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Published: Friday, Aug. 8 2014 5:20 p.m. MDT

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I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Well said. And for those who think Utah will ascend to lofty heights, take a look at your Utah Jazz. They are in the same position in the NBA as you are in the PAC12. Bottom feeders with little if any bright future. We have pay for play football. It is called the NFL.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Interesting perspective.

When Utah State was on the outside looking in...twice... Dick wrote the same op-ed...



Dick has a habit of showing he bleeds Cougar blue.

Could the problem be one of where you stand depends upon where you sit?

On this issue (as well as other issues) Dick clearly has a seat at the Cougar table.

But seriously folks!
Salt Lake City, UT

I see this doing little for the kids on the hill. They operate in the red now and this will only make it worse. If they have to pay their players that just add a deficit to their already red spreadsheet. Be careful what you ask for.

Can you imagine the law suits coming out of this? The NCAA better beef up their lawyer pool cause it could cost them billions in court costs. The so-called power conferences should do the same.
I see an outrage from the hundreds of schools that cannot play by the same rules and their millions of fans. They should just leave well enough alone.


@ there you go. Thanks for enlightening us on the team that Dick Harmon writes about 90% of the time. He was hired to write about BYU and all things touching BYU. That shouldn't shock anyone who's been in Utah the last 20 yrs. I don't see how these NCAA reforms can be anything but bad for USU. For Utah they may be good. For BYU it's a push. For college football in general it's more of the same. They still don't seem to get it. There's this constant battle to exclude "unworthy" programs. Every team should be able to compete but when only 5 conferences are making the rules, guess who's going to win? Now, Alabama, USC and Florida have a great chance of winning, but why exclude a team that has a spectacular season, even if they're not one of the big boys? It's a shame. I remember when BYU played a Tulane team that was 11-1 or 12-0 back in the late 90's. Tulane had no business being in the lowly motor city bowl. They cleaned our clock that day.

Sandy, UT

Larry Scott of the Pac-12 said...

"Players at UCLA, USC or Washington will be allowed to pay their players more than a Utah or Wazzu, as the cost of living is greater in LA and Seattle, than it is in Pullman Tucson or Salt Lake City".

Conferences can set their own rules. This is not an advantage for Utah and other bottom-feeders at all. This is designed to bolster the 10 or 15 Super-Teams in the P-5's, the rest are just fodder to them, i.e the Washington Generals.

The real losers are the Mid-Level-Doormat teams of the P-5 leagues... i.e. Utah, Wazzu, Colorado, Kansas, Baylor, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Iowa State, Indiana, Purdue, Rutgers, Maryland, Duke, NC State, Wake Forrest, Vanderbilt, Northwestern etc, to name just a few.....

BYU will be just fine, as they are one of only a few programs which operate in the black, unlike Utah. They pay as they go and they have the resources to match anything the upper level P-5's offer.

And don't forget Title-9.
Something is going to give and it will be Men's Olympic Sports.

K. Kramer
Anytown, USA, NY

Kaysvillecougar: Wasn't it Marshall in the Motor City Bowl?

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


From the DN:

Dick Harmon is a columnist for the Deseret News with a focus on college athletics. He previously worked as executive sports editor, sports columnist, city editor and police reporter for the Provo Daily Herald for 26 years. He has often appeared on ESPN and other broadcasting programs nationwide. He has written three books and co-authored a fourth. His work has appeared in The Sporting News and other national publications. He and his wife AnnaLee have four children and reside in Orem, Utah.

Dick is a columnist for the Deseret News, with a focus on college athletics.

It has been a pleasure enlightening you.

Your welcome.

Ann Arbor, MI


Now dick is worried about the little guy? interesting.

I wonder why thi could be??? hmmm?

BYU Provo = Rexburg

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Probably the most brutally honest column on this topic. It sounds to me like the train is leaving the station and its only carrying 65 teams.

Wellsville, UT

Thanks Bluto, you nailed it man! Yesterday I wrote that the P5 leagues will divide and conquer. Meaning the richest leagues (SEC/Big 10) in the P5 will spend/pay more than the other conferences. But you dude, brought it right to the front door, absolutely, the richest teams in each conference will spend/pay more than the have-nots in their respective conferences. Ya know, the sad part is the Maryland's, Utah's, NC States, CU's, and so on of the P5 don't realize they have been sold a bill oaf goods and are simply sparring partners for the perpetual Champions! Sad, so very sad.

Wellsville, UT

To Mr. Harmon, this may have been one of your best articles and you've had lot's of great ones.

IRS Agent

The solution is simple. Take the money out of the equation for the decision makers. Make "college football" the product, not individual teams. All monies generated whether through TV contracts, marketing, etc. would be pooled and divided equally among all participating schools. The money could then be used as the schools see fit to use it.

The different divisions (I, II and III) could be maintained to encourage competition among schools with similar talent levels and divide the revenues from their play. The change would encourage fair competition and would create even greater parity. Teams could play a nine game schedule, concluding at the end of November, with each conference sending their champion to the playoffs (16 teams total). Other schools would be invited at large to bowl games to create intriguing match-ups (Army/Navy, regional rivalries, out of conference games, etc.).

No more "haves" and "have-nots". Just pure collegiate football competition. The problem is, it is way too logical, so it would never be considered.

Salt Lake City, 00

Go PAC12! Go Utes! Just as long as the Utes stay where they are then it doesn't matter what happens.

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Recruiting advantage for Alabama, Florida, Ohio State and USC. More top tier kids will go there year after year of those schools will be crown NC. Boring? Lower tier schools like Utah, Cal, and etc. will be left out and you better count on that.

Saint Paul, MN


"Just as long as the Utes stay where they are then it doesn't matter what happens."

Unfortunately for the Utes and their fans, that is all too likely what will happen. There is no way they will be able to spend with the likes of USC, Oregon, UCLA, etc. They won't be able to offer the money to the elite players that those schools and others of their ilk in the other 4 "P" conferences will be able to offer, and thus they will not get them. And in the end, they won't be able to enjoy seasons like their former BCS bowl ones, but rather will remain exactly where they have been since joining the PAC-12.

And this problem will not be unique to Utah, but will be shared by a good 30 to 40 other lower-tier P5 entities, including the "Gophers", who I cheered for during my youth. We will never be able to enjoy the competition that once made it such that any hard-pushing team could reap the rewards of their effort. College sports, as most of us grew up with, are dead.

new york, NY

I don't think Congress will allow Air Force, Army, and Navy's football teams regulated to lower tier status. Congress can also take away the Anti Trust status from the Power 5 conferences. Plus can't some of the Non P5 schools file a class action suit against the P5 schools. This still needs to be played out.


@dew cougars

Remember, whenever you refer to Utah as being a "lower tier school," you are are admitting that your cougars are an even lower tier school themselves.

This is the same Utah team that has owned your Provo school 4 years in a row, 5 of 6, 9 of 12, and overall 57-34-4.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Sandy, UT

Larry Scott of the Pac-12 said...

"Players at UCLA, USC or Washington will be allowed to pay their players more than a Utah or Wazzu, as the cost of living is greater in LA and Seattle, than it is in Pullman Tucson or Salt Lake City".

Conferences can set their own rules. This is not an advantage for Utah and other bottom-feeders at all.


There you again, still waiting for you to cite your source. Your spin is priceless!

For laughs lets just assume you are correct. Please tell us how cost of living adjustments is an advantage of playing in LA and Settle over Utah?

At best it is a break even since it will cost more to play in LA and Settle.

For example, you would need around $4,400 in LA to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with $3,373 in Salt Lake.

Now if there is no cost of living adjustment then it would be more of an advantage to play in a place like Salt Lake than in would be in LA/Seattle.

Granstville, UT

@ Bluto,
You say byu will be fine, because they operate in the black. Really, how does that happen? The sports programs all make money, so they don't need any outside money to operate the athletic programs at byu. Right, the church gives zero dollars to byu to fund shortfalls in the athletic department, nice try.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

I feel sorry for the have-nots of the P5. Utah will not be able to build a winning program without having the same sort of access to top flight players as the rest of their league does. If they are unable to get to a bowl in the next two to three years, there is almost no way they will ever do so if the pay for play model takes effect.

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