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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 6 2014 9:20 p.m. MDT

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Danbury, CT

Sounds like Harmon is the one most optimistic. BYU NEEDS to be better for how awful we looked at times last year. An offensive line that couldn't move schoolchildren off the line, receivers who were never open, and a QB who never had or took time to set up and read. Just a hurry up offense. The game at U Va was an embarrassment, as was the Utah game (4th in a row). This is just more pre-season hype which we always get in August and by mid September, the air has gone out.

I will always be a fan, but I'm not high on this coaching staff and its ability to prepare or upgrade the team. We consistently hire mediocre coaches and play with a lack of emotion. With our facilities, investments and broader recruiting base, there is no excuse for our inability to step it up a level or two from where we were 20 or 30 years ago. Sad that we celebrate our high point in Cougar Football 3 decades ago without any BCS bowl appearances or an invitation to a FBS conference.

Frozen Chosen
Savage, MN

This year will prove whether the hard and fast offense is viable or not. Last year was a huge learning curve for everyone but the O should run much smoother this year.

Given their relatively easy schedule, I would expect BYU to go 11-1 or better. Anything less will be a disappointment.

Orem, UT

BYU will always be amazing to Dick Harmon. I totally agree with you Eastcoastcoug. Our offensive line was so weak and it was clearly evident against Wisconsin and Notre Dame.

My excitement before each football season has waned after four years of mediocre teams (since 2009 season). We haven't been ranked consistently since that season and have not even been close to an undefeated season. We got a cute slogan last year: "Go fast, go hard" that was really, "Punt fast, punt hard." Now it is, "Go fast, go hard, go far." Why don't we put the emphasis on a concrete goal of scoring touchdowns?

As long as we recruit mid-tier athletes, and do not produce NFL-talent beyond one or two draft picks a year, we will not reach elite levels and BCS games, and that is if we even had good access to those bowl games.

Salmon, ID

I'm going to be more optimistic than eastcoastcoug, but I understand his frustration with bad losses in September. BYU needs to win early and often this season.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm looking forward to an explosive offense and a lot of wins. If BYU can make it through September undefeated, this could be a very fun season for BYU fans.

Denton, TX

"...like signing new Amway reps?" Oh Puh-leeeze, Harmon!

West Point , UT

I also feel eastcoast's frustration but there are some positives for this year. I think the addition of more explosive receivers will help the passing game and open up the field more for the running game (a lot easier to run when defenses have to abandon 8 man fronts because of speed on the outside at WR.

I have also reined in my enthusiasm in preseason over the last few years. Until this coaching staff can prove to us that they know how to make in-game adjustments and adequately prepare these guys every week, I won't count on anything special. Hopefully they prove themselves this season.

Draper, UT


"This is just more pre-season hype which we always get in August"

I think you missed the point of the article. Last year Anea made comments to temper the preseason hype and moderate expectations. This year Anea is building preseason hype. I like that fact that a coach who told reporters last year to check their expectations at the door is excited about this year. And counter to that - what do you want - preseason negativity? We have all season to be upset. Why don't we just enjoy a month of dreams about an undefeated season and a major bowl. If another disappointing season is coming, it will be here soon enough and we'll have plenty of time to vent and post negative comments.

Denver Brad
Highlands Ranch, CO

A light year is actually only just over 224 Billion marathons (224,370,221,756, to be more precise).

Nowhere near 8 jillion.

Provo, UT

Amen, eastcoastcoug.

We see it frequently, QB and receiver problems are really offensive line problems. QBs and receivers need time, and a creative offensive scheme can only buy so much time without a solid OL.

Like you, I will always be a fan, but I'm not high on Independence or this coaching staff, and I grow tired of the excuses. We have a long football tradition that is overripe for moving to the next level. But we just can't seem to get there, and I don't have the confidence in the current AD and coaching staff to make it happen.

It is way past time for a major change!

Cedar Hills, UT

Negative comments are not normal (or NOT Good) for anybody. Please enjoy life and the undeafted session (so-far) right now!

American Fork, UT

I am optimistic about the season for the cougs. The team is making progress. I think the coaches are doing an excellent job. Good Luck Cougars.

Alpine, UT

Wow. I'm somewhat surprised at the general negativity from several on-line commenters here. True BYU fans have traditionally been somewhat optimistic this time of year. It's too bad the past few years have created such cynicism in some of these "fans".

I've been following BYU for several decades. I've paid particular attention the Robert Anae both times he's been coaching at BYU. This is the first time I've ever heard him be so positive and optimistic before any season ever began. To me, that is particularly meaningful.

After watching the mid-season progress last year when BYU won 5 straight games including over some very good programs, some undefeated and even on the road. That was real progress from the first of the season.

Considering the high talent level of the added skill-position players, combined with the number of returning players, and also combining the added advantage of having a year to work out the wrinkles in the new offensive scheme, there are multiple legitimate reasons to warrant genuine optimism.

But if the naysayers want to maintain their getting-old cynicism, then have at it. But some of us are smiling already.

Anchorage, AK

Did anyone ask him if he's abandoned the run up the middle on first down play? By the end of last season, he was calling that same play most of the time...to the surprise of NO ONE.

Salt Lake City, 00

I would be more positive too if I didn't belong to the best conference in the country.

Proud PAC12 member

Mission Viejo, CA

Comments about "this coaching staff" always starting slow is bogus. "This coaching staff" is new. Last year they put in a completely new offense. "This coaching staff" has one year of history.

The previous three years were marred by a 4-star kid QB who called a press conference to announce his signing. After one year, under Anae, he was improving, but the following year Anae was gone and Doman was OC. Another new offense. Star QB kid could not run an option offense, failed badly. Replace with gutsy running QB with weak arm, who broke his back.

The years since independence has seen struggles on offense, a shambles to be sure, precipitated by Anae's departure and the hurry-up promotion of Doman. Meanwhile the defense became stellar under Bronco's direct management.

Those days are past. We now have Anae back with a new offense. We have an experienced DC, and Bronco as a HC.

Recruitment has focussed on speed and size on offense. Hill is the real deal and Stewart has a cannon. And guess what? Coaches learn, too. Bronco is doing the right thing, IMO.

Forget the past. This is a new team, under new management.

centerville, UT

BYU is overrated.. super easy schedule, what a joke!

Salt Lake City, UT

Complain, complain, complain. From experience, I can say it's a common attitude on the east coast and it seems to be spreading around in Cougar Nation.

This was a fun article! It is certainly significant that Robert Anae is being so positive. We haven't seen this before so it must mean something. I do agree that it remains to be seen whether the change is in Robert himself (offseason PR coaching?) or in the progress of the team. But isn't it fun to look forward to a bright new season?!!

And, Dick, your writing has come a long ways since you started at the DN. I used to think your sports metaphors were corny, but loved the ones in this article. Great job!

Provo, UT

Typical. So-called "true blue" fans make disparaging remarks against those of us who inject some reality into our pre-season opinions.

Does hating on fellow Cougars make the team better?

Does criticizing and attacking fellow fans (and telling us we are not "real fans") move our Strength of Schedule up from 97th to anywhere close to Utah's at 11th?!

So what if we do have a stellar season against a thrown together mashup schedule of misfits? We get no Conference championship, least of all any power Conference status. We win big against cupcakes, lose close against legit teams, and no matter how the W - L comes out, there is always a huge question mark on every season, including the National Championship from 30 years ago.

Being positive is fine, but at some point it becomes delusional, especially when you have to bad mouth fellow fans because they break ranks with your naive wishful thinking.

Get real.

Cedar Hills, UT

I've been a fan for my entire life and I always get excited this time of year like other Cougar fans. But there are some good reality checks in the comments on this article.

Like many fans, I'm ready for all the pre-season hype to be backed up with QUALITY play and QUALITY wins on the field. This doesn't make me less of a fan. Some might even argue it makes me a bigger fan considering my concerns with the past few years and wanting nothing but success for the program.

In a few weeks it will be time to live up to the hype with convincing wins against most of this year's opponents.

Go Cougs.

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