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Published: Friday, Aug. 8 2014 2:35 p.m. MDT

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Invisible Hand
Provo, UT

It's time to drop the charade of "student athletics". Those schools that can afford it should just admit that they sponsor semi-professional farm teams for the NFL. Let them pay their players and stop expecting them to attend classes. We need to stop giving them state subsidies. The Alabama football team for instance should operate independent of the university and pay rent for the facilities. Any football team that couldn't afford to compete in such a league could form a lower division of club teams, but spending public money to subsidize this needs to stop.

Salt Lake City, UT

So what's the solution? I heard a lot of complaining from this writer but no realistic alternatives. College football is very complex to navigate and easy answers are hard to come by.

Some throw out things like "a playoff is the only way and it has to include 16 teams". Well, if you do that you can't be finished before the 2nd semester of school starts and you disrupt the bowl system that so many love and desire.

From a competitive stand point I'm torn. Utah is a perfect example. Looking back at the 2004 undefeated season, I don't think last years (bowl ineligible) team would have lost to any teams on that schedule. The reality was, instead of winning 11 games (guessing admittedly) against MWC teams Utah was 5-7 last year. Competition matters! And the more the competiton is the same, the easier it is to measure against others. We'll never have a tournament in football so there will always be a subjective measurement of who gets into the playoff and the more scheduling is congruent, the easier it will be to choose who deserves to get in. That's reality.

Why, AZ

The big question is how this is going to affect tuition rates and taxes. With Title 9 and other NCAA rules you just cant give football players the $2,000 to $5,000, you will have to give all student athletes the same amount. Some schools have up to or more than 500 student athletes. That can range from $1,000,000 to $2,500,00 a year in cost without counting health coverage which could easily double that cost. And that is not even counting the usual scholarship costs. The USU & UoU tuition rates have been increasing because of their football programs. Is it worth kids getting to much in debt because they and the tax payers are sustaining sport programs like football that are not running in the black.

Time to change to intramural system for all Utah Universities.

Bountiful, UT

The simple reality is the NFL does not have a farm system, like major league baseball.

The highest tier of college football is loosely akin to Triple A baseball. Teams in the other, non-P5 conferences are like AA baseball.

What the author suggests is an open playoff, like on the movie Hoosiers, the high school basketball tournament in Indiana that includes all the different levels of high schools, from 1A up through 5A.

Why not have an "open" playoff in football, that includes high school, small college, G5, P5 and the NFL? This idea is completely absurd.

Why not include Div II and Div III college football in a great big tournament to decide the college football champs from all over the nation? This idea is almost as absurd. The mismatches involved would be completely un-American.

Utah fans and TCU fans have learned the hard way that our Cinderella seasons were not even close to the level of difficulty of playing in a P5 conference.

Start accepting reality.

Condescending Wonka
Salt Lake City, Utah

The solution to all of this is simple: if you don't like what's happening with college football, stop feeding into the multi-billion dollar industry and not watch it (or write articles. I'm looking at you, Peavler). I'm surprised college athletes haven't been paid sooner.

Often times, to the detriment of personal privacy, academics and their health, athletes at the collegiate level sacrifice more than it's rationally worth to continue honing their craft. They do it because it's what they love, being paid or not. But the idea that many of us want these athletes to continue to entertain the collective lot of us for free is just as un-American as keeping out the would be Cinderellas. If colleges aren't willing to shell out just a little extra to its players who get the university's brand out through competition (more free advertising), then maybe they shouldn't have athletic programs in the first place.

Magna, UT

A class action lawsuit by 2 million fans @ $10.00 each and a war chest of $20 million dollars against the BIG 5 conferences and personally name in the suit the conference commissioner, every schools AD and every head coach, include the NCAA and all major sports networks and force them to defend themselves and see how much money they all have left. Couple that with an anti trust class action lawsuit by 65 D-1 universities and then another by fifty state Attorneys General and it would force the NCAA and the BIG 5 to end the nonsense and possibly to adopt the drop out / play in system the world soccer clubs use and then any school in the country has access to a new playoff system.

But that makes too much sense, right?

Murray, UT

The statements about tax dollars going to athletic departments may be true at some schools but it is not true at the U. The state appropriates no money to the U that can be used for collegiate athletics. The state won't even share in the funding of a student rec center at the U that is entirely for student use.

Pleasanton, CA

Anyone who thinks that the "Power 5" conferences contain the top 65 football teams is fooling themselves.

The question is how do you determine who are the top teams and where do you draw the line. Do you say it takes a winning record to be a top team? Since it is a zero sum game by default half of your teams are losing teams (if you only play amongst yourselves).

You could take the European futbol league approach, where consistently losing teams are dropped to lower leagues and teams in lower leagues that consistently win move up to higher leagues. A fairer arrangement but not feasible with college football.

No one can argue that the top teams in the P5 leagues are the best football teams. But very few teams can say that they are year in and year out the best team in their league. That is the beauty of college football.

Narrowing the field seems like a good idea, but are we trying to create a minor league to the professionals? How many people care about AA or AAA baseball or the developmental NBA league?

I can see that easily being the future of college football.


It's unfortunate that we have so much power concentrated in the hands of a few, making sweeping changes everywhere. Some of these "Power 5" conferences contain numerous teams that had tiny bleachers composed of steel erector linkages just as recent as 1990's and coaches coming and going every five years, but now they're dictating rules to not just throughout the NCAA but to all of us. We're the customers, and no one ever asked us?

Many of us could care less about the NHL, NFL, NBA, Or the other pro leagues that rise and fail. We care about our schools and the communities they serve. These NCAA changes need to be stopped! My guess is that we have serious intimidation going on at a high level and it's corrupt, anything other than transparent or accountable!

Temecula, CA

So in 2012 the SEC brought in 273 million dollars and they want to be part of the big 5 and only the big 5 conferences. Lets put this idea with it's claimed benefits into perspective:

1. If it is all about supporting and promoting student athlete's then what will happen with the estimated 40,000 athletes from non big 5 conferences when their main supporting program(football)ends? No more scholarships!

2 The SEC and the other conferences should recruit Harvard University to join a conference since they bring in yearly through their endowement fund 6,400,000,000 dollars. That is right six point four billion dollars! Now that is perspective.

3. Who cares about Mississippi State the University of Mississippi, Kansas, Purdue, Indiana or any other program weak in football and basketball now. Soon the big teams like Alabama, Oklahoma and Texas won't want anything to do with them draining funds from them.

4. College basketball draws because everyone feels like they have a chance including teams like Belmont, Pacific, Yale etc.

5. College football ratings will drop when only 8 or 10 schools are scene with a chance!

6 Soon schools will scrap their stadiums and send the steel to China and jobs will disappear!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Author: "Does anyone really want to debate that teams such as Central Florida, Boise State and Northern Illinois are really lesser programs than Indiana, Boston College or Colorado?"

Answer: Yes, there are a lot of rational thinkers that would debate this with you and have a strong argument, this is the exact reason P5 autonomy is now a reality. Bottom line... if Indiana, Boston College and Colorado played the schedules of Central Florida, Boise State and Northern Illinois then you'd no longer be using Indiana, Boston College and Colorado as your examples.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thie issue is not that the Power 5 contain the best 65 teams, I would think anyone would admit that BYU for example is better than Kansas in football. The issue is about sameness of competition. Every P5 has great, good and bad teams in their conferences but there is much more parity within each P5 than the rest of college football as a whole. Contrast BYU and Idaho (top and bottom of non P5) there is a great divide. Utah at the bottom of the PAC12 and Stanford at the top, a divide?: Yes but not much of one.

It would be nice to get the best overall programs together and have them play each other (BYU included) but the reality is they're not in one of the P5 conferences and until they are they'll be excluded. It's not perfect but it's the best that can realistically be done today.

SEC Rules
Seminole, FL

The have nots should create their own league. Then Let them crown their true champion , and play them against the Money 5 champion. Let all of this chaos be settled on the gridiron.

But, the Money 5 will never go for that. They detest the "Cinderella" concept, the "Rocky Story". They were embarrassed too many times by the likes of BYU, UCF and Boise State.

The system in place now is now is nothing more than Football Feudalism.

But seriously folks!
Salt Lake City, UT

I see the power conferences dropping the dead weight at the bottom and adding some of the other top-tier programs in the country. this does not bode well for Utah. They will on the outside looking in as the top pac programs gobble up the bottom feeders and spit them out. Bye Bye, WSU, Colorado, and Utah

Ann Arbor, MI

"Now, this story isn’t about BYU. Much has and will be said about how the Cougars will adapt to this new reality in college football. That story will wait for another day"


uhmmm no. The story is clearly about bYu or laffy wouldn't have written it. bYu is five years away from rexburg

South Jordan, Utah

Motorbike - So rational = Utah fans. Ya right. . .

And if UCF, BSU or NI played Indiana, Boston College or Colorado's schedule year in and year out, guarantee that they would be equal to or greater than the bottom dwellers of the P5.

You logic is well, illogical.

the greater truth
Bountiful, UT


The problem under the new system teams like Central Florida, Boise State and Northern Illinois will never be give the opportunity to prove themselves, and recruit on and equal basis to the p5 teams, unlike Indiana, Boston College or Colorado.

IF you re a division 1 team then you should be treated equal to ALL other division 1 teams, and recruit on an equal basis with all division 1 teams.

IRS Agent

The solution is simple. Take the money out of the equation for the decision makers. Make "college football" the product, not individual teams. All monies generated whether through TV contracts, marketing, etc. would be pooled and divided equally among all participating schools. The money could then be used as the schools see fit to use it.

The different divisions (I, II and III) could be maintained to encourage competition among schools with similar talent levels and divide the revenues from their play. The change would encourage fair competition and would create even greater parity. Teams could play a nine game schedule, concluding at the end of November, with each conference sending their champion to the playoffs (16 teams total). Other schools would be invited at large to bowl games to create intriguing match-ups (Army/Navy, regional rivalries, out of conference games, etc.).

No more "haves" and "have-nots". Just pure collegiate football competition. The problem is, it is way too logical, so it would never be considered.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT


We don't know for sure how Indiana, Colorado, etc. will fare in a mid-major league, and likewise you can't be certain that teams like BYU, Central Florida, or Boise State would fare in a P5 conference. Any guesses you have is pure speculation.

The P5 does not necessarily have the 65 best teams in the nation.

Wellsville, UT

According to the USA Today Pre-Season poll, only half of the P5 teams are ranked in the top 65, the other half are non P5 teams. They have Utah at 66, USU at 46, and BYU at 34. So......? The sad thing about the State of Affairs in College football is that not only will there be a huge division amongst the Conferences; there will also be a huge division within the conferences! The haves Alabama, Ohio, FSU, Oregon and so on will dominate college football and everyone else will be relegated to either fodder or spectator. So sad! Guess I'll take up fishing in the Fall to spend my time, it will be a lot more exciting!

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