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Published: Wednesday, Aug. 6 2014 3:10 p.m. MDT

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Why, AZ

The uniform is a meh.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"Strong like our mountains"

Go UTES. Cant wait to get this 7-5 season underway as we cheer the premier university in the state onto victory against some of the best teams in the entire country.

Proud Ute
Proud Pac 12 member


The sleeves don't look like mountains, they look like spider webs - spiderman uniforms!

Whatever it takes to win, go spidey, er, Utes!

Cougar on The Hill
Midvale, UT

These should only last one season. They're not terrible, I just don't see the mountains staying on the sleeves for very long.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

The uniforms are horrible. Under Armour is out-Nike-ing Nike.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I honestly need to see more pictures of these unis with pads on before I can make a solid judgement. This Twitter pick looks better than I thought. But without pads they definitely look pretty meh to me.

Tomahawk Red
San Francisco, CA


Thought they would be better. And I don't know why Utah can't do a decent reveal like every other program does.

No new helmet either. Same old Utah lack of vision.

The Anti Chris
Salt Lake City, UT

I agree with Kralon. They look cartoonish.
I was sure that they would have put a pac sticker on the uniform.

West Jordan, UT

Eh, Pride of the Wasatch?

New York, NY

Happy Mountains brought to you by Bob Ross.

Cedar Hills, UT

nice look

Salt Lake City, UT

Love em.

Thanks Under Armour.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

They look Awesome!

Magna, UT

I Like The Mountains.....Sure Beats The Bibs !

West Jordan, UT

Saw them at the Red Zone today. Not horrible, but I like the clean sleeves better.


Bleacher Report ranked the top CFB uni's for 2014 and they ranked BYU as the sixth best uni in the country. OR,no surprise, was ranked #1 best uni in CFB. Have a nice day.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Awful. Truly awful.

Mr. Caveman
Omaha, NE

Made from rock? Can it get any cheesier? Utah is the new Maryland.

IRS Agent

They match the team's performance in the PAC - horrible.

Provo, UT

In my opinion, if the sleeves were 3 inches shorter, the mountains wouldn't look so jarring. I guess you want to be on the leading edge of design without going too far. On the other hand, that certainly brings a lot of attention to Oregon (love them or hate them, you always look for the Oregon uniform).

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