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Published: Sunday, Aug. 3 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Only the first generation that comes here are immigrants, those born here are native to this land. Emma Lazarus poem on the State of Liberty welcomed legal immigrants. Why can't so many see the difference between the two? People in the Central American countries do not have a long wait to come here legally like Mexico. The money paid by their parents could easily help them afford a lawyer.

I challenge everyone to learn there is a difference between legal and illegal. Putting these children through this, when they could come here legally is wrong. And rewarding the bad behavior of their parents will only encourage more of this mess.

Salt Lake City, UT

"We are a nation of immigrants. They make our nation strong."

A myth. We are nation of natives, born to native-born parents, primarily.

It is UNITY in commitment to important values upon which the nation was founded -- including respect for the rule of law -- that makes the nation strong.

"This immigrant, like many others, do all they can to support their children."

All American parents do, typically. This is not exclusive to immigrants.

"... thousands of Central American families who have decided to risk everything to make sure their children can survive."

Bank robbers and shoplifters do essentially the same. This does not make it right. We are a nation of laws.

The fruits of Freedom are not here merely for the pickin'. They have been purchased with a price.

Part of that price is respect for the rule of law. Those who come here simply to enjoy the fruits who are not willing to pay the price of respect for the rule of law -- which includes respect for this nation's boundaries and immigration laws -- are in fact thieves, and are teaching their children to be thieves.

Let's not turn our backs on American victims of the invasion.

seattle, WA

Rep Chaffetz ought to be ashamed of himself for supporting the legislation recently passed in the US Congress. Note, this legislation passed in the middle of the night at the eleventh hour on a virtually partisan basis. It is wildly at odds with the Senate's bi-partisan bill (note, the Senate can get a bill through that both parties find acceptable) and the bill would never be signed by the President. It was an exercise in political grandstanding.

Rep Chaffetz engaged in showmanship for his Tea Party fan club. I don't know his heart, and I don't know if he truly believes we ought to cruelly deport a bunch of kids back to a murderous, criminal environment. However, I do know that his action have no benefit to the country, to those kids or to any ideals upon which the country is founded. I also know that by this action, Rep Chaffetz has placed himself clearly in the lockstep obedience to Tea Party politics which in no way add to the good governance of this country. The Tea Party now stands for nothing, legislates nothing, and is solely interested in collection of power and influence.

St.George, UT

We all have seen that Jason's record of success is not going so well.
This will be more of the same.
I wonder if Jason has ever thought that his family might have been deported if not for a different mindset on immigration in the past?

Murray, UT

The mayor knows the difference between legal and illegal. This argument makes no sense as he uses legal immigration to justify illegal immigration. It doesn't and never will.

Orem, UT

Of course we are a nation of immigrants with a rich tradition of welcoming people from all around the world. That is why we allow something like a million LEGAL immigrants to enter this country every single year. We want hard working people with dreams for a better life to come and join us in making America great.

What we don't want is an open border where tens of millions ignore our immigration laws and come for a free handout. Not everyone crossing our border just wants to get on welfare or commit crimes, but many do. How do we separate those out without any enforcement of our borders or laws?

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Let us have separate debates about immigrants and illegal aliens. They are NOT the same.
Let us debate how many immigrants we should allow each year. Which ones should get green cards? Right now the emphasis is on family members. Some countries focus on those with skills that could benefit our nation. Let's discuss that.
Now, how many? Right now we accept about ONE MILLION a year, despite a recession and unemployment problems among our own. I wonder what Mr. Corroon's number would be? (Remember, there are 165 million people around the world who would rather live here.)
Is Mr. Corroon suggesting open borders? After gazing upon the Statue of Liberty is he suggesting that our immigration criteria is simply that the applicant is tired, poor and yearning for freedom?
I know Mr. Corroon to be an intelligent man who knows all about writing laws and enforcing them. Surely he sees the folly in his own suggestions. And surely he sees the mess that our lack of enforcement has created.

Dietrich, ID

The Cab Driver came here legally few people are against those that come here legally. It is those that are here illegally we worry about. Conditions may be bad in Central America, however people need to go through the system or improve it in there area.

Ogden, UT

If I had a violin I would have played while I read this. Once again a liberal does their best to blur or obliterate the line between legal and illegal.

Santa Clara, UT

One more time, read carefully. Immigrants go through a legal process called Immigration. Illegals sneak into a country illegally across a border or overstay a temporary visa. There is a vast, vast difference. Legal Immigration is good. Illegal immigration is bad and laws are broken by them in numerous ways. Viva LEGAL immigration.

Salt Lake City, UT

I can sympathize with Peter's comments on we being a 'nation of immigrants' as a first generation immigrant myself. Countless immigrants have helped make this country great. It is good that we are able to take impoverished and threatened people from other countries into our midst and offer them a shot at "The American Dream", and we have been doing this for many years in an organized way under the laws of the land, whether it be as refugees, those seeking asylum, or as legal and naturalized citizens.

And, undoubtedly we will continue to do this as long as America remains the stable and strong country that it has been, but when we stray from our laws and orderly procedures on immigration, as our present administration has done, the integrity and health of our country begins to erode and we will cease to be able to offer "The American Dream".

Peter's cab driver in New York who lost his good job at Phizer and was forced to seek a job at much lower pay, is a good example of what non-enforcement of existing immigration laws can help bring about.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Actually it is the Americans that make our nation strong. While it is true that immigrants often make the good Americans, mostly it is when they lose their immigrant nature that they become good Americans.

In most cases immigrants are fleeing a hard and unfair life and have a predisposition of extreme competitiveness which sometimes causes them to band together in gangs and other improper associations.

If we would help them become good Americans, we would draw them out of their previous philosophy and into the common good of all.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Amen Peter Corroon, Amen!

Murray, UT

Why pick on Rep Jason Chaffetz? Stewart and Bishop both chose to fight for the American worker and the children of Central America. By not allowing them to stay, millions more might be saved this journey over the next 10 years. The law passed by the House is the only one that addresses the cause of this mess, Obama's DACA waiver amnesty. The Senate bill has no enforcement provisions without loopholes and exceptions. Just like the 1986 amnesty it would only make things worse.

Matheson should be the one chided for wanting to encourage more to come here illegally. Why would someone want to encourage people to break the law?

E Sam
Provo, UT

Superb article. And no, the 'illegal/legal distinction some of you obsess over is utterly unimportant, given the realities of the situation.

Provo, UT

"Between 1820 and 1880, political and economic conditions brought over 2.8 million Irish immigrants to the United States"

From 1776, to 1976 we averaged 500,000 people a year. Since 1976 we have averaged over one million people a year here legally. This is the greatest legal migration this country has ever seen.

I can't believe people are still mixing legal and illegal immigration, and condemning those who want the laws enforced by using that old argument. Also the parents sent their children here for Obama's amnesty. These lies and half truths about immigration are getting old.

LOU Montana
Pueblo, CO

Peter Corroon allow me to educate you. I am an Expat or Expatriate (one who works out of country) and I work in Guatemala. I make comments to Deseret News to pass time on my off hours. Working in places in much different than taking a vacation there. I have worked in NYC, LA, San Francisco, Alaska and half of the states in between. I understand and share your heart felt sympathy for people but on the other hand there is the behind the scenes you ignor. First not all illegal's are of dark skin and come from South America, India, China or the Midlist. There is a huge population of white Europeans in NYC that go completely ignored. They need to be deported as well. These people also sneak their kids into America to live with relatives. The children become slaves to their family members. So these illegal's need to be address as well.
No double standards because they are Irish, English, Canadian, Swedish or German.

LOU Montana
Pueblo, CO

About Guatemala, Peter Corroon, the economy here appears to be very up beat and thriving. New car dealerships, high-rise buildings going up everywhere and businesses good. There are people begging in the streets but the USA has the same thing. Here is your education about Guatemala. This is a very laid back society of people. They will not do a thing unless they have too. Our biggest challenge is getting them to show up to work on time. Second challenge is getting them motivated to listen and perform a reasonable days work. So get it out of your head that these people are the hardest working people because they are not. It takes five of them to do the work of two Americans, FACT!!

These people are sending their kids to America because they are unwanted or they are looking at their future income. I didn´t say these people are not smart because they are. Smart enough to know Americans have a big heart, big wallets and will take in an unwanted child. Of course there are genuine cases but the majority are from lazy parents who should not have or should have known better

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Mr. Corroon,
LEGAL immigrants are very welcome. Illegal immigrants, those who show no respect for our laws, are not. Executives who do not believe in upholding our laws are not fit for office. Please resign your county executive position so you can be the full-time advocate for illegal aliens that you want to be and not violate your oath of office.

Your description of why Chaffetz should be ashamed fits perfectly the situation surrounding the passage of Obamacare – no, I take that back, Obamacare was worse because it included political payoffs like the LA purchase, Florida flim-flam, etc.

But since it was something with which liberals agree, no matter the skullduggery involved passing it, it is totally acceptable. Further proof the world does not make sense without the liberal double standard

Houston, TX

The author clearly stipulates his opinion that historically the immigration laws arose from fear or prejudice. If the legal limitations did not exist, then all immigrants would "enter at the door", be properly documented and integrated into our society through personal sacrifice and hard work. Those from each nation would learn to cooperate to build up each other. English classes should be readily available and highly encouraged.

If these workers were contributing to Social Security and Medicare, these programs would be sufficiently funded in spite of the aging and dwindling of our native-born population. We should be happy to help these immigrants achieve citizenship after a sufficient lapse of years proving that they are law-abiding contributors to our nation.

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