It could well be the spark of the next world war.

Religion does some good things for people, but this is an example of how bad it can be.

And yes, campuses are short-sighted in attacking just Israel, but this is only a tiny part of a generally very sick scene.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

I guess they are opposite of Fox News and probably the truth is in the middle...

Murray, UT

While the civilian casualties are sad to see, the fact is Hamas is a terrorist group and I am left scratching my head why people at home support them?

seattle, WA

It is shocking that many, college students/faculty included, don't bother to delve into the entire history of the conflicts in this region. Perhaps, if they did, there might be more sympathy for the Israelis. This is not to say that the current Israeli government is blameless. I don't think the current Israeli conservative/religious ruling parties truly reflect the consensus in the country. However, unless you deny the right of Israelis to live in a free country, one must generally give their support to Israel. We don't understand what it is like to be surrounded by bitterly hostile neighbors.

What bothers me the most in this debate is the resultant anti-Semitism that arises in Western minds. The Muslims hate Jews, that is a given. However, there is a nasty undercurrent of religious intolerance which is beginning to seep into the media. Jews in this country are no more responsible for the actions of the Israeli government than Catholics are responsible for the actions of the Italian government. Most American Jews support Israel ardently, but do not approve of the current Israeli government and many of its actions.

Omaha, NE

I feel terrible for the families of the Palestinians who have died. But... they don't police their own. Almost every ceasefire seems to have come from the Palestinian side. The start of this came from the Palestinian side.

Point #1 Palestinians apparently killed three Israeli (one american) young men.
Point #2 Israeli youth attacked and killed a Palestinian in return illegally.
Point #3 Israel has arrested some in the case.
Point #4 Why hasn't Palestine done likewise? They just don't.... You never hear of it.
Then there are the tunnels which I heard in an interview with NPR a spokesman from Hamas admit were used to transport weapons.
Point #5, they openly state they want the destruction of Israel....

I'm not saying Israel is not guilty of things too. I'm saying to not talk about Palestinian aggression in the face of this disaster and to frame it as all one sided Israeli aggression is wrong.

Durham, NC

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 1,267,700 people in the US employed as University teachers or professors. I have no doubt that 1,000 of these people signed this document... but statistically that number represents such a low percentage that is almost a rounding error.

Consider this. 675,000 people signed the "2012 state petitions for secession" from the union between Nov 7th and 14th 2012 that was posted on the White House site. One may derive from these numbers that over half a million people believe election results justify the break up of this nation.

Look at it this way for context. 7/10 of 1 percent of professors signed this petition condemning Israel for their actions. On the other hand, 2.2 percent of Americans thought the Union should be dissolved because of the results of the last election.

I am sorry.... but I am not too worried about the fact that less than a percent of professors are upset with Israel. What is much more worrisome to me is 2.2 percent of Americans want to shred the constitution of this nation - because of election results.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

@ Murrayguy

Because people are poor and desperate. Estimates indicate that hundreds of thousands are homeless right now (400,000) due to Israel's bombing. How do you think their suffering will effect them? If just 10 percent become angry enough to join Hamas then Israel has just given Hamas 40,000 new recruits.

We can continue to repeat past mistakes and allow Israel to blow Palestine out of the water. Or, we can see things from Palestine's perspective and work for solutions.

Contrary to Fox News belief, Israel isn't an altruistic infallible institution. They make mistakes too.

Israel's overkill and reluctance to compromise and work with Palestinians is creating more killers. The ever recruiting tool for Hamas is Israel's overbearing responses to Hamas's attacks. Israel's responses are like pulling out a bazooka to swat a fly.

Springville, UT

Of all the concerns with the issues in the Middle East, and you are fretting about a relatively small number of students on some college campuses?

Bountiful, UT

When I was in college we protested against Apartheid in South Africa, and got similar pushback from conservatives who felt "constructive engagement" was the more appropriate response, considering the amount of investment US companies held in South Africa. Ultimately, economic sanctions, inspired by college students, led to the end of Apartheid.

Things are not as straightforward in Israel, but a Jewish colleague who is very much pro-Israel confided in me that "the oppressed have become the oppressors", meaning the horrific treatment of Jews in WWII has somehow resulted in self-justification of very high-handed treatment of Palestinians, by Jews.

The over-the-top response by Israel, ie "100 eyes for an eye", pushes Palestinians to support Hamas. If it appeared Israel was likely to seek genuine peace, and not keep expanding into non-Israeli land, more moderate minded Palestinians would feel emboldened to press for moderation, and Hamas would lose power.

What we have today is endless, dysfunctional homicide, likely to continue indefinitely, or at least until Israel kills all the Palestinians.

Incite Full
Layton, UT

One major reason college campuses cater to pro-radical-islamic dogmas is that many of their exchange students are from those regions of the world that are sympathetic with the terrorists and have NO tolerance of the existence of Israel. They legitimately believe the worst lies about Jews.

Then the faculty is constantly on the intellectual pursuit of some middle ground, when in reality the only middleground that could possibly exist is the destruction of those stereotypes and dogmas that dictate that Jews are inherently evil, need to be removed from the Middle east and don't have a right to exist.

When the Twin Towers came down there was cheering and celebrating in the streets of many of these regions, and you can't claim they were all Al-Qaeda. It is the incestuous inbred hatred of the West, the weight and fear of individual human choice and rights.

Everett, 00

Let's see...

you are 21 years old and in college.

You have seen Americans getting killed in wars for most of you life.
Your future looks bleak, the economy has nothing to offer, because of wars and the HUGE defeceit you've been left with, because of Grover Norquist and the GOPs pledge of NO taxes,
YOU are the one's you'd be sent to fight wars -- not grumpy old men watching FoxNews,

Nah -- War is not something you want to be part of...

Cedar Hills, UT

As complicated as the situation sounds, it breaks down to a very simple issue: There are some Palestinians and Muslims who believe that no one, except Muslims, have a right to exist in the Middle East, and some go as far as to say the World.

As long as that is the case, there will never be peace. Unfortunately, these radicals teach their children these lessons at a very young age. I look at what ISIS is doing to Christians, and it is not just about Jews to some groups, it is all "infidels".

Some of the people who believe in the World Wide Islamic Caliphate live in our Country, and there are many in other Western Nations as well, and not just a few. Some Americans are fighting alongside as part of ISIS.

It is a sad cycle that will not end anytime soon. Regardless of what Israel does, short of abandoning the Middle East, nothing will satisfy Hamas, Hezbollah, and many other groups. If you destroy one group, another will pop up. As long as militant Islam controls the conversation, and the power, it will be ongoing until Christ returns.

Salt Lake City, UT

Perhaps even just a decade ago, Israel had a firm grasp on the narrative. There are many more avenues for a person to gain a perspective on the conflict. With social media, there are too many holes in the dike to plug.

If a university campus is taking a one-sided view, perhaps that is a reaction to having heard only one side for so long. As another view is forcing its way past the traditional media filter, reasonable people are raising reasonable questions.

St.George, UT

The BIG question.
If Israel decided it was not in their best interest to continue living war day after day, forever.
If it's residents abandoned Israel and assimilated in a European country/ America, or somewhere else.
Would the Middle East become a peaceful place?

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

The solution is simple. "Transfer" those students who are protesting to a school in Israel. Let them experience first-hand the Hamas rockets raining down on their school. Let them have the full experience. Let them learn first-hand what terrorism really is. Let them run for their lives. Let them experience what is felt by innocent people who are being targeted by terrorists.

Yes, innocent people have died and will die in Gaza; people who are being used by the terrorists as media "fodder"; people who are being forced to surround missile sites in Gaza. Why are those people dying? The Israeli army warns them before targeting buildings. They are given time to get out. I don't remember any other army in history that has given people, military or civilian, time to exit targeted buildings.

Those who protest are being used. They know so little that they have aligned themselves with terrorists.

Midwest City, USA, OK

After giving Palistine money to help build up their nation, they use the money to pepper Israel with rockets unceasingly, and then jumping Israel's case for fighting back seems irresponsible and biased at best. The glaring obviousnessness of this, combined with its amazing regularity, really suggests an alternative force behind it all.

It is a sad fact of life that sometimes fighting is the only way to stop or prevent worse fighting. If Israel were to raze all of Palastine to the ground at this point, in the long term it could very well result less total death and anguish. It sucks no matter what you do, but -not- fighting back certainly hasn't worked for the several decades that Israel has existed as a modern state.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I think it's because siding with Hamas is the "in thing" to do... it's cool. And college professors like to look cool to their young students... they like to be a little controversial, so they side with Hamas and talk like everything's Israel's fault.

It gets a good discussion going, and gets people riled up. They like getting people riled up. What good is a class with no discussion or emotion.


I think there is also a slight anti-religion theme with many college professors (their own bias of course, and it feeds into what many college age kids are feeling and exploring at that stage in their life).

They see this as a religious thing.... so they knee-jerk respond anti-Israel and pro-Hamas. Because it's the a-theist thing to do.

I don't see it as a religious thing primarily. I see it as a human thing. I don't want to see a whole culture wiped off the map because of intolerance.

I don't think Israel wants to wipe all Palestinians out. I think they could live with them IF they would quit attacking. Not Hamas.

Burley, ID

"Or, we can see things from Palestine's perspective and work for solutions." - The Real Maverick

How do you work for solutions when the Hamas advocates nothing short of the destruction / elimination of the State of Israel and every Jew dead?

Until Hamas gives up that "solution," there will be no peace.

Virginia Beach, VA

It is a complicated situation, and perhaps student demonstrations are one-sided.

But this opinion piece is one-sided in the other directions.

"At the same time, it has to be noted that aggressors in this latest conflict are the Palestinians . . . "


But Palestinian deaths (moslty civilians) are measured in the hundreds, and Israeli deaths (mostly military) are measured in tens.

And the Palestinians are the aggressors?

Hmmmmm . . . That wouldn't hold true in a court of law.

If two guys get in a fight. And the assailant who lands the first few blows ends up on life support with multiple broken bones, and the guy he attacked walks away . . . Who is the aggressor?

It's the guy who went too far.

And Israel went to far.

When a nation kills civilians in the hundreds, then that nation has gone too far.

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

Israel is engaged in the controlled genocide of a people. I do not like Hamas nor condone their actions, they are reprehensible; however they were elected to power in a fairly open and transparent election cycle. So, one must ask themselves, why would Palestinians overwhelmingly support Hamas at the ballot box? Either you believe right-wing propaganda and see the entire civilization as one that wakes up every morning and plots to destroy Israel or you look at the facts on the ground and realize that these people have been denied basic human dignity by Israel for decades. And during those generations of occupation and denial of basic human rights, the vast majority of them sit by idly and peacefully hope for a resolution - but it never comes. Israel controls their borders, controls their imports, refuses to allow them to export, and has actually calculated the caloric intake necessary just to sustain life in the region.

Israel is currently the greatest purveyor of long-standing genocide in the world and they are able to do so thanks to US financial backing. By America's own self-imposed laws on human rights, we must cease aid to Israel immediately.

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