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Published: Thursday, Aug. 7 2014 10:10 a.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

BYU the dominant fat cat? Umm, yeah. That won't be happening anytime soon.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Interesting article on ESPN today. All big boy coaches were polled and almost 50% favor ONLY playing games against other big boys - and 15% were still undecided.

That would be the END of byu football, since you case you you guys forgot, you are definitely NOT a big boy.

They day is close that byu will play ZERO big boys on their entire schedule. And byu football will be gone!

Salt Lake City, UT

"It really wasn't that long ago that Western Athletic Conference foes saw BYU as a dominant, all-pervasive force."

Not that long ago? All-pervasive force?...that's a little over the top, don't you think?

30 years ago byu dominated the WAC...a pathetic excuse of a conference. 30 years is a very long time ago, especially in the sports world, yet byu fans still believe byu dominates. In an era where byu has no conference, didn't dominate the last conference they were in, and currently begs for any table scraps the power conference teams are willing to throw their way.

Welcome to the new reality, coug fans.

Reno, NV

Chris B: FYI, your coach was undecided, and Gary Andersen was strongly opposed to B5-only scheds. IMO, this poll is locker room bulletin board material for any non-B5 team that plays any of those teams. None more than Sark and Chris Petersen for BYU fans.

Orem, UT

Despite your fantasy christy, BYU continues to schedule teams like USC, UCLA, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Nebraska far into the future.

The truth is, most P5 schools still consider BYU a bigger opponent than Utah.

Utah got a little lucky when Michigan jumped the gun on the pending PAC 12 / B1G scheduling agreement and agreed to a home-and-home with Utah, but that's the only elite team that's ever agreed to visit RES aside from USC now being forced to visit SLC because of Utah's PAC 12 affiliation.

Call us the next time Ohio State, Wisconsin, Texas, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Florida State, Miami, or any team from the SEC agrees to visit tiny RES.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

True blue.

I think you missed what is happening.

The big boys may start only playing big boys.

Every single big boy conference recently individually reiterated that byu is a mid major like Wyoming.

Lol! Your program is over!

Lincoln Park, IL


I don't see Notre Dame ever wanting to play the Utes in SLC.

River Falls, WI

Thanks Chris B., for bringing the ESPN poll to my attention. It is indeed an interesting poll. 30 in favor of only P5 scheduling, 23 against, and 15 undecided. Those coaches against include: FSU (Fisher), GTech (Johnson), Ohio State (Meyer), Wiscy (Anderson), Texas (Strong), TCU (Patterson), Notre Dame (Kelly), AZ (Rodriquez), AK (Bielema, Georgia (Richt), SC (Spurrier).

If you look closely you'll see that nearly half of those against P5 exclusivity have recently played BYU. Throw in coaches from the undecided category (with BC, Virginia, Cal, Utah, WSU) and it looks like a lot of coaches agree with AZ's Rodriquez that "some of those [Group of Five teams] are better than the so-called 'haves' [Power Five teams]."

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ TrueBlue

"The truth is, most P5 schools still consider BYU a bigger opponent than Utah."

Are you sure. The ACC and SEC consider BYU a mid-major, and the PAC-12 actually invited Utah to become a member. That's more than half of the P5 teams right there.

I don't know why BYU fans buy into the idea that Utah can't attract quality teams to RES. When Utah was in the MWC it hosted Pitt, UNC, Oregon St., UCLA, Arizona (twice), Cal, Oregon, Washington St (during its Rose Bowl season), and Texas A&M.

Solomon Levi
Alpine, UT


What you don't seem to understand is that if the P5s decide only to schedule P5s, the chances of Utah ever finishing another season with a winning record becomes almost nil.

Replacing Weber State, Fresno State, and Northern Illinois with Michigan, Oklahoma State, and Georgia Tech effectively guarantees that the Utes will never finish better than 5-7 and bowl less.

If you think that the Huntsman Center looked empty during the last few seasons, wait'll you see what RES is going to look like when an endless string of 3 and 4 win seasons is all you have to look forward to.

Salt Lake City, UT

Orem, UT

You sound desperate and emotional, TrueBlue.

"BYU continues to schedule teams like USC, UCLA, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Nebraska far into the future."

Far into the future is correct. However, byu is a somewhat respectable win for USC and UCLA within Pac-12 footprint (low travel cost). It's smart for the Pac-12 to use byu. Is Michigan and Nebraska visiting LES? Your comment implies there are multiple games with them.

"The truth is, most P5 schools still consider BYU a bigger opponent than Utah."

Really? Is that the truth, TrueBlue? If you can't support it you made it up.

Utah...away and home with the Wolverines. Spin how you want...Michigan will be in SLC next year. Who is byu playing that day?

"USC now being forced to visit SLC because of Utah's PAC 12 affiliation."

LOL! Clearly, USC agreed to expand the conference and will be in SLC this year. Who is byu playing that day? Oregon will be at RES on Nov 8. Who is byu playing that day?

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

Two for Flinching - when did the the ACC and SEC say anything about Utah? Your sound logic isn't so sound my friend. I'm not bashing on Utah, just the lack of simple reasoning in your comment.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Solomon - And what will LES look like when P5 only play P5?

It will be the new rugby stadium. LOL!

River Falls, WI

RE: MyPerspective

"The truth is, most P5 schools still consider BYU a bigger opponent than Utah." (TrueBlue)
Really? Is that the truth, TrueBlue? If you can't support it you made it up."

I agree with TrueBlue so I'll gladly provide some evidence. Your (MP) spin was that regard comes from who is willing to schedule you, especially for away games. That makes little sense as P5 schools are padding their schedules all the time with cupcakes, even occasionally on the road.

I think a better metric would be preseason rankings. Those show how good you're expected to be and have little correlation with the actual quality of a program. It stands to reason that the "bigger opponent" would be ranked higher more often. I haven't looked this up yet so I'm not sure if BYU or Utah usually ranks higher. I'll check into it right now and gladly eat crow if I'm wrong and Utah is the "bigger opponent."

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT


The big boys of the PAC 12 were happy to schedule Utah as an annual punching bag to help them pad their conference record. Being forced to play in RES every other year was simply the price they were willing to pay to hold a CCG.

Wellsville, UT

USA Today 2014 Pre-Season Poll
Utah - 66
USU - 46
BYU - 34
Enough said about relevance. Coach Rodriquez was absolutely correct in his assessment; and could he have been taking about Utah and BYU.

San Diego, CA

BYU and Utah are still basically playing at the same level, making Utah a Pac-12 punching bag and BYU a winner due to a slightly weaker schedule. The only thing Utah can brag about is its recent (aberrant, and now, irrelevant) win streak against the Cougars. It's clear that if BYU is a mid-major it's one of the best, while many of the P-5 schools are only in those conferences due to historical accident, including Utah (does Utah get a full cut of Pac-12 profits yet?). For now, I'm enjoying independence much more than my Utah buds are enjoying the Pac-12, and if BYU continues to beat the teams in front of it, it will out-recruit and outperform the Utes in the long run (winning begets winning). BYU's risk is the P-5 circles the wagons, but it's still too convenient for the Pac-12 to schedule the Y, the independents and the better mid-majors want us, and the Big XII may still decide it wants championship money. We'll be fine. Will U?

Orem, UT


You sound like you're trying to ignore the reality that doesn't fit your fantasy.

Remind us that last time Utah scheduled an OOC game against any elite team, besides Michigan, in RES.

Teams like Penn St, Miami, Texas, Florida St, and Notre Dame have been visiting LES for decades.

River Falls, WI


I’m not saying preseason ranking is a great measure of who the “more relevant” team is, but it is some evidence, which is more than you have provided. Other decent measures would include end-of-season rankings, attendance, “hatability” (relevant teams are more hated than irrelevant ones). Go ahead and show how Utah outranks BYU in any of those categories.

Preseason rankings
2014 ESPN Power Index - BYU 31, Utah 40
2014 USA today (coaches poll) – BYU 38, Utah NR
2014 Phil Steele – BYU 38, Utah NR
2014 Mike DeSimone – BYU 57, Utah 77
2013 Deadspin - BYU 48, Utah 83
2013 Bleacher Report – BYU 38, Utah 81
2011 Bleacher report – BYU 39, Utah 41

Anaheim, CA


"And what will LES look like when P5 only play P5?"

What's the point of arguing a hypothetical that will never happen?

We realize that the demise of BYU athletics is a fantasy of yours, but the truth is, BYU is in a much better position to weather this latest storm than Utah.

If the P5s try to push this too far, there are things like congressional investigations and anti-trust lawsuits that even the NCAA is not immune to.

If you think that's an idle threat, you're only fooling yourself.

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