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Published: Tuesday, Aug. 5 2014 4:20 a.m. MDT

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Far East USA, SC

Man Lost,

You are flailing here.

Let me help you. The data in Wiki IS the Census data. It is the OFFICIAL poverty data. I have not "searched for something to support my preconceived notion". I pulled the quickest source of data.

Are you questioning the data in Wiki, or just looking to pose a lame argument?

And why did I "wander off-topic to other states"?

Well, it was clearly because some posters blamed the poverty rate in CA on democratic governors.
If that were the case, then the logic would hold true for many/most states.

That is clearly not the case, however, one must look at other states before one can make any conclusions.

"TX may have its share of illegals, but it does not throw out the welcome mat like CA.

The numbers would show that Texas has about the same percentage of "illegals", welcome mat or not. Logic again = Fail

Look. There are well run red states and well run blue states. The need to cherrypick information in an effort to solidify a belief that anything R = Good and anything D = bad, seldom works. And it never_tells_the_complete_picture.

Salt Lake City, UT

When's the last time Mississippi voted for a Democratic president?

Salt Lake City, UT

Well if we are going to simplify an issue by just looking at the political leanings of a state I guess we can factually say that red states get more help from the federal government than blue states just because they are run by Republicans. Small government am I right? Too bad California isn't run by Republicans now. It appears they have no qualms over asking the feds for more help.

Mcallen, TX

Many Republicans are liberals in sheep's clothing.

Arnold was never a conservative, and was terminated.

Got to analyze the data, and not think in small terms.

This is not about Republicans, or Democrats.

It's about political leaders who do what's right for their state, and country.

Cedar Hills, UT

There TWO Significant factors at work today:

1, Federal Government borrows 42 cents (this number will be higher this year and next 20 years) for each dollar it is spending, so the loose financial policies actually benefit top wealth people a lot (example, extra low interest, leads to low capital cost while investing);

2, USA tax law CANNOT collect tax dollars from top wealth people (with tax layers’ help), all the “Tax Rich” policies actually pave the way to tax middle-class people (their percentage is shrinking).

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