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Published: Monday, Aug. 4 2014 2:25 p.m. MDT

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West Jordan, Utah


I agree with you. I got a chuckle from part of your comment (you seemed semi-serious). Talking sins of omission vs. sins of commission relative to Travis Wilson's use of vocabulary is digging to deep based his usual language patterns. You know what I mean? I don't think Travis searches too hard for words to match any given context when answering media questions. It's the usual "I just need to" and "we just gotta make sure" ect...

That said, since I was talking about digging deep; I submit Travis does do that on the field. He has had injuries and setbacks the last couple of seasons but his toughness and heart on the field is all there. I hope as Ute fan that he can grasp the offense under Christensen and have a breakout year.

I do cringe at Wilson's comments sometimes as put emphasis on vocabulary. He's not Talmage, but Wilson's instincts and decision making on the field just might be good enough to lead the Utes. After all, we had a Hall of Famer around these parts who wasn't splitting atoms. KaMalone gotta do what KaMalone gotta do.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

"It was obviously something that was a mistake but his leadership is very good"

Huh? K Whitt just contradicted himself in a single sentence.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Sorry Duck, but a 20 year old college student having a beer at a concert is a "non-issue". Yes, technically we have tens of thousands of "criminals" throughout the United States at every college campus, including BYU but there's no serious redemption required on his part. He made a mistake, apologized and is ready to move on.

Las Vegas, NV

Seriously? We're arguing semantics here? Can a person's conscious decision to take an action still not be a mistake? And, aren't most "minor" issues "non-issues" in reality? Digging deep to come up with something negative about the situation, don't you think?

FWIW - the article on Jamaal indicates that there was an event or action AFTER the underage drinking incident which caused the one game suspension. To me that indicates that absent the subsequent action/event, Jamaal would not have been suspended. I, personally, would not criticize Jamaal in the least for the suspension. I respect the kid for being a stand up guy and taking responsibility head on, unlike the kid from Arizona who chose to leave the team rather than take accept the consequences of his actions.

Let's move past this on both these kids.

Good luck to Jamaal, I hope he has a great career.

I look forward to watching Travis grow as a player and as a leader.

Go Utes!!

Highland, UT

Sorry stringy but if it was a "non issue" he wouldn't have been cited, whittingham wouldn't have had to "handle it internally", nor would there be any press with wilson making a public apology. I do enjoy how you and vegasute just couldn't accept my opinion that it was a "minor" issue, not a "non issue" and that by all accounts it was handled well by wilson and whittingham and this is the last we need to hear of it but that is what happens when I reside so firmly and permanently in both of your heads. lol

Murray, UT

Guess BYU isn't the only college player to have their hands slapped! Go Cougars!

San Diego, CA

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

"The real crime here is that he was at a Tim McGraw concert. Shame on you Travis."

Best comment I've seen on here in a long time. My day just got a lot happier. Thanks for the laugh!

West Jordan, UT

I think the U has handled this perfectly. As a BYU fan I normally like seeing the U go through public embarrassment. However, this really is a very insignificant issue. A suspension wouldn't have been warranted. Travis has learned a very valuable lesson. He now understands that he is in fact a marked man and EVERYTHING he does will be publicized. Wilson won't lose sleep over this. Just a little bump in the road, he'll be fine.

Sandy, UT

This is a sad day for Wilson's parents and they will lose sleep over this. Parents know the dangers of trivializing a serious situation.

Here a few stats taken from a study done in 2009: 1,825 students lost their lives due to alcohol related injuries; 696,000 students were assaulted by another student who was drinking; 25% of all college students report academic problems directed related to drinking; 400,000 students reported they had unprotected sex while under the influence and 100,000 did not remember if there was consent by either party; 3,360,000 students drove while under the influence.

It is unlikely that Wilson will be another statistic but he made a choice that could in the long run be more damaging then the medical condition he fought so hard to beat last year. He is already part of the 110,000 that will be cited for an alcohol related offense.

Other Universities require students cited for underage drinking to take a course on alcohol risk. Utah and all other Utah Universities (including BYU) should do the same.

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