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Published: Monday, Aug. 11 2014 5:20 p.m. MDT

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Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Before inciting all loyal Aggies to riot, and in Stew's defense, he watched Chuckie go down, and his replacement did not rally the troops to victory.

I know, long way from terrible, but it's the best I can come up with.

Surfers Paradise, AU

Whoops.. i guess he hates the U too. Wish he wouldn't have said it the way he did...not wise for a sr. to say what he did.

Vegas POV
Las Vegas, NV

It appears that Christian Stewart has a higher level of expectation for himself than winning 75% of his games (Like Darell Garretson did). With those goals he could replace Taysom Hill who won 62% last year. Go Stewart!


Come on Rock. Post an article ripping on a kid AFTER you check your facts. Craig Harrison was Utah States #2 guy, and he wasn't ready to play. What Stewart said was 100% accurate.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Big talk from a guy who's only career stats are two incomplete passes against Idaho State. Stewart holds a mean clip board though....

Monterey, CA

@Y Grad / Y Dad,

No need to defend a less-than-informed statement from Stewie; he spouted off without thinking. Aggie fans like me aren't going to riot, it's not worth it. That being said, you're not doing any favors by covering for ignorance. He made a mistake (do you REALLY think he was talking about that one game?),and at some point he needs to learn to put a little more thought behind his statements.

springville, UT

Funny thing is this, he has been to 3 bowl games as a player. Travis Wilson, well lets think back to his bowl games....

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Monterey, CA

Just tryin to maintain relations in the family. Utah State has been good to BYU, wouldn't want to offend them for the world.

But sometimes we all resemble ignorance. Like to avoid throwing anybody under the bus, though, especially one of our own.

Orem, UT

From what I hear from those involved, he has a better arm, and more accurate than Taysom. I am not worried one bit about BYU's QB situation!

The Bubble, UT


How'd that last bowl game go?

Logan, UT

Like RonBergundy pointed out, the article author, Brad Rock, blew it this time in his article.

The Aggie replacement QB whose stats were mentioned in the article was actually their 3rd string quarterback (Garretson). Harrison originally replaced Chuckie and did not do well by any measure. That's why they then went to their third stringer. Brad Rock totally missed that fact.

That in turn also shows the ignorance in comments such as that from CFBFan, which owns the actual "less-than-informed statement" he mentions.

@ Two For Flinching:

Another negative comment by a Ute fan on a BYU article. Unfortunately, that has become totally typical and expected from you, based on your past history of comments on BYU articles.

In actuality, Stewart has been performing at an extremely high level in Spring and Fall practices. In fact, at a much higher level than any of the replacement QB's the Utes sent out after their first stringer went down last season.

An even semi-knowledgeable football pundit would never try to make any kind of objective assessment of any quarterback after only 2 passes. Doing so would indicate a certain level of football ignorance.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV


It is much better to go to a bowl game and lose to a PAC12 school then to sit at home all the time!!! So glad BYU is so ill relevant that you and others feel the need to read and comment on so many BYU articles!!! Go Cougs!!! Rise up!!!

Alpine, UT

@ truthsandwich:

You asked how BYU bowl games have been going lately.
Well, we've won 4 of the last 5 and played in 9 consecutive bowl games (and running).

In turn, let me ask you how Utah's bowl games have been going lately?
Wait a minute. I just found out they haven't even qualified for any bowl games the past few years. So nevermind answering.

With the tough SOS the Utes have this coming season, they will most likely be sitting home yet again over the holidays... for the third consecutive year.
But I hope I'm wrong. There was a time when Kyle's Utes were competitive in post-season play and thus fun to watch in bowl games. I like all teams from the state of Utah to do well.
Oh, for the good old days.

Richfield, UT

@ Two For Flinching:

Based on comments I've read of yours in the past, I'd dare bet you yourself have never handled a clipboard on the sidelines of a football game before... though you've probably always wanted to.

BTW: Since you are a known Ute fan and have never been known to have said anything positive about any Y player, you obviously meant the clipboard remark in a snide way.
But every great QB I've ever known has spent time carrying a clipboard on the sidelines before getting his chance to show what he had. It's simply an accepted part of the process that some Ute wannabe apparently doesn't know about.

Highland, UT

Nice to see RonBergundy already covered this but usu's 2nd string QB did a very poor job and was replaced. The 3rd string guy did a much better job. So Stewart was correct. Also fun to see the usu "fans" and utah "fans" get all bent about it. lol

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Copacetic

You're going to compare Stewart's fall camp performance to Utah's QBs performance on the field in actual PAC-12 games, and say with a straight face that Stewart is better? Any semi-knowledgeable football pundit would be able to figure out that a senior QB who has only thrown two incomplete passes in his entire career probably isn't great.

@ Objectified

Is that so? You're right that I've never held a clip board. Played quite a bit, but that's irrelevant in this case. We all understand how depth charts work and you don't have to be a former player to know that the best players play and guys who can't cut it at the D1 level get buried. Stewart is only number 2 because several QB's in front of him transferred. Also, I think I've been fairly objective in my assessment of BYU. Not everything I say is positive, but it's not 100% negative either.

taylorsville, UT

I love how Cougar fans love to trash the Utes and lack of bowl games. Just remember that as bad as they have been, the Utes have still have won 4 straight over BYU. Pac 12 power!!

Richfield, UT

@ Two For Flinching:

Of course you think your comments on BYU are objective or you wouldn't have written them. But if you could read them from an outside viewpoint, you'd see the anti-BYU bias you maintain. Go back and read your comments on other BYU articles over the past month and you might understand what I mean.

Case in point that some of the better players actually do sometimes get buried in the depth charts. Sorensen wasn't getting his chance at the D1 level so transferred to Southern Utah where he could get more of a chance to be seen. He subsequently is now in the NFL while the guys previously ahead of him on the D1 depth charts are no longer in football.
Just shows that you shouldn't make blanket statements that the best players are always the ones who play. Depth charts are not an exact science.

If Stewart gets more of a chance to play this year, you'll be able understand in a more visual way. I've most likely been following BYU football and their practices this season much more than you. I stand by my Stewart assessment.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Objectified

We all have biases and I'm not going to pretend that I am an exception to that. However, I don't come here to spew hate or try to rile everybody up. I know there are fans who do that, but that is not my intention. I often disagree with posters or articles (I am a Utah fan after all), but I state my disagreement without attacking the original poster. If props are due or a positive comment is warranted I have no problem doing so.

As for Stewart, if he gets his chance we'll see what he's made of. However, I don't think he would be talking as big as he is if he were the one under center, not in a green jersey.

Las Vegas, NV

Stew: have you ever heard the saying - The best-laid plans of mice and men....? You, and all BYU fans, had better hope that he doesn't have to step up and cash the check his mouth has written.

From a Ute fan - I'm really looking forward to watching Chuckie this year.

Let the season begin!!

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