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Published: Thursday, Aug. 7 2014 5:25 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, Utah

Making Brian Johnson the OC was too early a promotion, one that gave Johnson not much choice to leave Utah when he was demoted. Because if he accepted that status, his coaching career would have had a greater likelihood of going south. So Utah lost a valuable figure on its' staff. The Chow hire made sense and I think would have paid off if Chow asn't offered the head coaching job at Hawaii. He was only here a year and Utah was super thin at QB in 2011. At that time it was Jordan Wynn and his 4 shoulder surgeries atop the depth chart with nobody behind him but the good soldier Jon Hayes (who gave it his all). Moving on, Dennis Erickson was a good hire. That didn't work out last year but Utah had an unusual tally of crucial injuries on that offense. I was surprised that Erickson stayed on the staff when Whittingham hired Christensen but I am glad to have both of them here. I look for Utah's offense to turn the corner this season.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wow, this is a new angle for a Des News sports reporter. Here's the quote you are searching for, Mr. Robinson...

"Whittingham said after Tuesday’s practice. “We tried the co-coordinator thing and it didn’t sit well with me. It was my fault. My response is to remedy it when it’s not working.”

There ya go, Doug. Coach Whitt acknowledged that it's his fault. Can we move on, now?

Big 12 Call Yet?
Ogden, UT

He'll get our NASCAR offense going like we expect.

He already has proven he can put up 40 points a game against big boy teams.

We will be the surprise of the PAC 12 and go 7-5 and enjoy a very good PAC 12 season.

Go utes!

Bountiful, UT

I didn't know that Christensen was an O-lineman.

That's good news, because between he & Jim Harding, we have really good OL competence where everything on offense starts: Up Front.

Also, though the record didn't reflect it, Utah got significantly better on offense in 2013 over 2012, even with a more difficult schedule, which bodes well for our offensive staff capitalizing on the talent this year and getting back on the right track.

Our easiest year in the PAC was 2011, and the rest of the PAC improved significantly after that year. It's a wicked conference to be in, but I think we're poised to fight our way up the ladder.

One thing is certain: being in the P5 and especially being in the PAC is highly, highly preferable to being a top team in the G5 tier of college football.

Elko, NV

I am excited to see the utes have a solid 5 win season.

JoCo Ute
Grants Pass, OR

With Christensen becoming available and Whitingham's personal relationship with him the real story, one worth writing about, would be why didn't Whitingham hire Christensen. He proven himself as one of the best offensive minds in the country.

The staff at the U right now is fantastic. . . let's hope the results improve. With the toughest schedule in the country it might be tough to get to a bowl.

Condescending Wonka
Salt Lake City, Utah


Thanks for the concern. Utah will be just fine. I'm excited to see byu slide more into irrelevance than they already are. 7 of the 12 PAC coaches have already agreed that P-5 teams should not play against non-P5 teams. Guess which side of that fence byu is on? Not a big deal for the cougars to not to play against P-5 teams in the future. They're already off to a great start on that front.

Salt Lake City, 00

It's tough in the PAC12, the Utes need to find their rhythm. It doesn't matter though, we're in the PAC12 and that's all that matters. We can lose every game but at least we're in the conference of champions.

Go PAC12 Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

Sounds like a friend just needed a job. Must be hard being a head coach and giving the fired friend a top spot on your offense without looking kind of silly in the process. I predict it doesn't go well. Because it was friendship, not proven talent that got him the job. DC's head coaching record isn't anything to write home about.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

We will win tons of big boy teams this year.

Go Utes!

Springville, UT

Let see now, this is the guy that got fired from the wyoming cowboys correct ?

Salmon, ID

I've seen Christensen's Wyoming teams play BSU. His offense was bad. Good luck.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

“(Christensen) is, first of all, an established commodity,” says Whittingham

It really is Groundhog Day. Didn't he say the EXACT same thing about Erickson coming in to save the day last year?

Ogden, UT

"To be fair, two of those seven OCs — Ludwig and Chow — left Utah for other jobs, but the other five lost their jobs because the Ute offense didn’t produce"

Check your math Doug. The other FOUR lost their jobs because the Utes didn't produce. Christensen would be the seventh OC.

@ Christine

Yeah Whittingham did say the same thing about Erickson. And...that might be because he IS an established commodity.

Draper, UT

"I felt we needed to take another step forward and I wanted to get one voice in the room that would run the show. We tried the co-coordinator thing and it didn’t sit well with me."

What was the first step forward? Promoting Johnson? Having Co-coordinators? Every comment Ute fans make is we are taking "another step forward". Get real, the program has being going backwards. The last step forward was a BCS game and joining the PAC 12. Great steps forward. But let's be honest it's been a down hill slide since then. How about instead of "another step forward" we be honest and say "make a change to turn things around". Admitting you have a problem is the first step to fixing it.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Another new coach another year of mediocrity. Even if the guy is a genius it'll take some time to get up to speed. Whitt hasn't done a good job with his assistants, time to move on.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Capsaicin : "Because it was friendship, not proven talent that got him the job. DC's head coaching record isn't anything to write home about."

DC was National Offensive Coordinator of the Year. Who has been "writing home" about Robert Anae? Fired and re-hired expecting magically something different.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Taylormade1 : "Let see now, this is the guy that got fired from the wyoming cowboys correct"

He was Head Coach at Wyoming. What's the point?

Anae was fired at BYU and you hired him back to the same position two years later, correct?

Drum and Feather

Whitt is simply a genius coach, look at all he has done. Why there is any doubt as to what the result will be when he hires a new offensive coordinator is beyond me. Every offensive coordinator he has hired (and there have been a lot of them) has lead us to at least a top 110 offense in the nation. There are almost 130 teams so that means our offense has been better than almost 20 of them, that's really good.

We will probably go to the Rose Bowl this year, if not the National Championship playoffs, if not we will still be in the PAC 12 so what does it matter if we win anyway?

I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

If this column were about BYU, the angle would be about how the new Cougar offensive coordinator was bringing in a system that would be unstoppable.

It wouldn't matter how many coordinators Bronco has burned through, fired, or brought back.

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