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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 5 2014 8:35 a.m. MDT

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Louisville, KY

Great news! I can't wait for the season to start!

Salt Lake City, UT

I think every PAC 11 team is hoping Travis Wilson wins the job.

Ogden, UT

This is the first time in a long time that I actually feel comfortable and at ease with the QB situation. Even if, heaven forbid, Utah continues to get plagued with an injured QB the team has a legitimate #2 that could step in and lead the team. (Sigh of relief)

Go Utes

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Travis Wilson is going to lead this team to a 7-5 record and a great bowl game!


Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I'm hoping Thomspon can seperate him self and lead this team. Although Wilson looked good at times, his INT's killed Utah last year. I know he wasn't the sole reason for the 7 loses, but the QB position is critical.

Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City, UT

"I think every PAC 11 team is hoping Travis Wilson wins the job."

Fine...the rest of the conference underestimate the Utes. I tend to agree with several comments here, this is going to be a fun year. The Utes will welcome some of the best talent in the country to RES and play some of the best on the road. The only way it could possibly get any better than this is to win!

Go Utes!
Go Pac-12!

Utes-Best Lil Brothers
Anaheim, CA


"Travis Wilson is going to lead this team to a 7-5 record and a great bowl game!"


Name the 7 so we can "mark them down"!

On the bright side, we've heard that the Utes are already picking up the Pace for the couch potato chip bowl.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

”You don’t ever want to go into a situation where you don’t have a quarterback or a backup.” -- Christensen

Yet, that is exactly what Kyle did in Season 1 and 2 and in Season 3 he had no backup.

Worse yet, in Season 2 & 3 he had no real OC.

West Jordan, UT

I get the smack talk between BYU and Utah fans, I've given enough myself, but when is the "PAC 10.2 or PAC 11" comment going to get too old? After all, even in our worst years we haven't been the bottom of the PAC. So truly, last year you would have been talking about CAL and Colorado and based on projections this year you would be talking about the same teams.

Las Vegas, NV


"I think every PAC 12 team is hoping Travis Wilson wins the job."

Especially Stanford!

Thanks for playing!!

Go Utes!!

South Jordan, Utah

Utefan4Lyf - it will get old once you prove you belong. Probably going to take a long, long time!

Palo Alto, CA


4-5, 3-6, 2-7 prove that Utah is trending towards the bottom of the conference, so PAC 10.2 or PAC 11 are coming closer to reality for the Utes every year.

Just like their basketball team, Utah's football teamm may have to hit rock bottom and rebuild from the ground up with a new coach before they become competitive with the bottom half of the PAC 12.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

It's sad to me that Wilson's been the starter yet he's in a fight for the starting job. 23 career touchdown passes should have him in the starting job, until you see 22 interceptions there as well.

@chrisb - You'll just say you're being optimistically realistic but really, 7 wins?

I sure hope the U can do well this season but it's not looking promising.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

@MyPersp - "The only way it could possibly get any better than this is to win!"

Morale sinks when you keep losing. I coached a little league baseball team this summer and even though we thought we stayed upbeat in losses they sure took their toll. It was of no consolation to the 4th graders that one team that beat them finished undefeated on the season. Wins matter to the overall long-term health of the program, I sure hope the U can get some quality wins or else the program will start to fail even more. Playing top talent is one thing but you still need to win something!

West Jordan, UT

@skywalker: Once they hit the bottom we can revisit. Until then, there is no basis for the saying. That is my point. Stats don't lie. They have not hit bottom, therefore the saying is moot.

Gilbert, AZ

After all that Travis has done for Utah's football program, it seems like a bit of a slap in the face for him to be "trying out" for his starting QB position, especially against a transfer who has only completed 4 of 13 passes during his entire college career.

Utah continues trying unorthodox experiments - changing OCs every year, having co- or even tri-OCs, hiring one of the youngest OCs in the country with absolutely no OC experience, converting most QB recruits to other positions and leaving no depth at the most critical position on the team, and running a two-QB offense, with QBs with vastly different styles.

As usual with Whittingham's offenses, this seems like another act of desperation, but there's alot more riding on this experiment, namely, Whittingham's job.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Palo Alto, CA


4-5, 3-6, 2-7 prove that Utah is trending towards the bottom of the conference, so PAC 10.2 or PAC 11 are coming closer to reality for the Utes every year.


Not really, Utah's average ranking over the last three years is #9. Which means 3 teams have been worse on average. So Utah on average has been part of the PAC 10.

The reality is the team that is 0-3 vs Utah and 2-5 vs PAC-12 over the same period would be worse.

Alpine, UT


"Once they hit the bottom we can revisit..."

With 4-5, 3-6, 2-7 finishes in their first three seasons, that's certainly the direction they're trending, with 1-8, 0-9, the only steps left in "achieving" rock bottom.

Richmond, VA

@johnny triumph

Have you ever played sports before? Competition is excellent. I'm not saying this would happen, but saying TW is the starter no matter how well the other QBs play would usually mean that TW stops trying so hard because he is the automatic starter, and the other QBs don't try as hard because they have no chance at starting. Competition fuels success and reaching your limits. KT will keep playing hard to get the starting position which will push TW to play harder to keep the starting job. I think this QB competition is fantastic and am trying hard to keep a level head with all the enthusiasm this year. The Utes are deep and I hope it shows this year.

Plus he is still #1 on the depth chart.

West Point , UT

I can't speak for BYU fans because I don't use the whole PAC11 or 10.2 stuff but my guess is that many BYU fans don't believe Utah deserves their place in the PAC12. Colorado has a national championship and a power conference championship on their resume. Cal has multiple PAC10 championships with the last being in 2006 (shared with USC).

I don't personally agree with other BYU fans on this point, but that may be why they use the alternative PAC names instead of the PAC12. All Utah has to do to end it is at least finish with a winning conference record, and compete for at least an appearance in the PAC12 championship game.

As for getting old, when is it going to get old for Utah and it's fans to be happy about playing Oregon, USC, UCLA, ASU, etc and not actually beating them? It's a great schedule and exciting now, but it's still new. After 10 years of being kicked around in the conference it won't be new anymore and will definitely get old. What then?

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