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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 5 2014 12:20 a.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

That's what we like to hear. Anyone who doesn't think we'll be bowling is just crazy. Coach Christensen puts up 40 points a game - just go look at his stats at Missouri - against power 5 teams!

Defense was never the problem.

We're going to win 2-3 games the "experts" don't have us winning.

7-5 and the best bowl of anyone in the state - I'll be reminding you all year long I called it.




I think it is finally time for Utah to have a winning season and go bowling. Hope springs eternal but sometimes it all does work out.

Go Utes!

Cedar Hills, UT

Kyle had better hope for a winning season or he will be looking for a new job....just my prediction.

South Jordan, UT

Spoken words by a coach who wants to keep his job!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Chris B

Defense was a HUGE problem against OSU, Arizona, and WSU last year. Maybe watch a game or two sometime.... You might like it.

Wellsville, UT

I had two coaches. One who though every thing was great ( like Whittingham) and so we believed so and constantly lost. The other who rode us hard and constantly told us we need to be better (like Mendenhall, Sloan , K, to name a few) and we were winners. Just a thought. The Utes will be lucky to achieve their best of 5 and 7 in the Conference of Champions, which they will never be. I predict a continual decline and probably a 3/9 season; 4 and 8 at best. So sad for a once respectable program that sought money over winning football games. they are have become the Maryland of the college football world.

Mcallen, TX

Try 5-7.

Even that's stretching it.

Elko, NV

Turn out the lights, the party is over. After this season a mad scramble to rebuild the program. Ute program is in turmoil. Time for ChANGE was last year.



You're right he did put up around 40 a game at Missouri. What you forgot to mention was that Missouri was a better offensive team than Utah is with a lot better quarterback (Chase Daniel).

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Try 8-4.

Salt Lake City, UT

Wellsville, UT

"I had two coaches. One who though every thing was great ( like Whittingham) and so we believed so and constantly lost. The other who rode us hard and constantly told us we need to be better (like Mendenhall, Sloan , K, to name a few) and we were winners."

You honestly think Mendenhall is a coach who drives his players and isn't "every thing [is] great" kind of guy? Seriously? This is a guy who comes up with catchy slogans, inexplicable symbolism, and uses only a third of his allotted practices before bowl games.

The difference between the two coaches in your comparison is that one plays against high caliber athletes and coaches who are adept at finding and exploiting every weakness no matter how small. The other doesn't.

Louisville, KY

For once, I actually agree with part of Chris B's comment. The Utes will have a 7-5 season this year and go bowling. The Utes are much improved and hungry to avenge last year with more depth and talent. The running game will be more of a factor this year than last with the addition of Booker and McCormick. The receiving corps is deeper with Scott back and the addition of Clay. The QB position is much improved with quality backups behind Wilson (or Thompson). I think the Utes are poised for a break out season!

Idaho State - Win
Fresno State - Win (We're 5-1 vs Fresno in RES)
Michigan - Win (We're 1-1 in the Big House, '02 10-7 Loss, '08 25-23 Win)
Washington State - Win (Shulz won't be at the helm)
UCLA - Toss-up (Down to the wire last year with 6 INT's)
Oregon State - Win (Down to the wire with 3 INT's)
USC - Toss-up (Offense is much improved)
Arizona State - Toss-up (Last year still stings!)
Oregon - Toss-up (Shulz won't be at the helm)
Stanford - Toss-up (Utes match well against power run)
Arizona - Win (Healthy QB)
Colorado - Win (2011 was a fluke)

Salmon, ID

I've got the Utes slotted for the Rose Bowl. Bet on it.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks Chris. I was having a bad morning and needed a good laugh. I my job was on the line I would say the same thing. When the first snap is taken reality will set in and we will see that all of the hype is just that. 40 points per game is a nice dream and it could happen once or twice but when the other team scores 50 it is still a loss. I do believe that in the moral victories category the utes will be 12-0.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

win win win win toss-up win toss-up, etc. That's just funny. I don't care who you are. The list projects no losses for the team up on fantasy hill this year.

The only thing left out was that K Whitt will get a contract extension and the utes will finally keep an offensive coordinator for more than one year...since we're fantasizing...

Salt Lake City, UT

Is this the same Bronco Mendenhall that makes excuses for why they lose instead of owning up and saying the other team was better? Oh I forgot he also blames "questionable" calls for his team's failures.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

same words from wittingham as he said the last 2 years...
same words from chrisb as he has said the last 2 years...
same thing expected from utah as they have done the last 2 years...

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Re: SaneFan

I had two coaches. One went to and won BCS Bowls and got his team included into a prestigious P5 conference (Whittingham), and one who never came close to even being invited to a big time bowl game and whose team is languishing as an outsider independent (Mendenhall).

Anaheim, CA


Adding realty to your fantasy

Idaho State - Win
Fresno State - LOSS (you'll be looking looking past Fresno St to Michigan)
Michigan - LOSS (you barely beat the worst Michigan team since 1962)
Washington State - toss-up
UCLA - LOSS (it's in the Rose Bowl where the Utes have never won)
Oregon State - LOSS
USC - LOSS (BYU versus BYU with more talent)
Arizona State - LOSS
Oregon - LOSS (LOL that you'd think this was a toss-up)
Stanford - LOSS (the Cardinal are going to pile drive the Utes into the Bay)
Arizona - toss-up
Colorado - toss-up (the Buffs have been playing the Utes close and will seal the deal)

1 win, 3 toss-ups, 8 losses

5-7, IF, the Utes spring an upset, otherwise it's back to the couch potato bowl

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

@Troy Town

I certainly believe and I'm hopeful Utah will end up in the 6-7 win range. Do us a favor. Since you are such a huge BYU fan, or maybe a Utah hater, is the better term for it; place BYU against that schedule and let's see what you crank out. There's no doubt that if you put Utah in BYU's schedule; 9-11 wins is the end result.

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