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Published: Monday, Aug. 11 2014 5:20 p.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

"The rest of the country enjoys the annual laugh."

cougsndawgs and cougardsundevil:

Of course, I meant the vast audience that watches BYUtv. (By the way, do you guys ever get whiplash with such split loyalties?)

West Point , UT

I know it's a difficult concept but I lived half my life in Georgia and half my life in Utah. I have a legacy of BYU assistants, athletes, and coaches and was born a blue blood. I became addicted to SEC football when I moved to Georgia in my young adult life. I loved it, and loved watching and cheering for the Dawgs. It is possible to actually like two programs and cheer for them both. I know it's difficult to comprehend such a thing but there's no whiplash here.

As for BYUtv, yes they have a vast audience...nationwide, and actually carried by DirectTV unlike a certain conference who can't quite figure it out. "Rest of the country" to most people means just what it says...I apologize if in your world that means byutv's vast audience.

Orem, UT


Of course, you're absolutely correct. Not only are BYU sports watched nationwide on BYUtv, they're watched world-wide by thousands of BYU fans.

The kids on the hill sometimes have a difficult time seeing outside of their crimson-colored bubble.

Mesa, AZ

"So just a reality check for everyone. Last season Stewart was BYU's 4th or 5th QB. He was behind Munns, Olsen, Hill, and could have been behind Green. What we do know is that without players in front of him transferring Stewart would be, at best, the third guy up. He would not be the starter at Utah."

This kid needs a reality-check. Imagine him making his first start at Oregon. AS was a part of the reason we were neck-and-neck with them well into the 3rd quarter. This kid would be 7th-string on our team. Only at byu and having never, ever played against a back to back weekly grind, ever, does such self-delusion run rampant.

Lehi, UT

“Every team needs a great No. 2 quarterback. If you look at Utah and Utah State last year, their second-string guys came in and did horrible. I’m not planning on being that guy.”


Royce Bybee
Orem, UT

Brad, you're one of the best sports writers around, but on this one Christian Stewart was correct (though he could have been more diplomatic in the way it was stated). The Utah backup had a rough time and so did Craig Harrison, the USU backup. Darell Garretson was not the backup, he was third string.

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