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Published: Monday, Aug. 4 2014 6:40 p.m. MDT

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John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

This case is being prosecuted by one of the best special victims prosecutors in the State.

Ogden, UT

Sex is natural between people of all ages and genders, those who are in puberty who have the ability to have a child have the responsibility to use contraceptives, and those who have the ability to terminate a child's life, have that right to exercise the right to whom they choose to have sex with as well. this is not a gender thing, although the law has played both sides of the coin when it chooses, it only proves its biased.
Statutory Rape Laws apply here. in this case they show if the person cannot exercise the right to have sex with whom they choose then they do not have the right to terminate a child's life or even pro create... which is every persons god given right. not to be taken by the Law in any way shape or form, because they decide a person is too young to choose for themselves. where is the maturity test? where is the freedom of choice test? where is the right to pro create test? if they are old enough to get married then they are old enough to choose whom they want to have sex with.

Lake Sammamish, WA

For what it's worth, most of my female teachers through school looked more like Sgt. Schultz.

Centerville, UT

It sounds clear from this article that the teenage boy was the aggressor with his "persistent flirtations" toward the teacher. The teacher is still the adult and has the responsibility to resist and even report his flirtations. The trouble is that she probably enjoyed the attention and was attracted to this boy (and another it sounds like). Once someone goes down any path that society (and themselves) have deemed immoral, it is hard to say "no" the next time the opportunity presents itself. The charges sound to me like complete overkill. Rape? Really? Forcible Sodomy? By a woman? Really? Pretty tough to force someone to perform sodomy if you are not the man. I know these charges are in place to protect the innocent, and because she was a teacher she was in a position of special trust, but what about this 17 year old who was apparently raging with hormones? Yes, our students need protection but it seems clear in this case that this teacher was not a predator but a foolish person who allowed her lack of self discipline to ruin her career and damage these boys and herself.

Carson City, NV

Too many times the person in a "special position of trust" (teachers, police, parents, priests) have taken advantage of children. The problem with the law is that it keeps trying to paint different shades of gray to the same crime. Keep looking for the different shades of gray and soon there will be no law. Children victims already get so little protection under the law it is shameful!

Centerville, UT

@ Little Stream

I agree with the sentiment of what you wrote. But please read the article again and try to see it from this teacher's point of view. Yes she was the responsible adult and should have known better but read what led up to this. In this society, the pendulum sometimes swings too far in either direction depending on the outrage of the times. This 17 year old knew exactly what he was doing and continued in his persistent flirtations. (His own words) Again, I know she was wrong and foolish, but a rapist? I think not.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Bdamajd, would you have written the same comment if the teacher had been a man?

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

How come this 17 year old boy is a victim and his name withheld, but on another article a 17 year old girl is on trial as an adult for murder? I guess the whole age thing is adjustable for the prosecution.

Rape? Hardly, dumb, yep.

Utah Businessman
Sandy, UT

I have been married for quite and while and have fathered six children but I must confess that I do not understand how a woman can commit "forcible sodomy"!?

Salt Lake City, UT

So the new revelation that this teacher had sex with two different boys in the same time period shouldn't be taken into account. What was she doing, playing the field? One person and she might have had some extenuating something to explain her behavior. Two incidences spells predator in my mind. No wonder the defense attorney wants to suppress her confession.

Pleasant Grove, UT

@Utah Businessman

"I do not understand how a woman can commit "forcible sodomy"!?"

It's all in how the law is written, essentially what we call a "legal fiction." "Sodomy" in many state laws includes oral sex, and it's "forcible" because under the circumstances he does not have the ability to give legal consent.

And regardless of the sex of either party, I don't see in this anything worth spending tens of thousands of dollars of tax money to prosecute and hundreds of thousands of dollars to incarcerate the teacher. If the "victim" is old enough that he'd be automatically tried as an adult if he were to commit a similar offense, he's old enough to give meaningful consent in this matter.

seattle, WA

I think teacher student sex between consenting and willing partners ought to be part of education, it was so for the ancient Greeks, and would go a long way toward teaching that good love-making is part of life.

Centerville, UT

@one old man. The only part of the comment I would have changed is what I said about sodomy. This type of behavior on either side is not limited to one gender, as you know. :)

Left Field
Cocoa Beach, FL

To those questioning the term "forcible sodomy" in this story, it is legally considered "forcible" because one participant in the act is considered not to have reached the age wherein he is legally be able to give consent to the act. Absent consent, the act, even if voluntary, is "forcible." It's structured as such to protect the underaged victims who can be convinced to participate in something a more mature thinking individual might not do.

Centerville, UT

@ Left Field

I understand the legal term and reason for it being called "Forcible" It just seems to indicate something that is physically improbable. I agree with the person who wrote that if someone is old enough to be tried as an adult for murder at the age of 17 they should certainly be able to give consent to having sex with someone. I agree that what the teacher did was wrong and yes, now that there are allegations of a second teen, it does seem "predator like", but keep in mind my first comment: "Once someone goes down any path that society (and themselves) have deemed immoral, it is hard to say "no" the next time the opportunity presents itself." I think we all know that once we have started something whether it be smoking, drinking or having sex, it is hard to quit. Not impossible, but most of the time, very difficult.

Bridgeton, NJ

Women absolutely CAN and DO commit rape. Any time a woman has sex with an under aged person, she is a statutory rapist, just like when a man does it. If this teacher is found guilty then she is without a doubt a rapist. I am sick to death of women getting away with sexual assaults and domestic violence against men just because society is programmed to think that women just can't possibly be sexual predators. You want equality? Then you need to start treating women the same as men in criminal prosecutions as you do men. I for one am happy to finally see one of these female predators get charged with the actual crime of rape instead of a lesser charge like they usually do. Don't believe? Just google female teachers who have sex with students, then male teachers who have sex with students. Read the charges, then read the comment sections and see just how biased both the legal system and the general public are in favor of women. Stop giving women a free pass to be sexual predators just because you happen to think they are the weaker sex.

LOU Montana
Pueblo, CO

I suspect that this teenage boy (the aggressor) bragged to all his friends about his encounter with the teacher. When his parents found out about it they became enraged and contacted the authorities. This is when the teen felt guilt and shame?

What would motivate a teen boy to hit on his teacher?

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Grover said: "No wonder the defense attorney wants to suppress her confession."

Actually he was trying to suppress that before, because 8 officers showed up to interrogate her at her home.
Can you say overkill or intimidation, why 8 guys, maybe to get a look at her?

Bountiful Guy
Bountiful, UT

When commenters are casual about sex between two consenting people, even when one is a minor, you fail to mention that a potential child may come into the world as a consequence of the sex. The fact that minors are making decisions that can lead to birth of an innocent child is part of the reason laws are what they are. Children should not be making such decisions legally or morally. Parents are responsible for minor children and the law helps to protect them as well by forbidding sex among minors. It's even stronger legislation to keep adults from influencing children into sex that can lead to pregnancy and legally and morally obligating children to be responsible for the children they create. This isn't just about sex. It's about children. I hope we can all see that side of this issue.

BYU and Jazz Fan
Provo, UT

In connection with what Eliyahu said, here is what the Utah law says about sodomy and forcible sodomy:

76-5-403. Sodomy -- Forcible sodomy.
(1) A person commits sodomy when the actor engages in any sexual act with a person who is 14 years of age or older involving the genitals of one person and mouth or anus of another person, regardless of the sex of either participant.
(2) A person commits forcible sodomy when the actor commits sodomy upon another without the other's consent.
(3) Sodomy is a class B misdemeanor.
(4) Forcible sodomy is a first degree felony,

I was a little confused myself so I looked it up.

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