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Published: Saturday, Aug. 2 2014 9:15 p.m. MDT

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Cedar City, UT

Being a father of young children myself, my heart aches for you. I can't even comprehend the measure of your grief. Sometimes things happen that we can not understand. Know that she is doing well in a far better place. I pray that you may someday forgive yourself.

Provo, UT

What a nightmare. My heart goes out to the family and to the mother. Their lives will never be the same.

Hamilton, MT

Oh dear, just sick for the family. I remember when I was a young mom, running around like all young mother's do, errands, honey do's, picking up parts for the tractors, delivering eggs, etc., I left our baby daughter in her car seat "Just for a second", while I ran some eggs into a place of business. Thank God it wasn't so hot that day but I have berated myself for doing that ever since and that child is now in her mid 30's and has daughter's of her own. It only takes a minute. They go to sleep, oh so very very sad for all, especially the mother. Self blame is a terrible tool of destruction. I pray she gets professional help and a lot of love from the family. God bless her, God bless the entire community for their love and support. You just don't know until you walk in someone else's shoes. This is a child, I know but please, don't blame. Please.

Mom of Six
Northern Utah, UT

Dear Suwyn family, I am so sorry for your tragic loss. I only hope that over time God will mend the broken hearts enough to remember the happy times.

On the other hand
Riverdale, MD

There but for the grace of God go I.

Bountiful, UT

This keeps happening and there is a relatively simple solution. The high end Prius has a solar cell on its roof that provides power to a fan that continuously brings in new outside air into the car, which expells the old air in the car. This keeps the temperature of the inside of the car to within a degree of the outside air temperature. Any car with this couldn't get hot enough to kill a child. Were the government to mandate this for all vehicles soon such deaths would be a thing of the past.

Similarly if all cars had back up cameras in the rear of the car, many children's lives would be saved.

Long Lost America
Salt Lake City, UT

These are the kinds of circumstances I hope the DN censors are vigilant and do not allow the condescending judgmental posts we typically see in the other paper's forums. Families that lose children this way have suffered enough. No need for the rabid do-gooders to come out with their supposed hindsight comments.

Provo, UT

Such a beautiful, precious little girl! There is no better placer for her than in her mothers loving arms. Such a devastating tragedy.

Las Vegas, NV

April and Family, so sorry to hear of this tragic accident. I can only imagine the pain you must be going through. I have two grown children myself. I believe regret is the greatest sorrow and losing a child, the greatest pain that a mother can bear. Please know that everything happens for a reason and God loves you. Your beautiful, perfect child is now with her Father in Heaven again. Your husband and your boys need you. Read the book, Believing Christ! It will help you through your pain. Christ didn't just die for sin, he died for every sorrow we may feel also. Forgive yourself! You and God know it was a mistake. You still have a beautiful family and families are forever! Don't let the negative comments destroy you! Pray for strength and The Lord will be there. Time is the only thing that will heal along with prayer. God Bless you!

Lehi, UT

As difficult as it will be, April will have to forgive herself. The bad memory of the day of the tragedy must not overwhelm the previous joys of having Skyah in their home. Criticism and blame should not be a part of anything. Love and forgiveness as Christ would do, should prevail.

Clearfield, UT

This is a tough situation that has happened before. I don't think punishing the mother will accomplish anything. There is justice and there is mercy. I favor mercy in this situation.

Phoenix, AZ

My heart just aches for this family. There is no greater tragedy than to lose a child. I have four children, including a toddler, and this is one of my greatest fears. This family is in my prayers.

Kelly Atkinson
Salt Lake, UT

As a society we are so quick to judge! We compare our best qualities against somebody else's worst qualities. It's a way to elevate our self importance. In a terrible tragedy, like this one, it is best to find solace in the good book. Matthew 7 verse 1 says, "Judge not, that you be not judged." This very popular verse is often quoted however verse 2 of that same Chapter is seldom quoted, "For with what judgment ye judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again."

May God comfort you and give you peace.

Highland, UT

This is such a sad thing. It is understandable how a change in routine would throw someone's memory off long enough to be the crux of an accident like this. Someone please invent a car seat device that alerts the parents if the car seat is not removed within seconds of the car shutting off. The baby should be the first thing out of the car. A guest on a talk show emphasized the correct order to load or unload a car in every circumstance:

First: Kids
Second: Your Purse
Third: Groceries and other things

He stressed this order of priority, as each of these should be protected in that order of importance. You put your least easy to replace things in and out first. Hope that helps us all prevent such a tragedy in the future.

Any other ideas, people have out there - please share for the benefit of us all!

Sugar City, ID

As I look back at what could have happened to my children because of my actions I just marvel. It just happened differently here.

Salt Lake City, UT

Accidents, distractions and forgetfulness happens to the very best of parents. Ignore the haters. God bless you and your family.

Utah Businessman
Sandy, UT

I express my deepest sympathy for this sweet, beautiful mother who is suffering so much from this very tragic experience. Sister, know that many, many people love you and are praying for you at this time. The light will come. Hang on! Pray, and hang on!

Santa Monica, CA

It's wonderful to see the outpouring of sympathy here and I would only hope that the same level of tolerance would be given to a person who perhaps had no neighbors or extended family to talk about what a wonderful parent they are. I would hope that no matter what the persons color, beliefs or economic situation, we could stand back and say "there but for the grace of God..." in the same way that so many have to this unfortunate Mom and family. Not to sound critical of kind thoughts, but sometimes it seems we extend tolerance and forgiveness to some and a harsher and less tolerant tone for others.

Bountiful, UT

This is a nightmare that many mothers have. How awful that this poor mother is living it. We all make mistakes and this sort of mistake is one of the most horrifying. This incident does not indicate criminal behavior or anything that the law should prosecute. This was a terrible accident and my prayers go out for the family. They need love, understanding and support.

Idaho Falls, ID

There but for the grace of God go any one of us in a similar circumstance. May the Lord's comforting arms be around this family and know our hearts are filled with compassion. May this mother be relieved of guilt but know her sweet babe is in the Lord's arms till they meet again.

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