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Published: Monday, Aug. 4 2014 10:55 a.m. MDT

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LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

"Why is the West not doing more for Middle-Eastern Christians?"

The militant extremist group ISIS has issued an ultimatum to Christians in Iraq: "Convert to Islam, leave, or die,"


Let's look in the mirror --

"Why is the Middle East not doing more for Western Muslims?"

Radical extremist groups issue ultimatums to Muslim Americans: "Convert to Christianity, leave, or die,"...

Radical extremist groups issue ultimatums to Hispanic Immigrant Americans: "Enter legally, leave, or die,"...

Radical extremist groups issue ultimatums to Black Americans: "Stay in you 'hood, leave, or die,"...

Old proverb says:
Smell-ar's the Fell-ar!

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

Article quote - “The oppression of Christians abroad could be a much-needed reality check for those complaining about the War on Christmas,” he wrote. “It could remind them of what religious liberty is: not the freedom to discriminate, but freedom from discrimination, violence, and worse.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Many American Christians have nursed for too long on the milk of outrage and victimhood that they seem incapable of distinguishing between a bruised ego (or not getting everything you want) and real oppression.

Article quote - “conservative evangelicals speaking out against Obama for his inaction.”

Yes, it’s all Obama’s fault. Conservative Christians make a bad country far worse and then blame others for failing to clean up their mess. I guess we can add “inability to take responsibility” to their vices.

And can anyone imagine what our world would look like if it was populated entirely by Muslim jihadists and Christian conservatives? In short order it would be a post-apocalyptic nightmare, at least until their favorite celestial super-hero showed up to save the day.

God save us from your followers…

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

The United States is often criticized abroad for not doing enough.

The United States is often criticized abroad for being too meddlesome.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

"Convert or die!" said the Catholic Queen Isabella to the Moros of Spain, Edward I to the Jews of England, Godfrey de Bouillon to the Muslims of Palestine, Philip Augustus to the Cathars of France, Orthodox Vladimir to the pagans of Russia, Olaf to the pagans of Norway, etc. etc. ....

"Convert or die" is an old Christian tradition. One of the oldest.

Centerville, UT

LDSL Do you understand the concept behind blood libel? Because so many times you attempt it in posts. Show me the examples of the government taking such positions as ISIS is doing. Trying to paint the neighbors you loath with such broad strokes does not address the question of why western countries are ignoring the plight of Christians in Iraq.

Why has our administration attempted to curtail these actions, yet we continue to provide money to the Syrian rebels, PLO, Egypt, and other Muslim countries. Why has our President been on such good terms with the Muslim Brotherhood, whose goal is a world wide caliphate?

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

The Middle East is transfixed by the West. Can they simultaneous denounce the West for the ‘modernism’ Islamic fundamentalists revile and still look to the West to fix its problems?

Apparently, some can. Quite easily, as a matter of fact.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

We've given up over $5 trillion dollars and 7,000 American lives.

How much is enough?

Alpine, UT

@ Irony Guy:

You should keep in mind that we are discussing a current, real-world situation and not intended as a discussion in ancient history.

I truly believe that with any other administration in office, our official response would be different. Obama grew up being indoctrinated on the rantings of the "reverend" Jeremiah Wright, who usually condemns both traditional America and traditional Christianity. Hence, Obama's lack of support for these traditional Christians in that part of the world. After all, he concedes the Muslim prayer-song is "the most beautiful sound" he's ever heard.

Provo, UT

The West needs to do more to help the Christians in these countries. Their persecution is real and their suffering is heartbreaking. I'm hopeful with the increased attention to the problem recently that the Western countries will do more.

Cedar Hills, UT

...because we have a president that cares more about Muslims than the Christians that they are murdering. If I am a middle east Christian I would expect NO help or support from the US. But forgive me I forgot Barack is a "devout Christian"...that could care less about protecting Christians. Go figure.

university place, WA

@jsf, Brio, Wonder, & patriot

And just what do you propose we do?

Centerville, UT

First my_two_cents_worth, cut any economic funding to Syrian Rebels, Muslim Brotherhood associated groups, the PLO. admit lack of foreign policies by current administration and problems of past administration. Provide refugee status for the groups being forced out. Adopt a policy of destruction for ISIS.

Hiding our heads in the sand and continue funding them will not stop them.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Why is the West not doing more for Middle-Eastern Christians?’
...feeding children in South America?’
...vaccinating people in Africa?’
...liberating oppressed in Ukraine?'
...protecting work-class in America?’

I suppose it has more to do with PROFITS and the almighty $dollar,
than it has to do with humanitarian relief.

university place, WA


"cut any economic funding to Syrian Rebels, Muslim Brotherhood "

Now wait a minute. Obama did not want to providing funding and assistance to Syrian rebels and was criticized to no end by Senate Republicans and Democrats alike and we have cut back funding to Egypt as well. You can't have it both ways.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey Patriot -

" Barack is a "devout Christian"...that could care less about protecting Christians."

So what do you suggest?

Re-launch the crusades? That was a Dark-Ages thing, wasn't it?

And if let "Conservative" Republicans have their way, we will most likely have another world-wide Dark Age.

The lesson to learn here? NEVER let Republicans have their way.

Tooele, UT

Re: "Why is the West not doing more for Middle-Eastern Christians?"

The simple answer is -- because there's nothing in it politically for American liberals.

If there were, we'd be wading in -- a la Bill Clinton -- and solving the problem. But, since liberals cynically believe their best chance in upcoming elections is to be anti-war, that's where they'll go.

Cleveland , OH

Because too many American Christians believe that persecution is the "war on Christmas" and gays getting married and wealthy reality TV stars being booted off shows. They think fighting persecution includes buying tacky camo religious gear at Wally-world and demanding local stores us "Christmas" in their advertising.

Oh and Obama. Him, simply being in office, is persecution.

Their answer to the very real horrors in this article? Blame Obama and demand more war with vague goals.

Durham, NC

The ironical thing is Iraq under a tyrant dictator had religious freedom. Without that heavy hand, deep seeded prejudices and greed surfaced unchecked. We opened that can.... now we don't like what we have found. The only option that would have kept this simmering pot of century old resentment from boiling over would have been an endless occupation by our troops at the cost of not just billions of dollars - but thousands of American lives. I am puzzled by those who are upset we pulled out - are they saying we needed to have an endless occupation? It is the most unrealistic of propositions.

As mentioned, the ultimate solution is to decrease the worlds dependence on the resources these groups are fighting over. Finding alternatives to middle east oil - regardless of form - will liberate the decision making process on how to deal with these types of situations. Christian's liberties are being sold off for cheap oil... and the only way to fix the problem is to change that equation.

Springville, UT

Our intervention in the Middle East, from overthrowing a democratic government in Iran in 1953, to Bush's destruction of Iraq in 2003 and forward, did more to harm Christians than you can imagine.

Anti Bush-Obama
Chihuahua, 00

LDS Liberal

"Radical extremist groups issue ultimatums to Muslim Americans: "Convert to Christianity, leave, or die,"...

I would like to hear one true instance of that happening. But somehow you put everything in absolutes. If they are not liberal authoritarians, they are evil. But if someone who doesn't identify as a liberal is good in your mind they are automatically evil. Sounds like facism to me.

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