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Published: Thursday, Aug. 7 2014 2:45 p.m. MDT

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Baltimore, MD

Bronco made it clear that BYU will do whatever is necessary and beneficial, within reason, to support student athletes.

Elko, NV

How will this impact members of the 65 schools that are already operating in the red? Will they shutdown sports programs that don't make money and not carry so many student athletes?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

When you couple this with the ESPN article today about the continued talk of having the big boys play ONLY other big boys, this would be the END of any dreams that mid majors have of ever doing anything on a national stage.

Goodbye to any playoff hopes. Goodbye to national titles. Its all gone.

It's a bad bad time to be a mid major.

Oh well, glad I don't have to worry!

Bye bye mid majors. You're done.

Norman, OK

I agree with Chris B on this much, "The divide is getting bigger and bigger between the power 5 and the mid majors."

Never in my years have I seen so much pompous and hubristic chest beating about being a "power school." The divide IS widening. And it is not in level of play (See UCF just last year for example).

Crisco B
Salt Lake City, UT

If the Utes are a Power 5 school, their source of power must be cold fusion.

West Jordan, Utah

Follow the money. It's always the problem. But it's NOT just the money because revenue and the abundance of it can be justified as what it is here in this college football power conference autonomy debate. And this largely comes from supply and demand. Basically, despite opposition from some fan bases, by and large sports consumers, many/most of us feed the beast here. Yes money is the problem, but it's the corruption and shady circulation and distribution of the money that gives the 'Good Ole Boys' the power. They use a bowl structure and minor tweak playoff system along with mass marketing to keep college football fans interested around the country, some who might firmly oppose them if they were say a fan of BYU.

Gilbert, AZ


You obviously don't understand the golden rule here.

He who has the gold, makes the rules.

As soon the elite, big money teams get through cannibalizing the mid-majors, guess who they're going to cannibalize next.

Do you really think that elite teams like USC, Ohio St, and Texas are going to allow teams like Utah to continue feeding at the trough when they no longer need you?

Before you have time to gloat about BYU's demise, your own demise will be a foregone conclusion.

West Jordan, Utah

There are schools outside the power 5 in other conferences or independent teams like BYU that are more worthy of inclusion than the bottom half of the schools in the power 5 that feed off of and benefit from the conferences best and historic teams at the top. So, although there are intriguing and competitive positives that some sports fans can see with these changes of Power 5 economic and competitive dominance (of which I like as well), there is also an unbalanced prejudice of power. But such is capitalism historically.

CJ Miles
Dallas, TX

College sports, especially football, is a business. It's about recruiting the best players and making huge sums of money off their ability to entertain people on Saturday afternoon. In return, the players can earn a degree for free. For the NCAA to pretend it isn't a business and is about the kids is ridiculous at best. However, it is free enterprise. If the Mountain West and other conferences wanted to put more money into marketing its programs and getting more people to watch them play, they could take advantage of this huge cash cow they call football. It's all about TV revenue and advertising drives TV revenue. The more people who watch your conference play, the more money your conference makes regardless of the 5 five or not. If I were the Mountain West, I would be hiring Donald Trump to run my conference. Not some jock.

Cedar Hills, UT

I think BYU's days in the NCAA are numbered.

West Jordan, Utah

Take the stock market for example, it changes and in some time cycles, profits the robber barons more. Right now in college sports we are seeing the kinds of problems with some worthy schools outside the Power 5 that compare on a smaller scale with persons of contribution (great inventors and scientists) during the 1920s that were negatively effected via loss of financial prosperity and grant reduction during the 1890s up until the 'Great Depession'. Back in that era (although it's still the case to a certain degree) it was easy for the big financial players and ultra wealthy controllers of the market to take all the money they could from those that help create it, leaving them with hardly a little to stew on. Tesla had much of his science repressed and his inventions patented by the richest profiteers that saw the stock market as their exclusive playground. Obviously there are still and probably always will be moral questions with the market core, but I think the 'Good Ole Boy' network in college sports is relegating those outside their circle as being free game for sack, pillage and plunder. Conservatives locally might realize that BYU could suffer here.

West Jordan, Utah

I have long despised the BCS and the 'Bowl Coalition' that preceded it. Although I was stoked and I still am about Utah being in the PAC 12, I never for a moment switched over into a BCS lover. What we are seeing now with the 'Power 5' autonomy situation disgusts me.

Rexburg, ID

Gotta love Chris B deluded in believing his/her team is a Rottweiler when in fact it is a Chihuahua. Lots and lots and lots of barking and no bite. The Chihuahua is in the PAC not because of its athletic pedigree, but because it was needed as a place holder. It is in the PAC solely because Baylor was made a part of the deal by the Texas legislature and the PAC refused because it was a religion sponsored school. There was another religion sponsored school in close proximity with a much better pedigree, but likewise, the PAC didn't go for it because of its religious principles.

Bottom line is that the Chihuahua is a little dog that thinks its a big dog.

Draper, UT

I think what Chris B and others miss is that not all 65 of the schools in the power 5 are operating in the black. In fact most are not. What this decision does is allow the top 10-20 programs in the nation widen the divide. It will cause some of the P5 schools to drop out of the P5 and continue to widen the gap within the P5 schools. Great, Utah is a P5 school. Do you really think they will be able to compete with Oregon or USC for athletic funding and increasing the benefits to players? Recall the difference in the NFL before the salary cap and free agency? This just ensures Utah will remain non-competitive in the PAC 12. The elitists that are cheering their separation from the mid-majors will soon find they've been separated from the winners in their own conference. But hey...you can still take pride in that PAC 12 shirt.

West Jordan, Utah

Want to hear a joke?

"Today’s vote marks a significant step into a brighter future for Division I athletics," said Nathan Hatch, board chair and Wake Forest University president, who also chaired the steering committee that redesigned the structure. "We hope this decision not only will allow us to focus more intently on the well-being of our student-athletes but also preserve the tradition of Division I as a diverse and inclusive group of schools competing together on college athletics’ biggest stage."

Okay let's break this down. First off it's Wake Forest. They deserve 'Power 5' autonomy about as much as Mickey Mousse. Moving on we have the contradiction of all time; "diverse and inclusive." Those two words go together like sardines on a chocolate cake.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

No worries if Tom and Bronco say things will be OK. We are a legacy program with all sorts of legends and 1 Billion people in China watching our games.

Magna, UT

Say what you want about the bigs and the littles or the haves and have nots, this experiment has been tried over and over throughout history and the conclusion is always the same.

Proverbs 16:18
Old Testament
Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

Milwaukie, OR

If the P5 teams were only to play with themselves, would it reduce the number of people watching college football? Would it reduce the value to the advertisers who inspire the enormous TV contracts? Would it actually decrease overall interest in and revenue that college football generates? Without mid-majors to play, many more P5 teams will end up with .500 or lower records and not be eligible for bowl games. Without bowl games and winning records, will boosters be willing to pay for the extra benefits that are coming? Don't forget another golden rule--don't kill the golden goose!

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Say what you want about the bigs and the littles or the haves and have nots, this experiment has been tried over and over throughout history and the conclusion is always the same.


The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, and the middle class gets screwed.

Too Big to Fail comes to mind in recent history.

West Jordan, Utah

BYU has the resources to pay athletes rather they are independent or not. But ethically, this won't happen. The church won't place football over money spent on matters considered by them to be more spiritually important. There is no doubt that there is an 'exposure' element to missionary work via football, at least when the 'exposure' is positive, and it usually is. But this doesn't make football a spiritual matter.

Personally, I think athletes should receive compensation for their part in revenue production. They ought to get more in return for the sacrifice of their bodies on the gridiron. But it's a slippery slope. Some schools (think SEC) will place so much value on football glory over education and moral principle, that they will go way overboard relative to what others can keep up with. There are boosters in certain regions with affiliations to certain universities (quiet on specifics) that make their money via corruption. These individuals will also donate their money wrapped in corruption because it comes full circle according to their own narrow minded selfishness. They spend money like they make it. It's all about them and their school.

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