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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 5 2014 12:30 a.m. MDT

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Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Yes! Another 5 stars!


Love you Ernest!

Akile is a two or three star player, depending on which service you look at. But, he seems to be wise for his age and BYU is often able to help players get better than they seem. As long as players not only understand, but look forward to the commitment, I think they will do well.

Welcome to BYU, Akile, and I hope you have a great time and do well both on and off the field!

Springville, UT

That takes some guts to commit and he has never set foot on the campus.

I think hw will be pleasantly surprised when he gets here.

Fort Benning, GA

Ernest, you just make the argument that much easier for us BYU fans. BYU consistently does more with less than nearly any other program in the country. Recruiting (generally) predominantly LDS kids, players who take two years off from missions, and occasionally get that 4 or 5 "star" recruit. And year after year we are playing in bowl games and (besides last year) have done very well in bowl games under the Mendenhall era.

BYU does more with less on a consistent basis.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Well, I'll be consistent and say yes I guess power 5 program wanted him. You guys beat out Indiana and Toledo for this recruit!

Springville, UT

Welcome to the Y Alkie ! We love players that want to commit instead of decommit which is exactly what has become an ongoing problem with the school up north.Just sayin.....

Cheyenne, WY

Good pick-up for the cougars.
According to the recruiting outlets he also had an offer from Maryland.
Out of the 9 Utah commits only 2 players have offers from other schools.
They are: Wyoming, Eastern Washington, Houston, Indiana, and McNeese State. (WOW 1 P5 school this recruit had 2 himself)
Way to early in the recruiting process to be taking shots at anybodies recruits.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Um, you do know that a school asking former players contact recruits is a recruiting violation, right? DN may want to take this article down.

Cheyenne, WY

@ Brave Sir Robin
A booster (Alumni) may receive calls from prospective student-athletes only if the prospect initiates the call and no recruitment takes place during the conversation. Limit only information to the university in general.
Sounds like Hooks described the university.
Most recruits call former athletes from that university.
I know I did to see how people really liked it instead of believing everything the coaches say.

Murray, UT

@ Chris B

Yup Indiana, a Big 10 School. Kid can flat out fly, hoping he's got good hand and can bulk up a bit. Need's to add about 15 pounds of muscle.

Omaha, NE

Where do headlines come from? I briefly remember Hooks playing but believe he never made an NFL team. Not knocking his college play but story was about former player helping recruit someone so does headline try to sensationalize story to get someone to read it?

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


Read the article again. It says "Hooks was contacted by the Cougar coaching staff after Davis flat out told them his concern of not fitting in at BYU as a non-LDS minority athlete. Cougar coaches, in turn, contacted the former BYU great, asking him to share his own experiences in Provo as a minority athlete.

Hooks delivered."

Sounds like Hooks contacted the recruit (not the other way around) and did it at the behest of the coaching staff. That's a clear NCAA violation. I'm surprised this article is still posted.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Sounds like a good kid with lots of potential. However, I think he may be in for a cultural shockeroo. Hope it all works out for him.


re:flatlander Why do you think newspapers have headlines? To get someone to read the article. The majority of headlines aren't accurate or have much to do with the body of the story. The DNews is no different in this regard than other newspapers. Their existence depends on circulation and circulation depends on luring readers to pick it up and comment. Looks like they succeeded on both counts.

Pleasant Grove, UT

I'm a huge BYU fan and former athlete, and Brave Sir Robin is correct: This article sounds an awful lot like a recruiting violation. Margin would only be able to talk with Akile if Akile initiated the contact. It seems unlikely that BYU coaches would know in advance that a recruit with an admittedly waning interest would go to the trouble to contact a former BYU player for advice, and that they would know exactly which player would be contacted. Maybe that's exactly how it went down, but there's no evidence of innocent chronology in the article. A little clarification, Mr. Gurney?

Provo, UT

Until the full factual background is revealed, all speculation about recruiting violations is on shaky ground at best. Bronco has 10 years of experience as a head coach and obviously knows the rules, plus seems to be smart enough not to allow anything so blatant. We don't know who initiated the call, and I would not expect that a coach giving a recruit the names of former players the recruit might relate well to would violate any rules. I doubt a suggestion that the recruit contact some of the people on the list would violate any rules, either.

Lake Tapps, WA

Question on recruiting...which I admittedly know little about. In the business world references are a standard part of how things go. I provide a list of references to my prospect. I always check with my references before providing their contact information. Is this not allowed in recruiting? BYU coaches couldn't reach out to a former player asking if they would field a call from a recruit, then give the former player's contact information to the recruit and leave it up to the recruit to call? That would seem to me to be how this all works, and it is just the article that would seem to have left out a couple of the details of how it actually happened.

Gilbert, AZ

Utah is to the Pac12 as Indiana is to the B1G...

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

little Robin,

Unless Hooks meets the definition of a booster(and no, not all former players are automatically boosters) then this is no violation.

This is another case of a Utah "fan" talking first and thinking later(or not at all)

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

This isn't Nam; this is football.... There are rules.

C'mon BYU.

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